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Big Rock Supply


Big Rock Supply

Big Rock Supply

Melrose park, , United States

Engineering Products - Trader,
Public. Ltd. Firm Since 0

Big Rock Supply, provides quality products to the Roofing, General Contracting and Painting Industry along with excellent service.

Hundreds of roofing contractors throughout the United States have turned to us for their needs. Please give us a try.

Big Rock Supply, is operated according to these basic principles:
-Quality Products: We offer a wide selection of the quality products you need-in stock for your convenience.

-Dependable Service: We employ trained professionals. They understand your problems because they have been out in the field themselves. Call on them for expert assistance.

-Speedy Shipment: We ship as fast and economical as possible. Most orders ship the same day. We'll even pick up the shipping cost on any order over $300.00.

-Competitive Pricing: Guaranteed low prices ! Every product is priced competitively.

Products :

We offers hand tools and on deck products for the professional roofer. Our Product list includes: -Adhesive Brushes -Aluminum Drains -Anchors (Fall Protection) -Asphalt Carrying Buckets -Asphalt Pouring Can -Axes -Back Braces -Bags, Clean Up -Bandannas -Barricade Fencing -Bedder Tool -Better Spreader Glue Machine -Black Mesh Debris Tarps -Blades (Knife) -Blowers -Braces - Extension Handles -Brackets (Roof) -Brooms -Brushes -Brushes - Adhesive -Brushes - Chip -Brushes - Wire -Bucket Bail -Buckets -Bungee Cords -Burn Cream -Burn Kit -Cadillac Hand Gun -Carabiner -Carpet Roller Covers -Cast Iron Roof Drains -Caulking Guns -Caution Tape -Chalk -Chalk Lines -Caulk Guns (Quart Size) -Chem Link Curbs -Chip Brushes -Clamp Post Packages -Clamping Kit -Clean Up Bags -Cleaner - Tar & Asphalt -Cooling Products -Cones -Cords - Bungee -Cords - Extension -Core Cutter -Corn Brooms -Covers (Roller) -Crayons -Danger Tape -Debris Tarps -Degreaser -Dippers -Drain Guards (Adjustable) -Drains -Drill Holsters -Driveway Applicators -Drum Liners (55 gal.) -Dryer (Roof) -Duct Tape -Dust Mask -Ear Muffs -Electrical Cords -Embedment Tool -End Caps -Eternabond -Extension Cords -Extension Handles -Face Shield -Fall Limiters -Fall Protection -Fall Protection Anchors -Fall Protection Kits (Roofing) -Fencing -Fiberglass Mops -Fire Protection Products -First Aid Kits -Flags (Perimeter) -Flash Powder (Flame Kill) -Flex Hose -Foam Adhesive Applicator -Frames (Roller) -Fuel Cans -Gable Master (Ladder & Scaffolding Setup) -Garbage Bags -Garlock Railguard System -Gas Cans -GFCI -Glasses (Safety) -Gloves -Glue Machine -Glue Machine Roller Covers -Goggles -Grandular Embedment Tool -Gravel Bag -Ground Fault Interrupters -Guardrail Systems (Roof Top) -Hammers -Hand Spudder -Handles -Handsaws -Hard Hat Liners -Hard Hats -Harnesses (Full Body) -Hatchets -Heaters (Drum & Pail) -Heat Guns -Hoist (Roofing) -Hoisting Wheels -Hot Air Guns -Hot Air Hand Guns -Hot Air Robot Welders -Hot Weather Protection -Insulation Roller Sled -Kettle Hitch Pins -Knee Pads -Knife Blades -Knife Holders -Knives -Knot Brush -Korkers -Ladder Safety Products -Ladder Walk-Through -Lanyards -Leister Hand Gun -Leister Hot Air Hand Gun -Lifelines -Lifelines (Self-Retracting) -Load Binders -Lumber Crayons -Magnetic Sweepers -Mallet (Rubber) -Marking Products -Masonry Brush -Meanstreak Markers -Measure Tape (THOR Layout Tape) -Measuring Tools -Mechanical Supports -Membrane Roller -Mobil Fall Protection Systems -Modified Bitumen Tools -Modified Bitumen Repair Kit -Mop Bells -Mop Bucket -Mop Handles -Mops -Nail Bags -Nozzles (Hand Welders) -Orange Tough Cleaner / Degreaser -Pail Heaters -Pails (Galvanized) -Paint Brushes -Paint Markers -Pennants -Perimeter Warning Flags -Pigtail Hook (Rope Hoisting) -Pitch Burn Jell -Pitch Forks -Pitch Hoods -Pitch Protective Gel -Plastic Sheeting -Platform Hoist -Poly Sheeting -Portals Plus Roof Accessories -Pouring Can -Power Cords -Pry Bars -PVC Roof Drains -Rags -Ratchet Load Binders -Respirator - Filters -Respirators -Roller Cage Frames -Roller Covers -Roller Mops -Roller Frames -Roof Blowers -Roof Dryer -Roof Hoist -Roof Hooks -Rope -Rope Grab -Safety Cones -Safety Items -Safety Sandals -Scissors -Scoops -Scrapers -Scupper Drains (Cast Iron) -Sealants -Seam Rollers -Seam Test Tools -Shears -Shingle Specialty Products -Shingle Shear (Shingle Cutter) -Shovels -Single Ply Repair Kit -Slate Brackets -Slate Cutters -Slate Tools -Smart Mark (EPDM Marking Tool) -Snips -Snow Rake -Snow Shoes -Soldering Kits -Spades -Super Spreader (for EPDM) -Squeegees -Street Brooms -Stretch Wrap -Sweatbands -Tape - Caution -Tape - Duct -Tape Dolly (Measure Wheels on Pitched Roofs) -Tape - Measuring -Tape Measure Wheels -Tape Measures -Tar & Asphalt Remover -Tarps .Regular .Heavy Duty .Black Mesh Debris .H.D. Tear-Off .Drain / Water Diverter .Canvas -Tear-Off Spades -Thermometers -Tie-Downs -Tool Belts and Accessories -Torch Kits -Torch Wagons -Trash Bags -Trimmers -Trowels -Unions (Hot Pipe) -Wade Eyebolt & Hookbolt Package -Warmers -Warning Flags -Wiping Rags -Wire Scratch Brushes -Wrecking Bars

Contact Info

Big Rock Supply

1329 N. 31st Ave.

Melrose Park - IL 60160 () United States

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