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Viia International


Viia International

Viia International

Delhi, Delhi, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

Name Viia is not new to the Orthopaedic, Surgical, Scientific equipments & Consumable Industry.
Manufacturing : We at are engaged in manufacturing world class Orthopaedic Implants, Orthopaedic Instruments, Surgical Instruments, Walking Aids, Laboratory Goods & Medical Disposables.
Quality Control : Manufacture international quality implants using ?316-L? grade steel and ?TITANIUM? as per international quality standards.
The implants & surgical instruments are manufactured under stringent quality control under the expert supervision of technically trained staff. Which has been recognized by the most of quality control labs.
Research & Development : R&D department at is constantly engaged in upgrading the implants, Orthopaedic instruments & Surgical instruments, in consultation with Senior & experienced Surgeons.
Import/Stockiest : We are glad to inform you that besides manufacturing of world class Orthopaedic implants, Orthopaedic instruments, Surgical instruments, Walking aids, Laboratory goods & Medical disposables.
We have started importing Scientific Instruments, Equipments, Laboratory goods & Glasswares from reputed companies across the globe.
We are associated with medical giants whether it is small instrument from China or any other quality product of HANNA, HTL, HBG, KARTEL, ZEAL, WATHMAN, SUPERIOR, MEDIPOINT, DIAMOND, LABOMED, PARAFILM, & BOROSILICATE GLASSWARE. We could provide you all or any of the items as per your requirement & need.
Quality is never an accident; it is always a result of high intention? sincere efforts intelligent direction skillful execution & consistent hard work.
It represents the wise choice of many alternatives.
Building relation through customer satisfaction is the main guideline constantly followed by us at.
The organization was established by dynamic, qualified, experienced professional engineers holding management degree. Who had experience of more than 20 years in various fields of manufacturing, marketing & trading.
Was the dream of Late Sh.D.P.S.MALIK under whose guidance the foundation of this organization was laid over a decade ago.
The organization is now carried according to his guidelines by ?The Professionals?.

Products :

We are Manufacturers of Orthopaedic, Surgical, Scientific Equipments. Products Range : * Orthopaedic Implants Screw- Cortical Cancellous Cannulated Malleolar Shaft Plates- DCP LC-DCP T, L, Y, Tubular Straight Reconstruction Barrel Condylar Cobra Nails- Tibia Femur Smith Peterson Square Sypra Condylar * Orthopaedic Instruments 1. Tubular External Fixators Clamps Spanner 2. Wire, Pins Staples Knowles Steinman Krischner 3. Instruments for Plating Drill Bit Bone Tap Screw Driver Dept Gange 4. Bone Drill & Wire Instruments Bone Drill Wire Twister Wire Bender Wire Passer 5. Bone Holding & Plate Holding Instruments Forceps 6. Bone Cutting Instruments Forceps Saw Osteotome Hammer K-Nail Instrument Femoral Head Instrument S.P.Nail/Jewett Nail Instrument Plaster Cutting Instrument Spine Surgery Instrument Knee Surgery Instrument Miscellaneous Instruments-Skin Grafting Knief, Distractor * Orthopaedic Instruments Set Ashnis Instrument Set Angeled Blade Plate Instrument Set Basic Instrument Set Bone Holding Instrument Set Cannulated, Cancellous 3.5 Instrument Set Condylar Plate Instrument Set DHS Instrument Set DHS-DCS Implant Set General Instrument Set Humerous Interlocking Nail Set Humerous Interlocking Nail Set(Part Set) Illigarov Set(Small) Illigarov Set(Medium) Illigarov Set(Large) Interlocking Set for Tibia & Fenn. Interlocking Set for Subtrochanteric fracture Large Cannulated Cancellous 6.5 Instrument Set Mini External Fixator Set (for Hand & Forearm) Plate Set Screw Set (Small) Screw Set (Large) Small Fragment Instrument Set Small Fragment Implant Set Supra Condylar Interlocking nail set Supra Condylar Interlocking nail set(Part Set) Wire Instrument Set * Walking Aids Cruthes C.R.C. Iron Powder Coated Wooden Cruthes(Small) Wooden Cruthes(Medium) Wooden Cruthes(Large) Wooden Cruthes(X-Large) Walking Sticks Fixed (Aluminium)Round/L-Shape Walking Sticks Adjustable Round/L-Shape Walking Sticks C.R.C. Steel Adjustable Walking Sticks C.R.C. Steel Fixed Walking Sticks Tripod Aluminium Adjustable Walking Sticks Quadripad Aluminium Adjustable Elbow Cruthes Aluminium Adjustable Walker Funed Walker Portable Walker Folding Rubber Shoe For Sticks/Cruthes Rubber Shoe For Tripod Sticks * Commode Commode Stool With English Seat Commode Folding Chair With Arm Pot Large Medium * Bed Pan Bed Pan Without Cover Bed Pan With Black Cover * Urine Pot Urine Pot Male/Female * Medical Disposables Finger Dressing Sterlized Hand & Foot Dressing Sterlized Burn/Body Dressing Sterlized(Small) Burn/Body Dressing Sterlized(Medium) Burn/Body Dressing Sterlized(Large) Eye Pad Splint Set of 6 Wooden Torniqint Tape & Bucle Torniqint Latex Tube Suspensory Bandage Wooden Tongue Spatula Wooden Ayer?s Spatula(for Gynaecology) * Miscellaneous Hospital Items X-Ray View Box 1 Tube, 2 Tube X-Ray View Box 2 In 1 Tube X-Ray View Box 3 In 1 Tube All Type X-Ray View Box Height Measuring Stand Food Suction MSI Suction Appratus MSI Folding Stretcher * Laboratory Goods Glass Slide (Plain/with Cavity) Slide Tray Test Tube Holder Test Tube Stand Fisher Clamp Burrette Clamp Bunsen Burner(W & W/O Stop Cork) Wintrobe Stand ESR Stand Centrifuge Machine(Hand Operated) * Thermo Meter Range Digital Thermo hygrometers Indore/Outdoor Thermometers Thermometers (Imported) Ear Clinical Thermometer F-Scale Clinical Thermometer With Mercury Clinical Thermometers Meat Thermometers

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Viia International

DELHI - 110033 (Delhi) India

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