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Labtech Footwear


Labtech Footwear

Labtech Footwear

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

M/s Labtech India, Bangalore along with Yang Chon Trading Company, South Korea will supply entire technology, machines, designs, molds & dies under one roof & will keep on update the latest design & technology support for shoe making machines and footwear machinery. South Korea was the originator of most of the international footwear designs & companies and the team behind the proposed project is patent holders of many designs. Pusan, one small town in South Korea often known as Mecca of shoes. Manufacturing in the footwear industry has evolved dramatically over the course of the last century. As economies grow and skills are enhanced, production has been forced to spread to less developed regions around the world. There is unlimited potential if continuously strengthen our brands and products to improve our competitive position and financial performance. All the designs we offer are similar to the global brands like Nike, Fila, Reebok, and Adidas etc and made for India to tap the huge domestic market & to bring innovation & inspiration among the untapped rural people offering at affordable & economical price. Considering its geo friendly nature, the feel-good-get-stronger sensation, we have come up with a proposal for to produce casual shoes, sports shoes, sandals (both gents & ladies), school children shoes, fancy kid shoes, slippers etc. With P.U (Polyurethane) sole. In some of the sports sandals & shoe designs, we propose rubber as outer sole.
We have supplied entire technology, machines, designs, the entire molds & dies to M/s Paragon shoes, the No.1 footwear manufacturer in South India & Central India, M/s Nag Leather, Chennai, who is exporting to UK, Europe. Besides we have supplied technology & machines to most of the countries around the world. A team of experts who are having patents in the design of footwear industry is working with us for the design & development

Products :

Manufacturer and Exporter of:- Footwear machiner, raw materials foe shoe soles Polyurethane Products Light Weight Low density High comfortable Economic Price ) Footwear Machinery - Assembly Compact Heam System (composed of 2 step drying system) Back Counter Molding Machine. Toe Lasting Side & Heel lasting Forming Last puller Hydraulic walled sole attaching machine (16/24/36 side cylinders type) Sole attaching Finishing grinder with dust collector Mixing roller shop Sponge press shop Cutting & buffing shop Pressing & trimming shop Stock fitting shop U.V. Auto Curing Machine U.V. Chiller Laminating shop Cutting shop Stitching preparation shop Bias taping shop Anti pollution system Raw material for footwear - Polyurethane Labtech footwear is the authorized dealer for the polyurethane systems for shoe sole under the brand name of SUPERTHANE of SAMSUNG , used for out-sole & mid -sole and it has designed to work in any circumstances and to manufacture any kinds of shoe soles such as sandals, casuals, sports, dress and working shoes for men, women and children. Samsung is pround manufacturer of PU systems for Integral Skin Sole, which has excellent material properties especially for Dress, Working and Sports shoes; extra comfort. Non-slip, low density, antistatic, good abrasion and flex. Building Materials - Labtech India is the authorized dealer for the polyurethane systems for building material products under the brand name of ELASTRA of SAMSUNG. This material is best suited for waterproffing for inside and outside of buildings, as well as flooring for stadium tracks, tennis courts, gymnasiums, car parks, offices, factories and so forth. For polyurethane is the anti-static flooring material, Elastra is widely used for semi-conductor factories. ELASTRA-ONE is a single component material, it is highly aceeptable by construction workers for its easy working condition. P.U Component Molding- P.U. MOLDING MACHINE FOR SHEETFOAMING MACHINE: 1. Sheet Foaming Machine: ? Tank 300L ? Agitator: 1/2 HP (30:1) ? Pump: 500g/sec (130/rev) ? Head Capacity: Mid 800g/sec ? Chiller: 2 HP 2.Mould System : ? Production size: L I200 x W1000x H40 (or any size) ? Air cylinder open/close type ? Mold Material: AL (AC4C) P.U. MOLDING MACHINE FOR ROLLERS (SPONGEROLL) PATCH TYPE 1) P.U. Foaming Machine: ? Tank 500L ? Agitator: 1HP x (30:1) ? Pump: 800g/ sec (200g/rev) ? Head Capacity: Mid 1600g/sec ? Chiller: 3 HP 2.Mould System : ? Production Size: L 4000 x W1500x H 25 (or any size) ?Air cylinder open & close type FootwearProject - We supply complete technology, machines, design, mold and dies, raw material, latest design updates and after sales service as a single package and under one roof.If somebody having US$600,OOOto invest we will provide all the ahove.Plant investment except building cost can he recovered with in 11/2 years.We have the arrangement of buyback & selling of 50000 pairs of footwear per month. Shoe Making Machinery HEAM System (Assembly in-Line Conveyor system) (High Technology, Economical, Automatic Machinery) An array of motor driven conveyors namely upper steam conditioner, heat setting machine, upper dry conveyor, forming belt conveyor, cementing dry conveyor, quick chilling machine, finishing belt conveyor for High grade multiple footwear production by unified control system. Assembling of upper and sole requires many machines like a Toe lasting machine to pull and Last the Toe part, side and Heel lasting machine, Heel lasting machine, Walled sole attaching machine, Forming machine and finishing machine. Also to weld a designed pattern on to the upper, High frequency welder used. Un skilled labors can be employed to assist to this assembling semi automatic conveyor.

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Labtech Footwear

85/12, 6th Cross, Srinivas Temple Street, Maruthi Nagar, Madiwala
Bangalore - 560 001 (Karnataka) India

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