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3D Medisys Exports


3D Medisys Exports

3D Medisys Exports

Ambala cantt, Haryana, India

Engineering Products - Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

3D Medisys Exports is a professionally managed exports organization, founded jointly by qualified engineers and Marketing/Export professionals, having experience of around two decades in the trade. 3D Medisys Exports is based at Ambala Cantt (India), the city known worldwide for Scientific Instruments and Laboratory Glassware.
3D Medisys Exports is dealing in following fields in domestic & overseas markets.
Medical & Hospital Equipments : 3D Medisys Exports has its own state of the art manufacturing unit named as Gemslab Instrumentation at Ambala Cantt. CEO of 3D Medisys Exports, a qualified engineer has to his credit, development and introduction of Zoom optical system in Opto-medical equipments, first time in India.
The company is in the field of manufacturing Opto-medical equipments, such as SURGICAL MICROSCOPES WITH ZOOM TECHNOLOGY (for Ophthalmology, Neurology, ENT, Plastic and Dental surgery), Slit Lamps, Lens Meters and Keratometers etc since last more then two decades. Further, a variety of Opto-mechanical equipments like Light Microscopes, such as Stereo Zoom Microscopes, Clinical and Research Microscopes, Optical components like lenses, prisms, eye pieces, objectives, observation heads for clinical & research microscopes are also being manufactured in company?s owned manufacturing unit and are well accepted in Indian and Overseas markets. Our complete Opto-medical equipment range is of standard quality but quite economical in comparison to other brands available in international and domestic market. Also, 3D Medisys Exports is in the field of manufacturing Hospital equipments like Autoclaves, Sterilizers, O.T lights & Hospital furniture.
Laboratory Glassware & Apparatus : 3D Medisys Exports has arrangement & tie up with leading manufacturers of Laboratory Glassware and Instruments in India, for exports. Custom made Laboratory Glassware & Instruments are offered for exports, in this segment. Laboratory Glassware & Instruments can also be developed as per individual customer?s need. Under lab apparatus segment, we offer standard quality educational, clinical & research lab apparatus at reasonable price. We also offer complete range of lab apparatus for Physics, Chemistry & Biology labs in schools & colleges. Our engineering expertise coupled with our commitment to excellence, has enabled us to satisfy the highly challenging international & domestic markets.
Herbal Medicines/ Dietary Food Supplements : 3D Medisys Exports has arrangement & tie up with a leading GMP certified ayurvedic (Herbal) manufacturing unit, which is also a supplier to govt. Of India managed health departments. 3D Medisys Exports offers a high quality and result oriented product range of ayurvedic (Herbal) and dietary food supplements.

Products :

