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Flexible Containment Products


Flexible Containment Products

Flexible Containment Products

Spokane, , United States

Engineering Products - Manufacturer,
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Prior to January 1, 2003, Flexible Containment Products was the environmental division of Spokane Tent and Awning The board of directors of Spokane Tent and Awning decided to spin off the environmental division in order to allow the newly formed corporation to focus on the rapidly growing environmental industry.

Spokane Tent and Awning, Flexible Containment Products' parent company, has manufactured industrial fabric products in Spokane, Washington for over 118 years. We boast a 30, 000 square foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and over 30 employees. Our employees are trained in lean manufacturing techniques resulting in quality products that set the standard in the industry. Lean Manufacturing employs a single piece flow concept that focuses attention on start-to-finish production and eliminates stockpiling of costly materials. Our capabilities consist of hot air welding and RF welding, sewing, CAD/CAM design, metal welding and fabrication, and a full service graphic department. We stand behind all of our products with a full customer satisfaction guarantee and a warranty that is superior to all others.

Mission Statement :
At Flexible Containment Products we feel a deep commitment to providing products that assist in protecting the environment. It is this commitment that pushes us to provide the highest performing products for tomorrow's requirements. We thrive on the opportunity to produce custom designs that will satisfy your job requirements. We use only top quality fabric and the most advanced production tools to ensure a superior finished item. Our exacting quality control procedures also reflect this commitment to environmental protection.

Products :

We Provide Manufacturer of Flexible Containment Products was the environmental division of Spokane Tent. Products :- Pillow Tanks Fuel Tanks Portable Water Tanks Water Tanks and Bladders Onion Tanks Catch Basin Spill Berms Containment Liners Spill Containment Berms Fuel Containment Secondary Spill Containment Image :- Cutting Table Welding Slitting Machine Products :- 1)Containment Berms :- Secondary Containment Berms manufactured by Flexible Containment Products (FCP) are extremely durable and reliable. Manufactured to ISO standards and backed with a five year warranty, they are the most reliable products available. Throw N' Go Berm Drive Thru Flexwall Berms Snap Up Berms Foam Berms Drip Pillows Custom Solutions 2)Flexible Tanks :- Flexible Storage Solutions : Flexible Storage Solutions manufactured by Flexible Containment Products (FCP) are extremely durable and reliable. Manufactured to ISO standards and backed with a five year warranty, they are the most reliable products available. FCP Pillow Tank Open Top Tanks Towable Sea Tanks Throw N' Go Liners Throw N' Go Tanks 3)Booms :- Oil Spill Boom : Our oil spill booms are extremely durable and reliable. Manufactured to ISO standards and backed with a five year warranty, they are the most reliable products available. Inflatable Booms :- Inflatable Oil Boom is designed for open ocean areas where high buoyancy is required. Inflatable oil boom requires less storage than foam booms. Segmented Foam Air Boom Segmented Air Boom Continuous Foam Air Boom Continuous Air Boom Foam Booms :- Foam Booms are easily deployed and designed for calm water application. Our unique double chamber design provides proven reliability against leaks. Contractor Boom River Boom Turbidity Curtain :- Turbidity Curtains are designed to contain sediment pollution. Custom sizes are available. Turbidity Curtains Custom Solutions :- Solution #1 : The St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant in St. Lucie, Florida required secondary containment for scheduled maintenance and inspection of the reactor head. They commissioned Flexible Containment Products of Spokane, Washington to assist in the development and construction of a device to capture and contain the wastewater that would result from the robotic washing down of the reactor head. The project required shutting down the plant and taking the reactor offline. It was imperative for everything to operate according to plan. FCP, working with St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant custom designed a secondary containment berm and liners for their maintenance efforts. The project demanded extremely tight dimensions and a level of detail that permitted the liner to properly fit around many intricate spaces. Using CAD technology, the engineers at FCP and the Nuclear Facility created detailed plans of the final product. Our Engineering Staff then designed the decontamination liner based on those CAD drawings and sent them back to the facility for a final inspection. The reactor head stand prior to decontamination. Solution #2 :- Problem: We wanted to contain waste without any leaks. The straps that held up the wall were permanent and made it difficult for vehicles to enter and exit. This also makes it difficult for storage. Solution: Berm with curtain system ensures protection of chemical waste. Straps have been manufactured that are easy to insert and remove. The straps are made with 1/4" fiberglass rods welded in 22oz. Vinyl. The removable straps make it easy to setup and disassemble with hardly any effort. Decon System with a fully-contained curtain wall Easy to install frame 4-way t-fitting, adjustable for multiple connections 2 inch welds Warranty Info :- We guarantee that our products will meet the standards you expect from any secondary containment product. Five year coverage on weathering Five year coverage on UV degradation Five year coverage on workmanship ISO 9001-2000 Compliant Regulations :- EPA 40 CFR 264.175 Containment of Containers Containing Free Liquid. A containment system must be designed and operated as follows :- The containment unit must underlie the containers and must be free of cracks or gaps and be sufficiently impervious to contain leaks, spills and accumulated precipitation. The base of the containment unit must be sloped or designed to drain and remove liquids resulting from leaks, spills or precipitation, unless the containers are elevated or otherwise protected from contact with accumulated liquids. The containment system must have sufficient capacity to contain 10% of the volume of containers or the volume of the largest container, whichever is greater. EPA 40 CFR 264.177 and EPA 40 CFR 265.177 Special Containment Requirements for Incompatible Wastes. A storage container that is holding a hazardous waste that is incompatible with any waste or other materials stored nearby in other containers, piles, open tanks, or surface impoundments must be separated from the other materials or protected from them by means of a dike, berm or other containment device. EPA 40 CFR 264.1086 and EPA 40 CFR 265.1087 Closed Container Regulations (Federal Register 12/6/94) Containers which store hazardous waste must have a cover which operates with no detectable organic emissions when all container openings, (e.G., lids, bungs, hatches, etc.) are secured in a closed, sealed position. Add, remove, inspect, or sample the material in the container; Inspect, maintain, repair, or replace equipment located inside the container, or Vent gases or vapors from a cover located over or enclosing an open container? Safety devices that vent directly to the atmosphere may be used on the devices meeting all of the following conditions: The safety device is not used for planned or routine venting of organic vapors from the container... The safety device remains in a closed, sealed position at all times. Uniform Fire Code (UFC) 79.406 when used as a substitute for spill control, drainage control and secondary containment as set forth in section 79.405, containment pallets shall comply with the following :- A liquid-tight sump accessible for visual inspection shall be provided. The sump shall be designed to contain not less than 66 gallons. Exposed surfaces shall be compatible with the material stored Containment pallets shall be protected to prevent collection of rain water within the sump. New York State Chemical Bulk Storage Regulation Section 599.17C - Secondary Containment for Transfer Stations.

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Flexible Containment Products

16124 E. Euclid
Spokane - WA 99216 () United States

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