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EMS Pipeline Services


EMS Pipeline Services

EMS Pipeline Services

Houston, , United States

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EMS Pipeline Services is an established energy operations and maintenance (O&M) services company with over 150 professionals providing field measurement services, asset management, consulting, communications, and web-based data management to major pipelines, independent power producers and oil and gas producers. Specifically, EMS services include pipeline integrity testing, gas measurement services and volumetric gas reporting. In addition, EMS owns the worldwide rights to PGAS, the premier gas measurement software system designed to meet the data editing, processing and archiving requirements of the energy industry.

To be a leading provider of pipeline services and technology and be known as one of the top 5 growth companies in energy operations and maintenance in the U.S. Over the next 5 years.

To provide expert pipeline maintenance services and technology using a disciplined and seamless approach that enables operations to be :
Regulatory compliant
Available and reliable
Generating cash to benefit core business operations

Products :

We provide services of energy operations and maintenance (O&M) services company with over 150 professionals providing field measurement services, asset management, consulting, communications, and web-based data management to major pipelines, independent power producers and oil and gas producers. Specifically, EMS services include pipeline integrity testing, gas measurement services and volumetric gas reporting. Services :- Consulting Services and Training Facility Engineering and Design Recommendations Facility Assessments Measurement Process Mapping Gas Chromatography Auditing Lost and Unaccounted For Auditing Asset Management Services Chart Integration Sampling and Analysis Meter Calibration (EFM and Mechanical) Pipeline Operations Product Sales and Service Financial Services Asset Monetization EFM Transition Financing Measurement Equipment Leasing. O&M Services :- Ongoing O&M : Our highly skilled and experienced field specialists provide a full range of cost effective, high quality services for our customers using proven industry best practices and leading technology. With EMS Pipeline Services handling all aspects of Pipeline O&M, energy companies have continued access to expert support, while freeing up time and resources to focus on their core business activities such as energy production, revenue growth, new capital projects and customer Service. EMS Pipeline Services supports a broad assortment of facilities, including : Gas and liquids pipelines Gas gathering and distribution systems Onshore and offshore facilities Pump and compressor stations Metering stations Electronic flow computers and field Communications Storage facilities EMS Pipeline Services supports the operations and maintenance requirements for leading customers across all segments of the energy industry, including : Production companies Transportation companies Distribution companies Independent power producers Refining and Processing companies Investment companies and Master Limited Partnerships Periodic O&M Right-of-Way Maintenance EFM Update Aerial Patrols Population Density Surveys Cleaning Pig Operations Smart Pigging Pipeline System Overpressure Protection. Data Management :- EMS Pipeline Services develops and supports products, including PGAS and TechTools, which are widely accepted as the industry standards for volumetric calculation accuracy, functionality and convenience. With intense regulatory scrutiny and demands for corporate accountability related to Sarbanes-Oxley, these products and services play an increasingly important role in helping access detailed, timely and accurate information. EMS' Data Management products and services include the following : PGAS 6.1 :- The leader in natural gas measurement software systems, PGAS simplifies the management of data from Electronic Gas Flow Measurement (EFM) and SCADA systems. PGAS is a highly integrated, scalable, and comprehensive gas measurement software system developed to address the needs of leading pipeline companies. It delivers field technicians and the corporate accounting team immediate access to natural gas measurement information that is detailed, timely, accurate and sufficient for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. TechTools 2.0 :- A laptop-based toolkit that incorporates all the tools used in the field for gas measurement into a single, powerful application, TechTools assists users in the field with the inspection and operation of natural gas measurement facilities. Among other advantages, TechTools enables the user to input natural gas measurement data once and pre-fills data fields from its database. This improves technician productivity and minimizes operator errors. Chart Integration :- High quality chart interpretation and integration is vital to accurately account for the gas volume represented by flow chart recorders. By combining well-trained personnel and the best equipment available at our two chart processing operations, EMS provides the highest quality chart integration and auditing services to reliably report accurate data to our clients. Chart integration involves retracing differential pressure, static pressure and temperature recordings, then applying these results to the individual station parameters in order to determine gas volume. EMS Pipeline Services offers unmatched experience, technology and systems in chart integration. Laboratory Services :- EMS Pipeline Services helps customers ensure their operations are safe, compliant with regulations and environmentally friendly through the analysis and full characterization of natural gas, liquefied natural gas and natural-gas liquids. The respected industry experts who operate our Hydrocarbon Laboratory Services can work with you to diagnose gas production and treatment problems, develop plans to improve data analysis and