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Air Equipment and Systems India Private Limited


Air Equipment and Systems India Private Limited

Air Equipment and Systems India Private Limited

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 0

Combining a recognized lead in technology and innovation, we have emerges as an indubitable winner of the industry. We started with a vision to understand the needs of our clients and utilize our resources to fulfill those needs in a reasonably optimal way. The credit of our phenomenal growth goes to our logistics department and diligent sales team that ensures on-schedule deliveries.

With our understanding of the needs of the global markets, we have established liaisons with clients both in domestic as well as international markets. We strive to establish a mutually beneficial and long lasting relationship with our clients by not just meeting but exceeding their expectations.

We are on a never ending quest for perfection. With our principal aim to offer premium quality products to our clients, we maintain highest quality standard at every level of the organization. Quality is cautiously nurtured at every stage of manufacturing. From conception to final delivery, every product undergoes several quality tests. Our team of experts maintains a strict vigil on the manufacturing process to ensure that all the products are without any defects.

Our infrastructural set up is based in Mumbai. We incorporate the modern production techniques to improve the performance of our products and to make them available at more competitive prices. With advanced technical equipment and testing machines, we have reached international level. Our endeavor is focused on keeping abreast with the latest technologies. We possess a team of engineers who come out with quality products.

We understand our clients' requirements and try to meet their expectation levels. Our customized, quality products have strengthened our bond. We have a network of clients both in domestic as well as international arena.

Products :

We are Manufacturers and Exporters of air compressors, cooling towers, heat exchangers, receiver tanks, moisture separators, compressed air products, has set new benchmarks in the industry with quality products. 1.COMPRESSED AIR SYSTEM :- SCREW TYPE AIR COMPRESSORS MOISTURE SEPARATOR AUTOMATIC DRAIN TRAP AIR RECEIVER AUTOMATIC DRAIN TRAP PRE FILTER AUTOMATIC DRAIN TRAP REFRIGERATION DRYER AFTER FILTER HEATLESS AIR DRYER FINAL FILTER OIL / WATER SEPARATOR. 2.AIR COMPRESSORS :- AIR Cooled (1 to 25 hp L/NL) Air cooled air Compressor are Engineered for Economy, long Life and easy Operation. 3.WATER COOLED AIR COMPRESSORS (30 to 75 HP L/NL):- Water cooled air Compressor are Vertical, double acting single cylinder Requires less space minimum wear & tear. 4.AFTER COOLERS :- -AIR COOLED (10 to 500 cfm) Air cooled after cooler does not require cooling water circulation. -AIR COOLED (10 to 500 cfm) Shell & Tube type design retrofit coolers for any compressor air flow 10 to 10, 000 cfm (Higher pressure upto 250 Kg/cm2g Tube bundle-removable / fixed Built as per Indian / International codes. 5.COOLING TOWERS :- -Induced draft Type FRP Construction Designed Robust Corrosion Resistant Less Maintenance -Natural Draft Type Fan less, fill less, No Power, No Maintenance, No Breakdown No down time, lower cost lower 6.MOISTURE SEPARATORS :- -Baffle Type (Efficiency 60%) Centrifugal Type (Efficiency 70%) 7.Demister Pad type (Efficiency 80%) 8.Centrifugal cum Demister Pad type (Efficiency 99%)] 9.AIR RECEIVER :- Capacity : 0.25 to 20m3 Pressure : Upto 250 Kg/cm2/g Horizontal / Vertical Versions Built as per Indian / International Standard 10.IMPORTED AIR FILTERS :- (High Quality filters for compressed air) -Screwed connection : Cap : 10 to 1200 Cfm Press : 1 to 250 bar Efficiency : Dirt upto 0.01 M Oil retention down To 0.005 Mg/m3. -Flanged Connection : Cap : 800 to 18000 cfm Press : 1 to 250 bar Efficiency : Dirt upto 0.01M Oil retention down to 0.005 mg/m3. 11.IMPORTED AUTOMATIC DRAIN VALVES :- -Electronic Timer Controlled Complete range of timer controlled drain valve Orifice Opening size for 0.2mm to 12mm 12.Electronic Level Sensor ( Zero air loss. ) The convincing concept for condensate discharge. 13.REFRIGERATED AIR DRYERS :- -Thermal Mass Type Features : Thermal Mass & Heat Exchanger Energy saving -Lower press : Drop few moving parts Suitable for hot climate environment Friendly control system 14.ECW Series Dryers :- Higher capacity dryers for handling large air volume. Range from 1200 to 20000 cfm High reliability Anti corrosion coating in the moisture air sections. Low pressure drop High efficiency strainer (made out of 55-304 material) at the inlet to prevent dust carry over Low power consumption Constant dew point 0 to 100% capacity control Easy installation Water cooled condenser Energy saving heat exchangers and maintenance Free high efficiency condensate separator 15.HEATLESS AIR DRYERS 16.MEMBRANE DRYER

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Air Equipment and Systems India Private Limited

S-11, G-1, Jesal Park, Bhayander (East), Thane
Mumbai - 400 105 (Maharashtra) India

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