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Shenwei sealing material factory


Shenwei sealing material factory

Shenwei sealing material factory

Cixi, Outside India, China

Engineering Products - Manufacturer,
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Shenwei sealing material factory is professional in manfacture the seal products and the mechanical accessory, including the static sealing gaskets(used in every kind of the tube flange, vessel, towel, heat exchanger etc)and sealing packing used in every kind of the pumps and valves.They are popular used in petrochemical, electrical plat, metallurgy, nuclear power, mechanic, ship and automobile industry etc.Where.Corrosion acid and alkali, higher or lower temperature, high pressure is exist.

Gaskets: graphite high pressure gasket, spiral wound gasket, metal eyelet gasket, expanded Tefllon joint sealing gasket.This kind of gasket can bend to any shape.As flexible and compressed rate is big, they are necessary products used in the food, beverage, pharmacy, biology engineeying industry.They were made with the international standard.

Sheet: Expanded caraphite sheet.Reimforced Graphite sheet.

Machining: It is mainly used as high pressure oil tube in the diesel engine, automobile industry etc cam shaft, rocker shaft, also can process according to the sample and drawing.

Our sealing products and oil tubes are widely used in every kind of petrochemical, oil, electric plant, heat power company, natural gas company, diesel engine industry and the automobile industry etc.

Products :

Manufacturers of Petrochemical, Electrical Plat, Metallurgy, Nuclear Power, Mechanic, Ship and Automobile Industry etc. Corrosion acid and alkali, higher or lower temperature, high pressure is exist. Products : - SEAL GASKET. - SEALING PACKING. - SEALING SHEET. - SEALING BELT. - SEMI-MANUFACTURED GOODS. - OTHER PRODUCTS. 1)GRAPHITE SHEET WITH METAL REINFORCEMENT :- Graphite Sheet is cut from pure graphite sheet or graphite sheet with metal reinforcement, features excellent corrosion-resistance, high-and-low temperature resistance, good compression resilient and high internsity it can be used as sealing elements of pipe, valve, pump, pressure vessel, heat exchanger and condenser, etc. Other complex gaskets such as water gauge gasket and flange gasket with bolt holes are available. Thickness : 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm 2)SPIRAL WOUND GASKET :- SW-SWG-0001 : Spiral Wound Gasket is the ideal gasket in the semi-metallic category. A narrow strip of V-shap metal hoop is spirally wound under tension with a filler cushion between the lami nation of the metal and is spot-welded at both ends. The gasket uses expanded graphite tape as the filler material which provides superb sealability even under severe conditions such us high temperature, high pressure, cryogenic temperatures, heat cycles, temperature cycles and so on. Feature. 1. Sealing, especially gas sealing, is superior to that of asbestos gaskets. 2. Little deterioration of the filler material at high temperatures, outstanding long-term sealability even under high temperatures and high pressures. 3. Sealing remains outstanding even under servere conditions such as pressure fluctuations and heat cycles. 4. Excellent sealability is maintained making it possible to apply this for corrosive fluids by selecting the appropriate materials. 5. Outstanding sealing even at cryogenic temperatures. Gasket Types : (1) There are four types: Basic type gasket for motched joint flange; gasket with inner ring for raised face flange;gasket with outer ring for smoothing flat welded flange and ;gasket with inner and outer rings for smoothing butt welded gasket. (2) The material : (A) steel ribbon:304, 1Cr18Ni9T(321), 316 and 316L, etc. (B) Ring:mild steel, oCr13, oCr18Ni9, 304, 316 and 316L, etc. (C) Non-metal ribbon:flexible graphite, special-purpose asbestos, Teflon and non-asbestos sheet. 3)SERRATION PEAKS GASKET :- Serration peaks gasket :- Ret ring with concentric serrations made of various types of metal. Serration peaks gasket was used when bolting force is not sufficient to seal a flat gasket, because it contacts flange face only at serration peaks. Commonly used on valve bannets and flanges attached to equipment. 3 types of cross section as per right table are available. Serration peaks gasket Festures : (1) Serration peaks gasket is suitable for high temperature and high pressure application. (2) High corrosion resistance. (3) Constant and teliable sealing. Serration peaks gasket Application :- (1) Working temperature:650C (2) Working pressure:6.4 to 25.0 MPa (3) Minimum pre-tightening specific pressure: y=70MPa (4) Gasket coefficient: m=4.25. 4)PTFE GASKET :- PTFE GASKET :- PTFE GASKET SW-PG-0001 PTFE GASKET SW-PG-0002 PTFE gasket has excellent Corrosion-resistance &High temperature-resistance more than other plastic and it be used in sealing material comprehensive. 5)ASBESTOS AND NON ASBESTOS :- ASBESTOS AND NON ASBESTOS : SW-ASB-0001 6)DOUBLE JACKETED GASKET :- Double Jacketed Gasket : SW-DJG-0001

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Shenwei sealing material factory

175-4#, Chezhan road
Cixi - 315300 (Outside India) China

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