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Southwest Trading Industries


Southwest Trading Industries

Southwest Trading Industries

Texas, , United States

Engineering Products - Trader,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

SWTI offers the largest selection of refurbished high speed dispersers and sandmills.

Take a look at the representative equipment categories we have in inventory. We carry the following brands: Morehouse, Cowles, Myers, Schold, Hockmeyer, Chicago Boiler, Marion, Ross, Vorti-Siv, Kady and many others. If you don't see what you're looking for, SWTI will be glad to help you locate any piece of equipment you require. We're also interested in any surplus equipment you have for sale.

Products :

We are Trader We deal in new and used machinery for: Paint Coatings Ink Adhesives Sealant Lubricant Mastics Caulk Related industries requiring dispersing, milling, blending and mixing of wet and dry products. Dispersers/Emulsifiers :- Bow Tie & Slow Mixers Dual Speed - Floor Mount Dual Speed - Tank Mount Dual/Tri/Coaxial Shaft Emulsifiers Grinders/Mixers Other Disperser Parts Other Dispersers/Grinders/Emul Single Speed - Floor Mount Single Speed - Other Single Speed - Tank Mount Single Speed Dispersers Variable Speed - Floor Mount Variable Speed - Other Variable Speed - Tank Mount Filling, Packing & Marking Equipment :- Coders Drum Shakers & Rollers Filler - Other Fillers - Liquid Fillers/Baggers - Powder Labelers Lidders & Closers Other Packing & Processing Eqp Packaging Machines Shakers - 5 Gallons Shakers - Dual 1 Gallon Lab Equipment :- Lab Dispersers & Media Mills Lab Furniture & Safety Equip Lab Mixers, Stirrers & Blender Lab Scales & Balances Other Lab Equipment Ovens & Hot Plates QC Testing & Recording Equip Mills :- Attritors Ball Mills Colloid Mills Hammer Mills Horizontal Media Mills Horizontal Pebble Mills Jar Mills MILLS Mill Parts Mullers Other Mills S-W Mills Sand Mills - Vertical Shot Mills Miscellaneous Equipment :- Battery Chargers & Generators Food Processing Equipment MISCELLANEOUS EQUIPMENT Machine Tools Motors - XP & TEFC Other Miscellaneous Equipment Plastic Manufacturing Equip Rolling Stock - Other Switches & Disconnects Transformers Mixers/Blenders :- Double Cone Blenders C/S Dough Mixers Drill Press Mixers Nauta Mixers Other Mixers & Blenders Paddle Mixers Planetary Mixers Plow Mixers Pony Mixers Ribbon Blenders - C/S Ribbon Blenders - S/S Sigma Mixers - C/S Sigma Mixers - S/S Sigma Mixers - Vacuum Tank Mount - Single Speed Tank Mount Mixers - Air Drive Tank Mount Mixers - Variable Twin Shell & V Blenders Processing Equipment :- Centrifuges & Separators Compressors/Blowers/Cyclones Cooling Driers Drive Systems Filter Presses Filters - Bag Filters - Cartridge Filters - Dust Collectors Filters - Screen Heat Exchangers Heaters Meters Other Filters Pumps - Air Operated/Diaphragm Pumps - Centrifugal Pumps - Gear Pumps - Metering Pumps - Moyno Pumps - Other Pumps - Vacuum Solvent Recovery Systems Tanks/Vessels :- Batch Tanks - C/S Cone Bottom Batch Tanks - C/S Dish Bottom Batch Tanks - C/S Flat Bottom Batch Tanks - C/S Square Batch Tanks - Glass Lined Jktd Batch Tanks - S/S Cone Batch Tanks - S/S Dish Batch Tanks - S/S Flat Batch Tanks - S/S Square Blend/Let Tanks - S/S Cone Blend/Let Tanks - S/S Dish Blend/Let Tanks - S/S Flat Blend/Let Tanks-C/S Jktd Dish Blend/Letdown Tanks - C/S Cone Blend/Letdown Tanks - C/S Dish Blend/Letdown Tanks - C/S Flat Blend/Letdown Tanks-C/S Square Blnd Tnk S/S Jkt/Ins/Coil Dish Blnd Tnk S/S Jkt/Ins/Coil Flat Btch Tnk C/S Jkt/Ins/Coil Dish Btch Tnk C/S Jkt/Ins/Coil Flat Btch Tnk S/S Jkt/Ins/Coil Cone Btch Tnk S/S Jkt/Ins/Coil Dish Btch Tnk S/S Jkt/Ins/Coil Flat Change Cans - C/S Change Cans - S/S Kettles Kettles Jacketed Pots Rctr/Press Tanks C/S Jktd Dish Rctr/Press Tanks S/S Jktd Dish Rctr/Press Tanks S/S Jktd Flat Reactor/Press Tanks S/S Dish Reactors - Glass Lined Jktd Reactors/Press Tank - C/S Dish Silos Stg Tank S/S Jkt/Ins/Coil Cone Stg Tank S/S Jkt/Ins/Coil Dish Stg Tank S/S Jkt/Ins/Coil Flat Stg Tanks S/S Jkt/Ins/Coil Hrz Stg Tnk-C/S Jkt/Insl/Coil Flat Stg Tnk-C/S Jkt/Insl/Coil Horz Storage Tanks - Alloys Storage Tanks - C/S Cone Storage Tanks - C/S Dish Storage Tanks - C/S Flat Storage Tanks - C/S Horizontal Storage Tanks - FRP/Poly Storage Tanks - S/S Cone Storage Tanks - S/S Dish Storage Tanks - S/S Flat Storage Tanks - S/S Horizontal Tote Tanks - C/S Tote Tanks - Other Tote Tanks - S/S Warehouse Equipment, Forklifts & Scales :- Bailers, Compactors & Crushers Conveyors, Elevators & Augers Drum Tilters Forklift Attachments & Equip Hoists & Cranes Other Warehouse Equipment Pallet Jacks Pallet Racks Scales

Contact Info

Southwest Trading Industries

2505 Collingsworth
Texas - 77026 () United States

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