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Reprographic Systems And Supplies


Reprographic Systems And Supplies

Reprographic Systems And Supplies

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

Reprographic System & Supply has built its success and reputation on top quality products, rapid order turnaround, and superior customer service. These three principles have allowed us to become the leading converter of Offset printing blanket and distributor of Pressroom consumable products.

Reprographic System & Supply represents the world class manufacturer Conti Tech new generation offset printing blanket. From commercial sheet fed and web fed applications to newspapers, business forms, metal decorating, UV applications, strippable and coating blanket, Reprographic will satisfy all of your blanket needs cut to your required size and offers barred blanket for any machines. The company has firmly established itself as the supplier of choice for Conti Air Offset Printing Blanket in India. We have our own barring system with the technical Know-how from Conti Tech, Germany.

Products :

Import agents & Manufacturers of:- Representatives. We offer a broad range of products & services. PRE PRESS SUPPLIES:- FILMS & TRACING SHEET- Day Light Film Lith Film Image Setter film Laser Sharp film Tracing Paper Film Cleaner Super 77 Film Dryer Scanner Wipes Mates Computer Screen Wipes Mates Transparent Tape Cotton Rolls MASKING MATERIAL Photo Opaque Artist Brushes Red Masking sheet & Paper CUTTER & SCALES NT Film cutter & Blades Scissors Scrapper nibs Plastic / steel scales PLATE PLANING MATERIAL Astrollen Sheets Millimetric Grid sheet (Graph sheet Popa Pin Rottering Pens & Ink Pins Bars Pins Button Magnifying Glass Developing Tray's FILM & PLATE EXPOSING SCALES Gray Scale Ugra Plate Strip DensitoMeter Stuffered Guide SPRAY 3M Mounting spray Super 77 Density Booster Spray TAPES Cellophane Transparent Tape Lithographic Red Tape Tape Dispenser Packaging Tape Double side Adhesive Tape RAPID PROCESS CHEMICALS SUPPLIES:- Powder Developer for Hand developing Film developer for Processor Fixer Hypo crystal Hardener Potassium Ferricynide PRESS ROOM SUPPLIES:- PLATES & DEVELOPING Positive Printing Plates (PS plate) Negative Printing Plates (MF Plate) Thermal Printing Plates (CTP) Polyester Masters Photo Polymer Plates Plate Cleaning Wipers Tampon Pads PENS Image Deletion Pen for PSplate Image Deletion Pen for CTPplate PH Testing Pen for Paper Scratch Remover Pen Electronic Pen for Image Addition Correcting Pencil for Wipeon plate Alakaline Pen ONLINE PERFORATION BLADES I. Perfect Perf Ii. Perfect scoring Iii. Perfect Slit Iv. Perfect Snap MACHINE ROOM MATERIALS Anti Set-off Spray Powder Shop Cloth Rubber Suckers all Machine (Ring & Cup Type) Viscovita Sponge Splicing Tapes Ball Bearings Eye Glass Pantone Formula Guidebook OFFSET PRINTING BLANKET Wash Up Blades Rubber Suckers Sheet Separators Brushes Ink Duct Foils and CPC Damper Covers Underpacking Wash Up Materials Perforating products Anti marking nets Anti marking products Press Replacement Parts Press Replacement Consumables UNDER PACKING FOR BLANKET & PLATE Lith Pack -II Tympan Manila paper for Blanket Self Adhesive Polyester Film For Plates MACHINE ROOM MATERIALS Anti Set-off Spray Powder Shop Cloth Rubber Suckers all Machine (Ring & Cup Type) Viscovita Sponge Splicing Tapes Ball Bearings Eye Glass Pantone Formula Guidebook MACHINE ROOM MATERIALS Ink mixing knife steel Plastic ink knife (CMYK) Double side mounting tapes Hand gloves Auto Blanket Wash Fabric Blanket Scrubber DAMPEN COVERS & DUCT COVERS Dampening Covers p Dampening Sleeves Nylon Brush PRESSROOM CHEMICALS SUPPLIES- FOR PLATES Plate cleaner PS Coating Plate Cleaner Scum remover Pumice Powder Plate Gum Thermo Backing Gum Photo Developing Ink Image Remover Gel FOR BLANKET Deglazer Blanket wash UV Wash Blanket Lift FOR DAMPER Fountain solution Alcohol free fount p Anti foam IPA 99% Pure Fountain system cleaner Fountain additive Damper wash Film Cleaner FOR BLANKET Colour change paste Hand Cleaner Chain through spray Ink night Guard Spray Powder Ink Drier Roller Wash ANTI MARKING SYSTEM FOR TRANSFER CYLINDER:- Anti marking TY paper Anti marking Super Blue nets Velcro tapes Anti marking ICP film (Self & Non adhesive) Ink repealing blanket Double side adhesive tape Anti Marking Jackets Mounting spray Super 77 HEIDELBERG CONSUMABLES- Tesamol tapes Wash up bottles Impression jackets Ink Duct CPC foils Insulating strip End block Wash up blades Under protective foil Ink scrapper BOOKBINDING AND FINISHING MATERIAL- PVC coated paper Hot foil stamping film Cutting sticks Creasing rules Flocking paper (velvet finishing paper) Lamination film Paper Drill bits Perforation blades Hologram film Stitching wire Creasing matrix INK VARNISH & COATING & ADDITIVES Offset printing ink UV Varnish Aqua Water base varnish Ink Conditioner Paste Web offset ink MICR ink Tack Reducer Mat & gloss varnish UV ink & coating Pantone Ink Formula Guide book LAMPS- Metal Handled lamps (Instant Lamp & constant Lamp) Halogen lamp Mercury vapour lamp UV curing lamp Arc lamp carbon SPARE PARTS FOR HEIDELBERG, ROLLAND, KOMARI, HMT, PLANETA Grippers Rubber Suckers Plate Clamp Wash Up Blades Paper Separator Tier Table Wall Brush Wheels T - Junction Ink Duct Plates Spring Delivery Pad TESTING EQUIPMENT & QUALITY CONTROL METERS PH test control mete Micrometer Numbering machine Duro meter Conductivity meter Paper Gramage scales Paper PH test pen Hydro Meter Dial thickness gauge PH test strips PRE PRESS EQUIPMENT Plate exposing frame Plate checking stand Pin bars & Pin button Plate storing pockets Plate baking oven Plate processor for PS Plate processor for CTP Plate Register punch Damper Roller Cleaning Machine Screen Exposing Frame Colour Matching Booth BOOKBINDING AND FINISHING EQUIPMENT Paper Cutting Machine Stitching Machine Folding Machine UV Coating & Curing Machine Paper Drilling Machine Case Making Machine Strapping Machine Perfect Binding Machine Nipping press p Edge Squaring press Twin Book Press p Bundling Press Dab press Joint Forming Press Cutting Creasing & Perforating Rules Duct varnish machine Gumming Machine Cornering Machine Cutting Creasing Machine Embossing Machine Paper Shredding Machine Ruling Machine Thread Book Swing Machine Three Knife Trimmer

Contact Info

Reprographic Systems And Supplies

No.52,Triplicane High Road

Chennai - 600 005 (Tamil Nadu) India

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