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UCM Resita SA


UCM Resita SA

UCM Resita SA

Caras-severin, , Romania

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

We are a company with tradition.
We inherited our wealth through centuries, we kept it, strengthened it and passed it on to our successors.
Today, to be able to continue we have to polish our century-old values, to make them shine again.
We need a change.
Only by a new change in attitude, outlook and technology we can enhance today the value of the inheritance we would like to hand down to the next generation.
In the next 5 years we can become one of the worldwide leaders in heavy machines manufacture. It all depends on us and we shall reach there.

Company mission
We, those from U.C.M. Resita, are fully aware that profficiency is the key to our success. We will apply this principle in all our fields of activity:

Manufacture of hydropower units, electric and heat machines, cast and welded assemblies, spare parts and components.
Supply of research and design services, testing and technical assistance, putting into operation and maintenance.
We will protect nature as a life partner and we will behave friendly and gratefully with our host environment.
We will achieve and keep the quality of our actions and products as a goal of our recognition.
Our professional concerns will be focused on the customer, the one thanks to whom we exist as a company.
We will cherish the relationship between colleagues, who make the difference and merit among us.
From now on and forever, since we choose to be the best.

Products :

Manufacturer & Exporter of Hydro Power Equipment: Hydrogenerators, Turbines, Wichet Gates, Auxiliaries. Diesel Engines: Railway Traction, Marine Propulsion. Electric Motors: Synchronous, Induction, DC. Our Products Ranges:- HEPP Iron Gates I, 6x190 MW. Machines room. HEPP Raureni 2x24.8 MW. Machines room. HEPP Subcetate 2x6 MW. Hydraulic turbine research. CFD digital simulation. Hydraulic turbine research. Multi-block finite element networks at a Kaplan turbine. Hydraulic turbine research. CFD digital simulation. Distribution of speed on an axial turbine. Bulb turbine model. Runner model for a Kaplan bulb pump-turbine. Runner model for a Kaplan turbine. Runner model for a Pelton turbine. Runner model for a Francis turbine. Runner with a diameter of 2.29 m for a Francis turbine of 36.6 MW. Runner hub for a bulb turbine HEPP Slatioara. Spiral case for Marlengo Project, Italy. Bulb turbine runner of 5000 mm diameter for HEPP Slatioara. Wicket Gate assembled for the kinematic tests. Half-ring for wicket gate. Candonga Project, Brasil. Rotor for a 13, 750 kVA, 6300 V, 107 rpm electric generator; HEPP Slatioara. Stator for a generator at HEPP Retezat Romania, 186 MVA; 15.75 kV; 500 rpm. Generator for a bulb turbine for HEPP Draganesti on the test stand, 14 MVA; 6.3 kV; 125 rpm. Stator of electric generator, 9420 kVA, 11 kV, 214.3 rpm; HEPP Someshwara India. Speed governor. Digital control equipment on the panel; HEPP Subcetate. Digital speed governor. Arrangement in the panel. Speed governor. Hydro-mechanical equipment with proportional elements; HEPP Subcetate. Unit with turbine FO 230/720; Small power plant of 2x700 kW. Standard hydro-unit with EOS turbine in an exhibition. Compact micro hydro-unit. MLU with axial turbine. Micro hydro-unit with Pelton turbine of 40 kW. Micro hydro-unit with Banki turbine. Small hydro power plant Novaci 2x1100 kW. Biplane disc butterfly valve DN 2600; Marsyangdi Project. Butterfly valve DN 2800; NEPP Cernavoda - Romania. Spherical valve DN 2000, HEPP Rucar 1 - Romania. Discharge valve DN 1600, Vonorejo Project - Indonesia. Slide valve. Bao Shan Project - Taiwan. Hydraulic servomotor, 600 mm diameter. Synchronous electric motor of 5, 100 kW, for Dresser Rand compressor driving. Induction motor of 3, 200 kW. Explosion proof D.C. Motors of 420 kW for Thomassen compressor driving. Synchronous motor of 2500 kW. Induction motor of 4, 250 kW. D.C. Motor of 1, 600 kW - export Egypt. Diesel engine 12 LDA 28 of 2100 HP. Diesel engine of 4, 000 HP, 1, 100 rpm, manufactured based on ALCO licence. Diesel engine 16V 52/55A. Marine Diesel engine 4L35 on test stand. Stationary Diesel Gen set. Diesel Gen Set of 8 MW. Diesel engine of 2500 HP under tests. Crankshaft with 6 webs, length 3, 100 mm for Diesel engines, final machining and ionitration process. Forged shaft for a Kaplan turbine of 24.8 MW. Bearing shells. Compressor L100, discharge 100 Nm3/min, pressure 7 bar. Plate rolling mill plant from SIDEX Galati. Runner for Francis turbine, semifinished monoblock cast part. Crankcase cast for the medium speed marine Diesel engine. Iron cast cylinder heads for Diesel engines. Hidraulic turbine component; welded assembly. Vertical Pelton turbine housing with distributor; welded assembly. Horizontal Pelton turbine housing with distributor; welded assembly.

Contact Info

UCM Resita SA

Golului street no.1 Resita,
Caras-Severin - 320053 () Romania

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