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LVK Enviro Consultants


LVK Enviro Consultants

LVK Enviro Consultants

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Engineering Products - Services,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

India based LVK Enviro Consultants is a technology provider proactive consultants and capacity buiding organisation. Our core strength is "thinking to completion" applying knowledge, know-how and sectoral experiences for total wastewater management.
Our organization has successfully completed many assignments in the field of pollution control and project engineering on professional basis.

Products :

Services of Environmentally benign product system - Automatic operated rotary type wedge wire screen for wastewater pre-treatment - a product from Hans Huber, German Continuous sludge thickening-cum-dewatering system (an energy efficient PLC based and compact system) for wastewater sludge management -- a product from Hans Huber, Germany Pre-engineered package wastewater treatment system, with built-in recycle concept rotating biological contactor system) -- a product from Germany RO systems, advanced recycle systems & electro chemical technology RO systems, advanced recycle systems & electro chemical technology UV sterilization system for water, waste water process water and air/surface (like sterile room) applications - from LIT Technology, Mascow, Russia Environment Consultancy Services - Process-pollution linked diagnosis and top management appraisals Environment Consultancy Services Environment Consultancy and Training Services (in-house/in-company Institutional training rendering expert service Undertaking pilot/demo projects for value addition Environmental Training and Consultancy Services (in-house/in-company) - Know your water & waste water treatment plant - concept, construction and O&M features Industrial wastewater pre-treatment techniques Wastewater management, sludge handling, conditioning, de-watering and disposal options Working principles, selection and application of various environmental hardware Cutting edge technologies for water & wastewater management Environmental management tools - How to use them effectively? Initial environmental review - Preparing yourself for EMS What you need to know about ISO 14000 series? Pollution prevention techniques Measuring, monitoring, analysis and data interpretation in environmental field TBO & ETP operator training Package wastewater treatment systems - What you gain and where do you apply? Institutional training rendering expert service - Process - environment linkage, waste minimization and pollution prevention Environmental awareness Integrated environmental management EMS/ISO 14000 series Pollution control & retrofitting SWOT & NAP analysis of existing environmental infrastructure O&M of treatment plants Achieving regulatory compliance and beyond Undertaking pilot/demo projects for value addition - Are you looking for resource use efficiency improvements? Are you keen to induct green/clean technology for improving your bottom lines? Are you keen to improve your environmental image through network project ideas? Are you keen to benchmark your operations? Do you have difficult-to-treat wastes? Is there a parameter of non-compliance? Are you hampered by an environmental issue? We can address these issues through institutional support projects or conducting pilot/demo projects

Contact Info

LVK Enviro Consultants

No.4,(Old.39) Fourth Main Road,
Kasturiba Nagar, Adyar
Chennai - 600 020 (Tamil Nadu) India

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