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Ace Explosives ETI Ltd


Ace Explosives ETI Ltd

Ace Explosives ETI Ltd

Alberta, , Canada

Engineering Products - Trader,
Public. Ltd. Firm Since 0

Ace Explosives Ltd. Was established in Calgary in 1967. We introduced the first plastic (non-metal) drive point. We introduced the first competitive nitroglycerine-based explosives into Canada.
Ace introduced Energex, the first successful non-nitroglycerine-based explosive to the Canadian market. Energex is still the safest reliable explosive available to the geophysical industry and is used extensively in heliportable operations.

Ace was the first to introduce the ?Quick Pay? discount. Ace introduced the Cling II hole plug ? shown to have the best anti-blow features in the Carbon tests. We supply Geoprime? pentolite, which has the ability to biodegrade down the hole over time if there is a misfire. Ace introduced the Spanish Riodet detonator to give the industry a competitive source for downhole detonators.
Our manufacturing plant in Northern Ontario was the first in North America to receive ISO 9000 status. It is the only explosive cartridge plant left in Canada.

Given that our parent company is focused solely on the development and production of watergels in Canada, we have the freedom to source the world for the best explosive suppliers worldwide. Ace buys products from a diverse pool of manufacturers to supply the Canadian market.

Our main magazine is recognized by regulatory agencies as one of the finest, safest and best-camouflaged sites in North America with minimal impact on the environment. Conjunction with Ensign-Bickford, Ace brought to Canada the first and safest ?no wire? system of shooting seismic with the Cut to Fit system.

Products :

We are Manufacturers & Trader of full line of commercial explosives products to the mining, construction, logging and seismic acquisition industries. - Cap Sensitive Explosives - Non Cap Sensitive Explosives - Blasting Agents - Bulk Explosives - Boosters - Detonators - Detonating Cords - Miscellaneous Products - Cap Sensitive Explosives :- - Water Gels :- - Tovex? Firebreak - Tovex? Loader - Tovex? Minerite - Seismic :- Energex? - Small Diameter Emulsions :- - Fragrite? Loader - Sureprime - Small Diameter Dynamite :- - Unimax - Unigel - Extra Gelatin 75% - Dynosplit - Seismic Dynamite :- Vibrogel - Low Incendivity Water Gels - Blasting Agents - Boosters - Detonating Cords :- - Primaflex - Cordtex Series - Powercord 60 - Trunkline - B-Line - Boostercord

Contact Info

Ace Explosives ETI Ltd

Meridian Corporate Park Tower B
Suite 450, 2431 - 37th Avenue N.E.
Alberta - T2E 6Y7 () Canada

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