use State-of-the-Art technology to execute those plans on your behalf. PGAS WebView :- EMS bundles industry-standard PGAS gas measurement software and communications options into one convenient Web-based package, PGAS-WebView. It gives you a quality data management system without the costs and burden of managing software, hardware, and IT personnel. PGAS-WebView puts you in charge of data collection, production control, meter monitoring and reporting from all your field locations, compressor sites, and measurement stations. You'll have access to equipment suppliers, installers, and EMS experts who will work to ensure your meters provide accurate and timely information into PGAS-WebView. With PGAS-WebView, you get the convenience of equipment acquisition, installation, communications, and measurement software from one experienced and reliable resource. Data Storage :- EMS Pipeline Services protects your interests with state-of-the-art safeguards, including data storage at a disaster-proof offsite location that is protected around the clock by strict, military-grade security. To ensure no data is at risk, we back-up customer data nightly. Regulatory Compliance :- EMS Pipeline Services can help you comply with financial, safety and environmental regulations. Sarbanes-Oxley :- Those responsible for measurement are in charge of accurately accounting volume data that feed revenue calculations. The companies that do not have good controls and systems risk failing their Sarbanes-Oxley audits. EMS Pipeline Services helps gas production and transportation companies take a broad look at how data is managed throughout their organizations. Our belief is that the natural gas measurement function serves as the foundation for compliance. Therefore, we have developed gas measurement technologies, such as PGAS, with Sarbanes-Oxley compliance in mind. Topping the list of innovations are improved security controls, operator change logging, and detailed audit tracking on configuration and volume data. Additionally, a new Audit View function offers improved audit trail viewing capabilities, enabling users to follow the audit trail of active gas measurement records and keep track of all inactive records. Operations and Maintenance Manuals :- A DOT pipeline operator's compliance program is only as good as its Operations, Maintenance and Emergency Response manual. EMS Pipeline Services works with customers to create customized company-wide and pipeline-specific manuals that are useful, functional and user-friendly. We believe that a high-quality Operations, Maintenance, and Emergency Response manual provides the centerpiece of a company's DOT compliance program. Pipeline Integrity :- Americans expect that the pipelines through their communities and sensitive environments will pose no danger to life, property or the environment. DOT Orders 192 (natural gas pipelines) and DOT Orders 195 (liquid product pipelines) require operators to develop integrity management programs for gas pipelines located where a rupture could impact high-consequence areas. Those who fail to comply face penalties, which are already reaching record highs, including a $35 million fine for Koch Industries. Whether your company operates one pipeline or a complex interstate network, EMS Pipeline Services can assist you in developing a plan that satisfies your particular regulatory requirements. Operator Qualification Programs :- EMS Pipeline Services can update and improve your company's operator qualification program and ensure that all operators performing covered tasks complete the qualification. Our team of experts can assess the tasks your operators perform, identify all covered tasks, develop or modify training programs and establish or improve your written qualification program. Additionally, EMS can make sure your program extends to your contractors. Operations Procedures :- EMS Pipeline Services helps customers develop comprehensive procedures needed to protect their workers, facilities and the environment. Whether you need to describe specifically how to operate your system's various line segments or you need to more clearly spell out the abnormal operating procedures, we can help develop procedures customized for your unique needs. Consulting :- EMS Pipeline Services professionals possess extensive expertise in the areas of energy measurement facility design, engineering, installation and operation. With over 170 energy measurement and technology professionals on staff, EMS also provides consultation and recommendations to client companies in the following areas : Facility Engineering and Design Recommendations Facility Assessments Measurement Process Mapping Gas Chromatography Auditing Lost and Unaccounted for Auditing Discrepancy Resolution Training. Financial Services :- EMS offers oil & gas producers and pipeline companies a unique selection of financing options. Through monetization of measurement and related assets, EMS can provide alternative sources of capital, which allows client companies to re-deploy the cash proceeds into more strategic facets of their respective businesses in order to yield higher rates of return. EMS also offers financing options, which afford producers an opportunity to transition from chart-based to electronic flow measurement. Asset Monetization EFM transition financing Measurement equipment leasing. Benefits :- EMS offers a fun work environment, competitive salary and an exceptional benefits package. All full-time team members are eligible to participate in our benefits programs, which include : Comprehensive health, dental and vision insurance plans 401(K) Retirement Plan Basic Life and Personal Accident Insurance Voluntary Life, Personal Accident and Disability Insurance Short-Term Disability and Long Term Disability Insurance Paid Vacation Time Paid Sick Time 529 College Saving Plan Credit Union Educational Assistance Adoption Assistance Employee Assistance Program.

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EMS Pipeline Services

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