We are Exporters of Following Products. Our Products are : * Surgical Microscopes -Opthamlic Micrscope -ENT Microscope -Colposcope * Slit Lamps -Slit Lamp -Zoom Slit Lamp * Opthalmic Equipment -Keratometer -Lensmeter -Binocular * Light Microscopes 1. STEREOSCOPIC MICROSCOPES -Stereo Microscope SSM-2 -Master Stereoscope SMG-3 -Binocular Stereo Zoom BZM-5 -Trinocular Stereo Zoom TZM-5 2. LABORATORY MICROSCOPES -Medical Microscope MKG-3 -Inclined Microscope MKG-5 -Binocular Microscope BKG-7 -Trinocolar Microscope TKG-7 * Hospital Instrument & Furniture 1. HOSPITAL FURNITURE -Hospital Bed -Examination Table/Couch -Kick Bucket -Crash Cart -Dust Bin - Foot Operated -Obstetric Tables -Crash Cart -Single Stand -Operating Table - Hydraulic -Bedside Locker -Foot Stool -Operating Table - Electronic -Revolving Stool -Bedside Table -Dressing Trolley -Bedside Screen -Stretcher Canvas -Soiled Linen Trolley -Overbed Table 2. HOSPITAL INSTRUMENTS -IV Pole/Saline Stands -Wheel Chairs -Mobile Operation Theatre Lights -Ceiling Operation Theatre Lights -Stainless Steel Dressing Drums -Stainless Steel Autoclaves -Stainless Steel Instruments -Steam Indicator Strips -Hot Air Sterilizers -ICU Bed - Fully Automatic -Height and Weight Scales -Suction Units -Diagnostic Equipments -Stethoscopes -Orthopaedic Instruments -Dental Chair unit with acessories * Lab Glassware 1. Lab Glassware -Laboratory Bottles -Beakers -Desiccators -Petri Dishes -Watch Glass Dishes -Evaporating Dishes -Crystallizing Dishes -Erlenmeyer/Round Bottom/Flat Bottom Flasks -Filter Funnels -Coplin Staining Jars -Glass Stoppers -Test Tubes -Culture Tubes -Digestion Tubes * Interchangeable Lab Glassware -Interchangeable joints -Adapters -Receivers adapters -Miscellaneous fittings -Stirrers -Condensers without joints -Flasks -Functionating columns -Separating/dropping funnels * Volumetric Glassware -Pipettes -Automatic Micro Pipettes -Measuring Cylinders -Measuring/Volumetric Flasks * Amber Colour Lab Glassware -Amber Burettes with Teflon Key Stopcock -Amber Burettes with Glass Key Stopcock -Colour Reagent Bottles (In borosilicate glass) * Physics Lab Equipment -LIGHT Lens/Mirror ( Concave/Convex ) -Magnifier -Glass Slab -Prism -Optical Bench -Traveling Microscope -Spectrometer -Polarimeter 1. MEASURING INSTRUMENTS -Physical Balance -Chemical Balance -Electronic Balance -Fractional Weight -Physical Weight -Analytical Weight -Slotted Weight -Vernier Caliper -Micrometer -Irometer -Wooden Scales -Pendulum Bobs -Barometer 2. HEAT Ring and Ball -Linear Expansion -Copper Calorimeter -Stem Engine -Gas Engine -Petrol Engine 3. SOUND Tunning Fork -Resonance Apparatus -Ripple Tank -Bar/Horse Shoe Magnet -Deflection Magnetometer Compass 4. MECHANICS Bar Pendulum -Drawing board -Hooks Law Apparatus -Inclined Plane -Law Of Movement -Pullys -Parallelogram of Forces Apparatus -Stop Clock -Stop Watch -Timer -Young Modulars Apparatus 5. ELECTRICITY Danial Cell -Laclanche Cell -Zinc Rod -Zinc Plate -Copper Plate -Ammeter -Voltmeter -Galvanometer -Electric Motor -Dynamo -Resistance Box -Rheostate Meter -Meter Bridge -Potentiometer -Power Supply -Oscilloscope -Battery Eliminator -Battery Charges -Techo Meter -Eureka/Constanton/Nichrome/Manganin/Copper wires * Chemistry Lab Equipment 1. GLASS WARE -Beakers -Bottles -Burettes -Condenser -Cylinders -Desiccators -Dishes -Flasks -Funnels -Jars -Pipettes -Test Tubes -Watch Glass 2. SILICA & PORCELAIN WARE -Crucible -Dishes -Mortar pestle Funnels -Clay pipe 3. PLASTIC WARE -Beakers -Funnels -Flasks -Cylinders -Dishes -Bottles -Test Tube Stands -Rubber Ware Rubber Tubbing -Rubber Cork -Bulb -Hand Gloves -Apron 4. METAL WARE -Retort Stand/Ring -Burette Clamp -Boss head -Tripod Stand -Burners -Spirit Lamp -Wire Gauge -Tongs -Spatulas -Test Tube Holders -Cork Borers -Blow ipe -Pinch Clip -Water-bath -Enameled Tray -Jug -Bowl 5. RUBBER WARE -Rubber Tubbing -Rubber Cork -Teat -Bulb -Hand Gloves -Apron 6. FILTER PAPER -Qualitative 7. THERMOMETER -Centigrade -Fahrenheit -Clinical -Hydrometers 8. ELECTRIC INSTRUMENTS -Autoclave -Oven -Incubator -Centrifuge Machine -Water Bath -Distillation Plants 9. ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTS -Balances -Weights -PH Meter -Calorimeter -Spectrometer * Biology Lab Equipment 1. MICROSCOPES & PROJECTORS -Advance Research Microscope -Stereo Zoom Microscopes -Co-axial Research Microscopes -Stereo Microscopes -Inverted Tissue Culture Imaging System (CCTV) -Projection Microscopes -Spectrometer -Slide projectors -Over head projectors -Projection screen -Slides and Transparencies 2. DISSECTING EQUIPMENTS -Scissors -Forceps -Needles -Scalpel -B.P. Handle with blade -Razor -Watch glass -Magnifying glass -Glass slide -Chain & Hook -Cover Slips -Blow pipe -Needle plastic handle -Dropper glass & Brushes 3. MEDIA CULTURE -Agar -Cultural Media Bases -Dehydrated Culture Media Supplements -Bectrological Discs 4. WOODEN WARES -Laminar Air Flow -Clean Air System -Biosafety Cabinet -Fumigation Chamber -Inoculation Chamber -Chromotography Chamber -Tissue Wax Block Boxes -Microslide Box & Cabinet -Entomology Sectional Equip -Entomological Pin -Insect Showcase -Insect Display Showcase -Insect Light Trap -Insect Collection Net -Plankton Net -Chrysopa Rearing Cage -Corycyra Rearing Cage -Herebarium Press -Magnetic Board -Aerial Insect Trap -Insect Cages 5. MODELS & CHARTS -Forensic science models -Anatomy models -Community medicine models -Pathology models -skeletons /bones -Physiology -Biochemistry -Homeopathy -Pharmacology -Forensic science -Anatomy dentistry -Parasitology 6. MISC -Microtomes -Slides -Coverslips -Haemometer -Haemocytometer -Prepared Slides and Display Specimens -Charts -Models and Showcases -Plant Physiology Apparatus -Botany and Soil Testing -Incubators -Ovens -Petri dish -stirrers * Ayurvedic Medicines & Diet Food Supplement -Zinseng with essential vitamins & minerals in capsule form. -Antioxidant with selenium & essential vitamins& minerals in capsule form. -Protein, vitamins &minerals based powder in different flavors. -Non Hormonal herbal menstrual regulator in capsule &syrup form. -Herbal dietary food supplement in granules form -Herbal gum paint. -Herbal mouth wash. -Herbal sex stimulants for males in capsule & massage oil form. -Neem based products for skin ailments -Chaywan prash -Herbal tablets and capsules for piles. -Liver tonic in capsule &syrup form -Pediatric syrup for nocturnal bed wetting. -Capsules for migraine -Ayurvedic(Herbal) single ingradiant products for the control of diabetes, hypertension and healthy heart -Capsules for immunity -Capsules/Massage oil for Arthritis -Capsules for respiratory diseases, cough and asthma. -Capsules for Leucoria

Contact Info

3D Medisys Exports

80, HSIDC Industrial Estate
Ambala Cantt - 133006 (Haryana) India

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