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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Engineering Products - Trader, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

We are the leading suppliers and exporters of sports equipment including athletic equipment, cricket equipment, hockey equipment, badminton and other sports equipment and sports garments.
CNB Industries have made its mark in the horizon of Sports. The dynamic company has gained immense popularity amongst its domestic and international customers due to its high quality sport equipment such as athletic equipment, cricket equipment, badminton equipment etc. At competent prices and prompt delivery. Our experience has taught us the significance of providing value for money. Our emphasis has always been on customer satisfaction and we represent quality, reliability and durability in whatever equipment we supply.

Products :

Suppliers and Exporters of Sports Equipment Including Athletic Equipment, Cricket Equipment, Hockey Equipment, Badminton and Other Sports Equipment and Sports Garments. Athletic equipment:- Hurdles, Javelin, Hammers, Discus, Starting Blocks, Shot Put, Measuring Tape. Cricket equipment:- Cricket Bats, Batting Gloves, Helmets, Cricket Balls, Elbow Guards, Thighs Pads, Cricket Keeping Pads, Batting Pads, Crickets Stumps. Badminton equipment:- Badminton Rackets, Shuttle Cock, Badminton Nets, Wrist Band, Head band. Baseball equipment:- Base Ball, Base Ball Bat, Batting Tree, Gloves, Helmets. Basket Ball:- Basket Ball, Basketball System, Nets, Rims, Back Stops, Back Board. Billiards/ Pool/ Snooker equipment:- Billiards/ Pool/ Snooker Table, Cue, Balls, Chalks, Cue Tips, Pool Cue Cases, Brushes. Boxing equipment:- Boxing Gloves, Head Guards, Boxing Heavy Bags, Speed and Striking Bags. Carrom equipment:- Carrom Board, Strikers, Men (Coins), Carrom Powder. Cycling equipment:- Bicycle, Cycle Helmets. Dart equipment:- Dart Board, Darts/ Barrels. Hockey equipment:- Hockey Sticks, Hockey Balls, Goal Postnets, Leg Guards and Kickers, Helmets, Face Marks, Chest Guards, Shin Guards, Arm Guards. Golf equipment:- Golf Balls, Gloves, Drivers, Golf Cart, Golf Bags. Hand Ball equipment:- Hand Ball, Hand Ball Post and Net, Hand Ball Gloves. Rugby Ball equipment:- Rugby Ball, Gloves, Helmets. Skates equipment:- In-Line Skates, Helmets. Skipping equipment:- Skipping Ropes. Skates Board equipment:- Skates Board, Helmets. Soccer equipment:- Soccer Balls, Gloves, Shin Guards, Goal Nets. Swimming equipment:- Googles, Swimming Caps, Ear Plugs, Nose clipps. Table Tennis equipment:- Table Tennis Rackets, Table Tennis balls, Nets, Table Tennis Blades. Tennis equipment:- Tennis Rackets, Tennis Ball, Tennis Nets. Volley Ball equipment:- Volley Ball, Volley Ball Nets. Sports Garments:- T-shirts round neck, T-shirts collor neck, Sweat shirts, Sportswears, Jackets, Promotional baseball caps and Track suits, Boxer shorts, Singlet, Night wear, Pants, Shorts, Terry towels, Sports caps and Sports hats, Promotional caps. Football Table/ Soccer Table/ Flags/ Cones. Puzzles:- Matching Games, Jigsaw Puzzles, Memory Games, Coloring Books and Story Books. School Years:- Mathematical Puzzles, Alphabetical Games, Spelling Puzzles, Jigsaw Puzzles and Safari Games. Fun Packs:- Assemblage of Interesting Games. Fun Games:- Chess, Checkers, Tic Tac To, Travel Games and Business Games. Kit bags, Personal kit bags, Holldol bags, Punching bags, Mesh bags, Shoe bags, Tee bags. Been bags, Ball sack with mesh / without mesh, Jump sack. Exercise Ball , Reflex & Sensy Ball , Spiky Exercise Ball, Exercise Physio Roll, Weight ball or Medicine Ball, Exercise Band, Exercise Tubings, Balancing Boards, Exercise mats.

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7 Ahiya Appt. 16th floor Opp.Rajesh Khanna Garden Santacruz
Mumbai - 400054 (Maharashtra) India

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