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Nidhi Meditech Systems


Nidhi Meditech Systems

Nidhi Meditech Systems

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1995

NIDHI Meditech Systems (NMS) is the concern, founded by Mr. Divyang Shah, a young entrepreneur who himself is the electronics engineer.

Mr. Divyang Shah after having a practical experience in manufacturing and marketing field in medical instrumentation could establish his own concern in the year 1995.

Being sober in temperament, genial in disposition and possessed with high caliber, Mr. Divyang Shah could earn extra-ordinary goodwill and response from the hospitals and Medical practitioners of the country. With his equanimity, grift and courage, NMS could achieve good targets even in the stage of its infancy.

The keen team of management of the concern is striving to bring forth innovative and most user?s friendly medical equipment in the field of urology. Keeping into view the vital aspect of non-invasive therapy towards detection of urinary tract deficiencies or infectious, NMS could bring forth their totally indigenous microprocessor based Uroflowmetry. It is proved to be so advantageous and cost effective for the urosurgeons, that everybody like to install it at the first introduction. Moreover, the machine is comparable with any such machine offered by the other leading brands in technical point of view.

The company, in its activity and business expansion plan looking forward to the export business. They have the Customers in neighboring country like Bangladesh. However, they are trying to expand the business of other Asian countries and even with the European countries where there is a potential for the equipments especially Urological equipments and disposables offered by them. They are , as such , in constant touch with the foreign embassies and other related people; for the purpose.

The company is anxious to augment its effort to bring forth the world-class as well as innovative equipments indigenously and make them easily available to the medical society at large; at reasonable prices, worldwide.

Products :

We are manufacturer and exporters of INTRA CORPOREAL PNEUMATIC LITHOTRIPSY, UROFLOW METRY, ENDOSCOPIC ACCESSORIES, SURGICAL DISPOSABLES. Our product range are as follows : INTRA CORPOREAL PNEUMATIC LITHOTRIPSY : NIDHILITH LITHOTRIPSY Control Unit Hand Piece Probe Set Pneumatic Pipe with connector-Hand Piece Pneumatic Pipe with connector-Control Unit Mains Cable Foot switch with cable Protection Cap-Hand Piece Regulator for Oxygen Cylinder Carrying Case?NIDHILITH Unit UROFLOW METRY : ADD-ON MODULE TRANSDUCER MICTURATION CHAIR & FUNNEL URINE COLLECTION BEAKER ENDOSCOPIC ACCESSORIES : Cystoscope sheath with Optchurator Optical Urethrotomy Sheath with Optchurator Bridge for Cystoscope Sheath (single channel) Bridge for Cystoscope Sheath (double channel) Stone Crushing Forcep (Stone Crusher) PCNL Forcep Alligator Bridge for wolf URS USR Forcep Alligator Tri pronge URS Forcep Tri pronge PCNL Forcep SURGICAL DISPOSABLES : Double Pigital Ureteral Stents Stone Basket-Helical (Dormia Basket) Flatwire Stone Retrieval Basket Percutaneous Pigtail Nephrostomy Catheter With Needle Malecot Nephrstomy Catheter (W/O Needle) Percutaneous Suprapubic Catheter Sets Pigtail Nephrostomy Catheter (PCN Catheter) Ureteral Dilator Sets And Dilators Fascial Dilator Sets Ureteral Catheter (Open End and closed end)

Product Catalog

Double Pigital Ureteral Stents (Both end Open as well as One end Close)
Nidhi Meditech Systems provides genuine endourological products such as ureteral stents.....

NIDHILITH - Intra Corporeal Pneumatic Lithotripter
"NIDHILITH" is a intra corporeal pneumatic stone fragmentation device which fragments the stones in the kidneys, ureters and bladder by direct contact lithotripsy, under ....


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Contact Info

Nidhi Meditech Systems

A-207, Tirthraj Complex, Opp. V.S. Hospital,
B/h. Hasubhai Chambers, Ellisbridge

Ahmedabad - 380006 (Gujarat) India

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