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Oilfield Equipment Services


Oilfield Equipment Services

Oilfield Equipment Services

Houston, , United States

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
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Oilfield Equipment Services introduces the most energy efficient oilwell, gas well and water well production system in the World. Our small ?Titan? Pumping Units and patented ?Skillman Down-Stroke downhole sucker rod pumps for natural gas and oil well pump jack replacement can produce over 25 bbls of fluid from 2400 to 3500 feet (700 to 1, 060 meters) using only a 2 to 3 HP electric motor, and from 50 to 100 bbls of fluid per day from shallow wells 400 feet to 2, 400 feet (125 to 700 meters) utilizing only a 1/2 to 1 HP motor with traditional or alternative sources of electricity. These very efficient pump jacks can also be supplied with very small natural gas engines with automatic start-and-stop systems. The Skillman Down-Stroke downhole sucker rod pump can handle fluids containing up to 20% solids such as formation sand, frac sand and iron sulfides without early wear to the pump. This allows for much longer run times without workovers and pump repair, dramatically lowering operating costs.

Products :

We are Manufacturer exporter of Titan Pumping Systems - Energy efficient pumping units and hollow sucker rod systems for economical production of shallow stripper wells. Down-Stroke Down-Hole Sucker Rod Pumps -The Skillman Down Stroke Down Hole Pump is the latest technology in artificial lift. In fact, the term artificial lift does not truly apply, in that it does not "lift" fluid like the conventional down hole rod pump. Tulsa Low Profile Wellheads -Tulsa Low Profile Wellheads reduce lifting costs by eliminating excessive rod parts, excessive workover costs, excessively worn stuffing box packing, physical injury risks to employees, reduced installation costs, and the ability to replace unnecessarily large pump jacks with smaller, more economical pumping units without the costs of lifting the smaller pumping units over an unnecessarily high wellhead. Tulsa Downhole Packer Elements and Seals - High quality polymer products to fit most downhole packers. API and ASME/ANSI Flanges - Carbon and stainless steel flanges according to API 6A. Water Well Pumping - Remote villages and ranches in developing countries that have little or no power supply can have running water available to them by using the efficient Titan Pumping Unit. Utilizing only a 1/2 HP motor, electrical requirements can be achieved though conventional or alternative sources. International Purchasing and Shipping Management - Oilfield Equipment Services offers thirty years of experience in purchasing and shipping of all types of machinery, oilfield and industrial equipment and spare parts from the U.S. For its foreign clients. International Marketing and Shipping Management - Oilfield Equipment Leasing - Oilfield Equipment Services offers professional lease programs that provide a cost-effective means for oil and gas producers to obtain income-generating equipment without spending capital that is needed for operating costs. Paraffin Control Systems - Unfortunately, there is no single solution to all paraffin problems. However, there are several new, innovative products on the market today that can eliminate or control paraffin. Some of these products were not developed to treat paraffin but, as a side benefit, do a very good job. International Cargo Surveying - 45 years of experience in cargo supervision and cargo surveying for US domestic customers and overseas customers. Oilfield Production Consulting - 30 years of experience in applying the latest technologies to maximize production and minimize operating costs.

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Oilfield Equipment Services

10901 Debra Road

Houston - TX 77013 () United States

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