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Good Earth Engineering Industries


Good Earth Engineering Industries

Good Earth Engineering Industries

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

We are a 35 years old company started with manufacturing of Flexible shafts and Flexible Shaft machines. Since then the company has never looked back and due to continues develop, as per customer's requirements, this company has developed into a multi product. Company catering to five major industries sections that is, Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals, Packaging, Vibrators and Vibratory Equipments, Drain and Tube Cleaners and Machine tools & Fabrication.

To Support our Activities, the group owns about 3500 Sq. Ft. Of manufacturing premises and about 1000 sq. Ft. Of administration and marketing offices in the financial capital of India, Mumbai. The company is financially very sound and has qualified and trained technical work force.
The company is situated at Mumbai, the financial capital of India. The company is about 35 years old and owns approximately 4000 square feet area for manufacturing activity and about 1000 square feet area for marketing and administration. To support manufacturing the company is having its full fledged machine shop and fabrication shop, about 6 skilled and 20 unskilled workers. For marketing and administration company employs three engineers and five office staff members.

Widely used in all Chemical Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries, Food and Beverages, Material handling, flour mills, Foundry, Mining, Petrochemicals, Precast concrete, Plastics, glass, etc.

Products :

Manufacturers and Exporters of - products like Vibrators, Vibratory Table and Packers, Vibratory Feeder Screens, etc. Vibrators ROTARY ELECTRIC VIBRATOR Rotary Electric Vibrators are the quiet, energy efficient way to create powerful vibratory force, used for various applications : - To de-clog the material from Bin, Chute, Containment or Processing system. - To compact the material or to remove the entrapped air in a form, mould or packaging system - For controlled feeding, conveying and screening of the material or powder in the material handling system - For generating gyratory motion in gyro screens & gyratory finishing machines - For particle reduction and milling of material in vibro mills. ELECTROMAGNETIC VIBRATORS - Vibrant Electromagnetic Vibrators are used for : - Vibrating Bins and Hoppers for smooth flowing of material - Vibrating chutes to ensure steady flow of material - Vibrating sieve (screen), to sieve material of different size at controlled rate - Vibrating containers to increase their net weight content - Compacting materials to eliminate blow holes. Vibration Testing and Simulation PACKAGE & JOLT TESTING The vibration simulator machine is designed to scientifically simulate the vibrations and jolts subjected to various filled containers during the transportation, within the laboratory. The machine is based on the guidelines provided an ASTM D-999, TAPPI T-817-pm, and IS7028 (part II). The machine is rigidly fabricated from MS structure. The upper tabletop is suspended for vibration by bearing blocks. The fixed amplitude of 25mm is generated using cam assembly. The frequency of vibration can be varied using the panel box from 2 Hz to 10 Hz. The machine can generate the vibrations in three modes viz. 1. In phase vibrations, that is, both the cam assembly is in phase and the tabletop ends moves simultaneously. 2. 90 Deg out of phase, that is the cam assembly are 90 degrees out of phase with each other. One end of the table moves 90 degrees out of phase with respect to the other. 3. 180 Deg out of phase, that is, the cam assembly are totally out of phase. One end of the table moves 180 degree out of phase with respect to the other, so that the lowest point of the one side will coincide with the highest point of the other side of the table. Vibratory Feeders and Screens VIBRANT vibratory feeders & conveyors are flexible enough to handle wide variety of materials, weather hot or cold, fine or coarse, light or heavy. They are available as per customer's requirement in any material of construction, size of trough. The vibrations are generated using electromagnetic or unbalance Motor. The amplitude and frequency of vibration is selected at factory for different applications. Vibratory Tables and Packers VIBRANT Vibrating tables are available in two different type: electromagnetic and electromechanical. Electromagnetic models have vibration in only one axis whereas electromechanical models have sinusoidal vibration in two axes. The proper selection depends on the application, object or material to be handled, its reaction to vibration, the maximum weight etc. Other Vibratory Equipments : BOWL FEEDERS AND PART FEEDERS Vibratory drive units are available in six different models.Vibratory Bowl (Part) Feeder is ideal tool to get the required, oriented output of the components at specific feed rate. Bowl feeders are the main elements of any assembly engineering. They are available in various combination of custom made Bowls, auxiliary equipments (like counter, sensor, load cells etc.) and the Vibratory drive unit along with the controllers. Designing proper bowl feeder for specific part feeding application is critical. Variety of factors such as part size and geometry, orientation required, feed rate, direction of output (clockwise, anti-clockwise) are just a few factors that affect the Bowl design. We can design the bowl to suit your specific requirement, however standard Vibratory drive units are available in six different models. VOLUMETRIC VIBRATORY FEEDERS Volumetric feeders are vibratory feeders supplied with hopper, hopper vibrator, controller and the support frame as an integral unit.The rate of flow of material can be controlled by regulating the depth of material on the feeder trough and by changing the vibration intensity using electronic controller. The depth of material can be changed by regulating the opening between the hopper and the feeder trough.The entire system can be integrated with timer, PLC controllers, load cells and many other process automation systems. Our Products Vibrators Vibration Testing and Simulation Vibratory Feeders and Screens Vibratory Tables and Packers Other Vibratory Equipments : Bowl Feeders and Part Feeders Volumetric Vibratory Feeders Package and Jolt Testing Machines Vibration Simulators

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Good Earth Engineering Industries

5, Tarun Plastic Industrial Estate, Mogra Village Road, Andheri (East)

Mumbai - 400 069 (Maharashtra) India

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