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Micon Solutions


Micon Solutions

Micon Solutions

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

MICON is abbreviated from basic words of Instrumentation and Control Engineering - Measurement, Instrumentation and CONtrol. Team of young entrepreneurial established MICON SOLUTIONS. They would like to introduce themselves as instrumentation and automation people to provide complete solution with the help of latest state of the art technology.

Products :

Manufacturer and Export of:- Control Panel:- Designed and manufactured for process plants instrumentation & control panels include mimic, annunciation and instruments like indicators, controllers, recorders, totalizers, PLCs, SCADA & other instrumentations. Applications: Ceramic Machines, Foundry, Paper Processing Plants, Plastic Machines, Textile Machines, Packaging Machines, Pharmaceutical Machines. Engineering, designing, installation & commissioning we take on-site installation and commissioning jobs of electrical, electronics and instrumentation products including wiring and testing. We have vast experience of ceramic, foundry and plastic industry. We also design automation and electrical system for your machines. Pid Controller:- To control temperature, pressure, humidity, flow, level, pH, weight, power, etc. Universal input - Universal/multi range output; non volatile memory - Special servo-motor output for motorized valve and modulating - Burner fuzzy logic - SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) - Data lock function - Auto/manual bumpless transfer with output percentage control - Different alarm modes - Retransmission output; remote setpoint programmer / ramp-soak features - Serial communication (RS 485 / RS 232) A- vailable in different sizes (48 X 48 mm2, 48 X 96 mm2, 72 X 72 mm2, 96 X 96 mm2) SCR Power Controller:- - Best power saver device for heaters (Inductive & Resistive). It also increases heaters life and improve process controlling digital firing - All control cards and firing Cards in the drive are galvanically isolated results hazard free and safe to communicate with PLC's, controllers, etc. - All I/P Ref. Signal are field selectable - In-built snubber circuit: To protect thyristors against high dv/dt surges - Current limit and current trip relays for alarms and protections - Drive automatically synchronized against improper phase sequence at Input side - Type of load: Star/Delta Connected. Programmable Logic Controller:- Make: LG Industrial Systems, Korea Block type and Modular type PLC from 10-1024 Inputs/Outputs AC Variable Frequency Drive:- - Frequency drive sensor less vector / space vector sinusoidal PWM - Built - in-PID Control - 8 preset speeds 2 & 3 wire operation - Auto Toque Boost - Auto Tuning - 3 Multifunctional inputs - 2 Multifunctional outputs 0-10 V & 4-20 mA Analog I/P - 1-15 kHz Carrier frequency; DC injection Braking Stall prevention - Multi step Programmable Run Patterns - Intelligent Acel/Decl. For Trip-free operation Built - in Braking - circuit for 0.75-7.5 kW units Pressure Transmitter:- - Range up to 0-700 bar with fully temperature compensation - SS 316 all wetted parts silicon piezo-resistive technology - Output: 4-20 mA, 0-10 V DC - Rugged package NEMA 4 Rated Temperature Scanner:- Micro processor based design 16 and 32 channel with universal input and serial communication Humidity Transmitter:- Capacitance based thin film technology excellent long term stability, highest reproducibility and very resistant to polutant range: 0-100% rh for temperature range -40?c to +180?c; working pressure range: 0.01 to 15 bar Human Machine Interface (HMI) Monochrome and color with touch screen features SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Software) ON-OFF Temperature Controller With Multi-range Input and output with Digital display and Feather touch key. Size Available: 48 X 96 mm2, 96 X 48 mm2, 72 X 72 mm2, 96 X 96 mm2 Supply: 110 V AC /230 V AC @ 50 Hz Temperature Transmitter Two wire Design Panel mounted & Head mounted design with 4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC output Timers Accurate quartz crystal time base Off delay / On delay/ interval or Cyclic mode of operation Totalizer Microcontroller based; 7 Ranges from 99 m to 59.99s to 9999 h to 59 m; Non Volatile memory Start/Stop input or Pulse input; Available in different sizes. I.E -DIN rail Mounting or Panel Mounting Melt Pressure Transmitters DYNISCO, USA. Make Melt Pressure Transducers/ Transmitter for Pressure measurement at very high Temperature (400?C - 525?C) Counters / RPM meter Signal Conditioners/ Isolator/Convertor Batch Counter, Process Counters with/without RS 485 Solid State Relay (Traic based) Thermocouples & RTD Mineral insulated simplex/duplex thermocouple and RTD sensors tailor made widest range of thermocouple RTD and head mounted temperature transmitter. Protection tube material available in - S.S., ceramic, inconel copper, hastalloy C or B, monel to meet application in plastics, ceramic, paper, petroleum, food and chemical industries. Assessories like thermowells, compansating cable, thermocouple wire, connector is available PLC Peripherals Industrial Power Supplies Switch Mode Power Supply Process Indicator For Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Humidity, pH, Level, Weight, etc. Flow Transmitter Energy Meter

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Micon Solutions

5A-5B,Sahajanand, Ind.Estate,Nr.Rly.Crossing,Gota,

Ahmedabad - 382 481 (Gujarat) India

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