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Snaa Industries


Snaa Industries

Snaa Industries

Sialkot, , Pakistan

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1942

Background : "Snaa Industries" is owned by the Mehr Family, who has been in the line of business since 1942. We have extensive experience, and have gained a good repute in the field of export. Now we, the third generation, are successfully running our business.
Products and Services : "Snaa Industries" was established especially to deal in the surgical line. We manufacture a wide range of Veterinary, Dental, Surgical and Orthopedic Instruments. We also offer our services to produce any specific instruments for our valued customers.
Dedication to Quality : We assure you of superb services and individual attention at all times. Our policy is to achieve excellence through quality performance in meeting our customers? requirements. For us, quality performance means to build professionally and provide services so as to exceed your expectations.
We have the expertise and the experience to make the whole process work to the advantage of our buyer. Throughout the whole production process quality is maintained by watchful in-line supervision and regular and final inspection.
Our production units employ the highest quality of raw materials from Pakistan, Germany, France and Japan. Snaa is certified by ISO 9001:2000, CE Marking and cGMP These guarantee that our instruments are safe and fit for their intended use.

Products :

We are Manufactruers and Exporters of Surgical, Dental, Orthopaedic and Veterinary instruments. Products Range : * Veterinary Instruments 1. Hoof and Claw Instruments -Knives ( Wooden Handles ) -Knives ( Ebony Handles ) -Knives Set with Case -Hoof Cutters -Hoof Rasps -Hoof Testing Forceps -Hoof Shears 2. Castrating Instruments -Castrating Forceps -Emasculators -Band Castrator / Stretching Forceps -Castrating Knives 3. Cattle Marking Instruments -Tattoo Pliers -Ear Notchers -Tattoo Hammers -Tag Applicators 4. Dosage Instruments -Stomach Pump -Balling Guns ( with spring ) -3-Rings Balling Guns -Ruminal Magnet Balling Gun -Pistol Balling Gun 5. Ear Syringes 6. Forging Instruments -Castrating Forceps -Hoof and Claw Cutter -Bull lead 7. OB Instruments -OB Handle for Chain -OB Chain -Handle for OB Saw Wire -Meat Hanging Hooks -OB Hooks -OB Base and Double Tube Embryotome -OB Forceps for Pig -Eye Hook -Pig Puller 8. Restraining Equipments 9. Vaginal Speculums -Vienna Speculum -Sims Speculums -Speculum for She-Lamb -Cusco, Collin and Grave's Speculums -Polansky Vaginal Speculum, for Large Animals -Stomach Tube Speculums 10. Miscellaneous Instruments -Anti-Suckers & Pliers for Anti-Suckers -Bird's Ring Cutter -Blood Taking Needle -Calf Puller -Catheter -Cattle Weaners -Clipping Sheer -Compression Rubber Tube -Ear Clamps -Fixation Frame with Hooks for Stomach Operation -Horse Instruments -Microscopic Needles -Milking Tube -Richardson -Tail Cutter -Teat Instruments -Tooth Rasp -Trocars -Tube Dehorners * Dental Instruments 1. Amalgam Carriers 2. Instruments For Crown work 3. Extracting Forceps(American pat) 4. Extracting Forceps (eng-pat) 5. Forceps Instruments 6. Mouth Mirrors and Handles 7. Pliers orthodontics- Prosthetics 8. Wax and Modeling Carvers 9. Raspatories Elevators 10. Retractors- Mouth Gags 11. Root Elevators 12. Scalers Instruments 13. Scalpels Knives and Handles 14. Scissors Instruments 15. Tweezers Instruments 16. Articulators * Orthopedic Instruments 1. Hand Bone Drills -Bone Drill 2. Bone Screws -Cancellous Screw -Casper Plate and Pedical Screw -Lag Screw -Malleolar Screw -Washers for Cancellous and Cortical Screws 3. Plates -1/3 Tubular Plate -Angular Blade Plate 130o -Casper Plate and Pedical Screws -Cloverleaf Plate -DCS Plate 95o -DHS Plate 135o -Harrington Rod Set -Tibial Plates -Y Plates 4. Instruments for Bone Surgery -Bone Cutting Forceps -Bone Holding Forceps -Bone Rongeur 5. Miscellaneous -Pin Wheel -Hammer -Reamer -Clump 6. Surgical Sets 1. ENT Diagnostic Set 2. Laryngoscope Sets 3. Otoscope Set

Contact Info

Snaa Industries

19/16 Club Road, Cantt

Sialkot - 51310 () Pakistan

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