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Shor International Corporation


Shor International Corporation

Shor International Corporation

New york, , United States

Engineering Products - Trader,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1918

Products :

We are Suppliers of tools and equipment for the precious metal recycler, refiner. Tools and materials for the refining, jewelry-making, and fabricating industries. -Assaying & Testing Gateway -Bead Stringing Gateway -Bench Tools Gateway -Brushes Gateway -Burs Gateway -Casting Gateway -Cleaning Gateway- ultrasonics, ionics, cleaning solutions, steamers, divests, etc. -Display, Packaging & Tags Gateway -Drilling Gateway -Ear Piercing Systems -Engraving Gateway -Faceting Gateway -Flex Shaft Machines & Accessories -Files Gateway -Gemological Gateway -Lamps Gateway -Marking- marking machines, stamps, etc. -Measuring Tools Gateway -Metals -Model Making Gateway -New- Newly developed products & processes -Optical Gateway- Loupes, microscopes. -Platinum Jewelry Manufacturing- From soup to nuts -Pliers Gateway -Plating Gateway- Also coatings, ceramics etc. -Polishing Gateway- Machinery, tools, supplies -gateway -Polishing Supplies Gateway- Buffs, felts, -compounds, etc. -Precious Metal Recovery- from sweeps, cyanide -solutions, washout, computer circuit boards, -Refining -Rolling Mills & Drawing Gateway -Scales Gateway -Security -Setting Tools Gateway -Silversmithing & Chasing Gateway -Soldering Gateway -Steamers -Testing Gateway -Texturing Gateway -Training & Reference Gateway- videos, books, software -Tweezers Gateway -Ultrasonic Machines Gateway -Watch & Clock Repair Gateway -Wax Model Making & Sprueing Gateway -A :- -Aron Alpha Glue -Arrestors, Flashback -Artifex Wheel -Artistic Wire -Asphaltum Varnish -Assay System & Supplies -Attack -Aul Solvent -Awl. Bead Stringing -B :- -Bench Filing Block -Bench Knives -Bench Lamps -Bench Pins -Bench Plate -Bench Polishing Lathes -Bench Shears -Bench Stones -Bench Tools Gateway -Bench Vises -Bench, Work -Bender, Ring -Bending Blocks -Bestfit Screwdriver Sets -Beveled & Slit Felt Wheels -Bezel Blocks -Bezel Mandrels -Bezel Pusher Setting Tool -Bezel Remover -Bezel Roller Setting Tool -Binding Wire -Binocular Loupe -Black Background -Blackeners -Black Pitch -Blades, Knife -Blaster, Sand -Blazer Torch -Block, Bench Filing -Blocks, Dapping -Blocks, Bur -Blocks, Charcoal -Blocks, Soldering - -C :- -Channel Setting Tools -Chucks, Handy -Chamois Buffs -Chamois Cloths -Channel Setting Tools -Charcoal Blocks -Chaser's Cement -Chaser's Hammers -Chasing Gateway -Check Valves -Chelsea Filter -Chemkote Muslin Buffs -Chinese White -Chisel Sets -Chuck for Brushes -Chuck Key -Chucks for Motors -Chucks, Adapter -Chucks, Handles -Circular Saws -Clamp, Mold Frame -Clamp, Peg -Clamp-on Magnifier -Clay, Modeling -Cleaning Gateway -Cleaners, File -Cleaners, Ionic -Cleaners, Weapons -Clock & Watch Gateway -Clock, 400 Day Parts -Clock Faces & Glasses -Clock Hands, Nuts & Washers -Clock Movement Holders -Clock Timing & Testing -Clock & Watch Cleaning -Clock & Watch Keys -Clock & Watch Screws -D :- -Draw Plates -Draw Tongs -Dressing & Truing Stones -Dri Polisher -Drill Chucks -Drill Press -Drills, Pearl -Drilling Gateway -Drilling Quadrant -Drilling Vise, Pearl -Drills, Bur -Drills, Core -Drills, Diamond -Drills, Twist -Drills, Flat & Spiral Pivot -Drill Gauge -Drills, Hand -Drip Trays, Wax -Drum f/ Centrifugal Caster -Drum Sander -Dumont Cutting Tweezers -Dust Collectors -Dust Collector Bags - -E :- -Engraving, Practice Material -Enlarger, Stone Set Rings -Envelopes -Epoxy & Epoxy Solvent -Extractor, Screw -Eyeglass & Loupe Gateway -Extensions, Watch Stem

Contact Info

Shor International Corporation

20 Parkway West, Mt. Vernon,
New York - 10552 () United States

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