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Adarsh International


Adarsh International

Adarsh International

Ambala, Haryana, India

Engineering Products - Trader, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1965

Since its inception in 1965, Adarsh International have been globally reputed suppliers and exporters of scientific instruments and laboratory instruments for all biology, physics, chemical laboratories. These scientific laboratory instruments are essential to conduct experiments in school laboratory, college laboratory as well as in general laboratories.
Adarsh International acts a globally recognized merchant exporters of durable, safe and scientifically updated scientific instruments and laboratory instruments for accurate measurements and experiment results. It also conducts quality checks to ensure that the products it deals into match international quality standards.

Products :

Exporter and Supplier of Biology Laboratory Instruments - Microscopes - Student Microscopes, Compound Microscopes, Medical Microscopes, Inclined Microscopes, Binocular Microscopes, Monocular Microscopes, Dissecting Microscopes, Travelling Microscopes, Stereo Microscopes, Projection Microscopes, Slide box Microscopes Slide Storage Equipment - Slide Box - Wooden / Plastic 25 / 50 / 100 Slides Slide Tray - Aluminum / Wooden Slide Cabinets Glass Slides - Plain, Frosted. Glass Cover Slips - Square Magnets, Round Magnets, Rectangular Magnets Biological Models - Fiber models, Human Eye, Human Ear, Human Heart, Human Brain, Human Lungs, Human Kidney Various Human Systems - Nervous, Digestive, Circulatory, Respiratory, Excretory. Human Fiber Skeleton - Articulated Skeleton, Disarticulated Skeleton Dissecting Trays - GI Sheet, Stainless Steel, Enamelled Dissecting Instruments - Forceps, Scissor, Scalpel, Needles General Laboratory Instruments - Incubator - Aluminum Chamber, Stainless Steel Chamber. Oven, Water Bath, Water Still, Fume Hood Chambers Laminar Air Flows - Vertical, Horizontal, Portable Magnetic Stirrers, Hot Plate Physics Laboratory Instruments - Magnet (Alnico / Chrome Steel) - Bar, Cylindrical, Horse Shoe, U Shape, Ring, Floating Magnet Compass - Both Side Glass, Aluminium Anodized, Brass : 18 / 25 / 45 / 50 / 62 / 75 / 100 mm Tuning Forks - Welch Type, Pye Type, Tested & Calibrated, Non Tested Stop Clock & Stop Watch ( Analog & Digital) Balances - Tripple/Four Beam Balance, Physical/Analytical Balance, Electronic/Digital Balance, Top Pan Balance, Lever Balance Weight Box - Physical, Analytical, Stainless, Steel, Brass, Iron Slotted Masses - Brass, Iron Meters - Ammeters, Voltmeters, Galvanometers, Round, Square, Rectangular, Demonstration Model, Lens/Mirror - Concave, Convex, PlanoConcave, PlanoConvex, Concavo-Convex, Convexo-Concave. Glass Block - Rectangular, Semi-Circular Electronic Training Kits, Rheostat Chemistry Laboratory Instruments - Glassware - Borosilicate Glass, Soda Glass Measuring Cylinders - Flasks Conical, Round Bottom, Flat Bottom, Measuring, Reagent Bottles, Dropping Bottles, Filter Funnels, Separating Funnels, Glass Basin, Bell Jars, Petri Dish, Thistle Funnel, Pneumatic Trough, Test Tubes, Beakers Plasticware / Polyware - Burettes, Beakers, Measuring Cylinders, Flasks Conical, Measuring, Reagent Bottles, Dropping Bottles, Wash Bottles, Filter Funnels, Separating Funnels, Pneumatic Trough, Petri Dish, Test Tubes Porcelinware - Evaporating Dish, Crucible with Lids, Funnels, Pestle & Mortar Brushes - For Test Tubes, Beakers, Burettes, Flasks, Pipettes, Condensor Rheostat Clamps - Universal Clamp, Retort Clamp, Burette Clamp Thermometers - Wall Thermometer, Max & Min, Dry & Wet, Laboratory, Clinical Burner - Bunsen Burner, Teclu Burner, Meker Burner, Micro Burner Indicator Papers - Universal Indicator, Litmus Red & Blue, Cobalt Chloride, Starch, Starch Chemicals - Laboratory & Analytical Grades All Instrumentation / Control Equipment - Digital Colorimeter, Ph & Temperature Meter, digital temperature indicators, temperature control equipment, Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Arm, Stethoscopes, Peak Flow Meter, Speculae, Haemocytometer, rpm meter, frequency meter , Sound level meter, vibration measurement meter

Contact Info

Adarsh International

5368, Nicholson Road,
Ambala Cantt
Ambala - 133 001 (Haryana) India

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