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Sialkot, , Pakistan

Engineering Products - Manufacturer,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

We M/s ZAMAHA are the leading Manufacturers and Exporters of all sorts of Dental, Surgical, Eye, Heart, Orthopedic, Gynecology, Manicure & Pedicure and All Sort Scissors like as Barber, Thinning, Surgical, Dental, Eye, operation scissors in Sialkot Pakistan for the last many years, we are enjoying good reputation in the business market. We are working under quality management system, we have our own manufacturing units which are very modern and latest, our price are very economical to the other suppliers.

We produce high quality Dental, Surgical, Eye, Heart, Hospital, Manicure & Pedicure Instruments. We request you kindly extend your co-operation and start business with our company for these above mentioned products, we will serve you better than other, you can see some of our products on our web site at this address

Products :

OEM Manufacturers & Exporters of Surgical, Dental, Ophthalmic, Orthopedic, Instruments Trays & Bowls, Orthodontic Pliers & Manicure Instruments & Kits. SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS :- * Anesthesia * Bone Surgery Osteosynthesis * Dressing & Tissue Forceps * Dermatology, Hygiene * Diagnostics * Gall Bladder * Goitre * Gynecology * Haemostatic Forceps * Instruments Boxes & Trays * Intestines Stomach * Kidney * Larynx * Mouth & Tongue * Needle Holders * Neurosurgey Laminectomy * Obstetric * Ophthalmology * Otology * Plaster of Paris * Rectum * Retractors * Rhinlogy * Scalples, Knives * Scissors * Sterilizing Aids * Thorax * Thumb & Tissue Forceps * Tonsils * Towel Clamps * Tracheostomy * Trocars Puncture Needles * Tubing Clamps * Urology DENTAL INSTRUMENTS :- *Amalgam Instruments *Bone Curettes *Bone Rongeurs *Chisels & Enamel Cleavers *Cotton & Dressing Tweezers *Dam Punch & Clamp Forceps *Elevators *Gutta-Percha & Cement Spatulas *Periodontia *Porcelain & Modeling Carvers *Probes & Explorers *Scalars *Scissors *Tooth Extracting Forceps *Wire & Bar bending Pliers *Nerve Instruments VETERINARY INSTRUMENTS :- A-1. Marking iron with loop handle. A-2. Milk tube metal. A-3. Milk Tube. A-4. Embryo Tomy Kinife. A-5. To A-10. Bull holder. A-11.Nose ring with safety screw. A-12. Milk Sucking preventer. A-13. To A-14. Trocars with metal handle. A-15. Embry tomy saw handles. A-16. Obstric hook Karey shooter. A-17. Caliper. A-18. Safety Pin. A-19. Caliper brass. A-20. Milk tube. A-21. Retractor. A-22. Culving rape carrier. B-1. To B-4. Fook`s pil capsule / carrier for sheep. B-5. To B-7. Emasculators. B-8. Ear marker plier. B-9. Disk catle hoof cutter powerful control liver joint. B-10. Bloodless castrator.. B-11. Hoof Shears Powerful Control joint. B-12. Bloodless castractor. C-1 to C-2 Hoof scraper. C-3. Obsterict Hook & Chain. C-4. To C-5. Hoof tester. C-6. Nose ring applicator. C-7. Elastrator strectching forceps. C-8. Tatoing forceps. C-9. Castracting clamfor rams, boars. C-10. To C-12. Tooth rasp guarded. C-13. Clincher. C-14. Diamond Farrier Nipper. C-15. Animal quick twicch. C-16. Cattle hoof cutter. D-1. Mouth gag schoup. D-2. To D-3. Clipper wooden handle. D-4. Thinning scissors. D-5. Roaching scissors. D-6. Extracting tooth forceps. D-7. Plate shear. D-8. Utility scissors. D-9. To D-10. Hoof pick plastic handle D-11. Syringe all metal. D-12. Varginal, Speculam D-13. Obstratical forcep. ORTHOPEDIC INSTRUMENTS :- *Bone Chisels Gouges *Bone Curettes Resparatories Bones Files *Ring Cutters Elevators *Bone Holding Forceps Retractors *Bone Cutting Forceps *Bone Levers Meniscotomy Knives *Mallets Nail Impactors Extractors Bone Wire Forceps *Bone Rangeurs *Screw Drivers Bone Plate Wrench Amputating Saws MEDICAL EQUIPMENTS, Ophthalmology, E-1. Set of hoof knives with case. E-2. Hoof knife left. E-3. Hoof knife Straight. E-4. Hoof knife small. E-5. Hoof knife. E-6. Paring knife Oval Curved. E-7. Hoof knife Double Edge. E-8. Hoof knife Single edge. E-9. Hoof knife right edge. E-10. To E-12. Hoof knife plastic handle. E-13.Hoof pick / knife matel handle. E-14. Horseman knife. E-15. Thinning comb. E-16. Knife with three blades wooden handle F-1. Pig paralyser. F-2. To F-4. Paralyser. F-5. Dehorn. F-6. Obstetrical hook Karey Shooter Set. F-7. Sheep Shear with wide or narrow blade.

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ZAMAHA International, P.O. Box No. 2382,

Sialkot - 51310 () Pakistan

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