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MB Surgical


MB Surgical

MB Surgical

Sialkot, , Pakistan

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1928

Since 1928 MB Surgical instruments have been produced by experienced and skilled workers in their workshop in the area of SIALKOT It is due to their efficient cooperation and superior workmanship that MB has made itself a name as reliable supplier of high quality Surgical and Tungsten carbide insert instruments.
We have made it our business to provide you with all the instruments you need for a progressive surgical service.
All instruments shows in this catalouge are made of stainless steel unless otherwise indicated.
Illustrations signify general design only.

Products :

Manufacturer & Importers & Exporter of Surgical, Dental, Veternary, Manicure Instruments & Scissors. * Surgical Instruments -Instruments Trays -Sterlizing Trays For Instruments -Solt Container -Sterlizing Boxes -Bowls -Male Urinal -Female Urinal -Drum Shape Bowl -Kidney Tray -Feeding Cup -Bowls -Pans With Handle -Pans -Sterlizing Instrument Bowl -Bowl/Pan With Spout -Cotton Holders -Sptting Pan with Lid -Forcep Jars * Dental Instruments EXTRACTING FORCEPS CHILDREN FORCEPS ROOT ELEVATORS BONE RONGEURS CHISELS & GOUGES BONE FILE BONE CURETTES NEDDLE HOLDERS RETRACTORS MOUTH GAGS SCALERS EXCAVATORS CUTTING INSTRUMENTS PROBS AND EXPLORERS CEMENT SPATULAS FILLING INSTRUMENTS WAX & MODELLING INSTRUMENTS TWEEZERS CROWN SCISSORS PLIERS Orthodontic Instruments -Micro distal and cutter safety hold -Distal and cutter -Wire cutter -Micro Light Wire Cutter -Hard wire cuttet -Band Slitting Plier -Tweed anglearch banding -Tweed angle arch banding -Arch Forming Plier -Weingart well grip Plier with serrated -HOW Plier -Palatal Arch Plier -Lingval Arch Placing and removing Plier -Band seating plier -Tweed Plier -Posterior Band Remover -Direct Bonding Bracket Remover with pad -Reynolds -Adams Pliers for wire bending -Bird beak Plier Bending -Double rounded jaw wire bending Plier * Manicurre Instruments Cutical & Nail Nippers Tweezers & Nail Files Barber Scissors * Veterinary Instruments * T.C Instruments * Orthopaedic Instruments -Straight Neddle -Curved Neddle -Unviversal Bone Drill -Micro Hand Drill -Finger Screwdriver -Ratchet Screwdriver -Zimmer Screwdriver -Lanes Screwdriver -Williams Screwdriver -Hollow Mill -Depth Gauge -Zimmer Ruler -Steinman Pin Introducer -Berbecker Steinman -Wire CuttingF Forceps -Orthopaedic Inserter -Orthopaedic Punch -Orthopaedic Extractor -Smillie's Knee Joint Retractors -Smillie's Meniscus Knives -Blount Knee Retractor -Tenotome for Laminectomy -Ligament Knife -Neff Meniscotome -Charnley Compression Clamp -Hulbert's Compression Clamp -Bohler Steinman Pin Holder -Kirschner Wire Tractors -Suture Wire Cutting Scissors -Skin Hooks -Volkmann's Retractors -Farabeuf Rugine -Lambotte Hooks -Langenbeck Retractors -Bone Hooks -Large Bone Lever -Bristow's Retractor -Trethowan's Bone Lever -Blount Double Pronged Retractor -Lane's Bone Lever -Lane's Bone Lever with serrated end -St. Thomas' Pattern Elevators -Robinson's Elevator -Bennett's Retractor and Elevator -Retractors for Hand Surgery -Alms Retractors -Murphy Lane Bone Skid -Beckmann Adson Retractor -Smillie's Knee Joint Retractors -Blount Knee Retractors -Hey Groves Bone Holding Forceps -Lewin Bone Holding Clamp -Ulrich Bone Clamp -Burn's Bone Holding Forceps -Lane Bone Holding Forceps -Farabeuf Lambotte Bone Holding Forceps -Lowman Bone Clamps -Modified Lowman Bone Clamp -Martin's Cartilage Clamp -Meniscus Forceps -Bone Plate Holding Forceps -Bone Screw Holding Forceps -Tufnol Handled Chisels -Tufnol Handled Gouges -Smith-Peterson Osteotomes -Smith-Peterson Gouges -Whitchurch-Howell Osteotomes -Zimmer Chisels -Zimmer Osteotomes -Zimmer Gouges -Stille Type Chisels -Stille Type Gouges -Partsch Gouges -Stanmore Cranked Osteotome -Austin Moore Hollow Chisel -Martin Hip Gouge -Brun Bone Curettes -Volkmann's Double-ended Curettes -Long Stemmed Curettes -Volkmann's Double-ended Curettes -Fibre Mallet -Bone Hammer -Tufnol Impactor Prostheses -Nylon-faced Orthopaedic Hammer -Heath Mallet -Liston Bone Cutting Forceps -Stille-Liston Bone Cutting Forceps -Paton's Bone Cutting Forceps -Stamm's Bone Cutting Forceps -McLndoe's Bone Cutting Forceps -Ruskin-Liston Bone Cutting Forceps -Ferris Smith( Kerrison's) Sphenoidal Punch Forceps -Spurling Rougeur -Pollock's Rib Shears -Standard Rib Shears -Jansen-Zaufel Bone Rongeur -Ruskin Gouge Forceps -Lang Gouge Forceps -Wilms Gouge Forceps -Stille-Luer Gouge Forceps -Angular Gouge Forceps -Cairns de Martel Gigli Saw Guide And Protector -Gigli Saws -Larry's Keyhole Finger Saw -Amputation Saw -Tapered Reamer -Flexible Elbow Reamers -Harrison-Nicolle Finger Joint Reamers -Femoral Rasps -Moore type Rasp-Standard -Thompson Type Rasp -Moore type Broach Straight Stem -Putti Type Rasp -Raspatories For Hand Surgery -Tendon Stripper Flexible -Tendon Guide Flexible -Bandage Scissors -Plaster Knife -Bergman Plaster Saw -Engels Plaster Saw -Bohler Plaster Shears -Guy's Plaster Shears -Stille Plaster Shears Bridgend Hospital Pattren -Henning Plaster Cast Spreader -Daws Plaster Openers -Bohler Plaster Benders -Cast Spreader * Pilers * Knives & Swords

Contact Info

MB Surgical

Karim Pura Road,
P.O. Box 1394, Sialkot

Sialkot - 51310 () Pakistan

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