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Sadana Brothers


Sadana Brothers

Sadana Brothers

New delhi, Delhi, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Trader,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

Our laboratory glassware withstands thermal shock & chemical attack better than most other kinds and is the choice for use in many chemistry applications. Our laboratory glassware products like such as glass burettes, glass pipettes, centrifuge tubes, condenser adapater, distillation apparatus, separatory funnels, drying tubes, gas generating bottles are an important part of scientific laboratories wherever the highest quality is required. Specializing in the design and production of custom laboratory glassware, we have manufacturing facilities including glass blowing.

Products :

Manufacturers & suppliers of SCIENCE EDUCATIONAL EQUIPMENT : BIOLOGICAL EQUIPMENT : Biological models, Biology dissecting kits, Magnifier, Reading glasses, Scissors, Bone shears, Scalpel blades, Teasing needles, Dropping pipets, Insect pins, Student microscope, Room thermometer, etc. ELECTRICITY & MAGNETISM EQUIPMENT : Magnets, Rectangular Bar Steel, Alnico Magnets, General, Magnets, Bar, Pair, Alnico, Electroscope, Flask Type etc. HEAT EQUIPMENT : Liquid convection apparatus, Gas convection apparatus, Linear expansion apparatus, Conductometer, Ring and ball apparatus, Compound bar, Chimney, Hope?s apparatus, Melting point apparatus, Liquid expansion bulb, Air thermometer bulb. LIGHT EQUIPMENT : Lenses spherical (unmounted), Neutralizing lens set (glass), Prisms and many other equipments. MECHANICS EQUIPMENT : Mass sets, Hexagonal masses, Pendulum bobs, Weight boxes, Hexagonal spare, Masses with hooks, Venturi apparatus, Hooke?s law apparatus, Hook collars, Springs, Plumb bob, Pulley etc. SOUND EQUIPMENT : Tuning forks, Resonance apparatus, Sonometer, Spring slinky. LABORATORY WARE : Test tube racks, Beakers, Test tube clamp, Test tube holders. LABORATORY PORCELAINWARE : Porcelain crucibles, Evaporating basins, Funnels, Spotting plates, Mercury troughs, Porous pots. LABORATORY GLASSWARE : Glass burettes, Glass pipettes, Centrifuge tubes, Condenser adapater, Distillation apparatus, Separatory funnels, Drying tubes, Gas generating bottles.

Contact Info

Sadana Brothers

13/21, East Patel Nagar

New Delhi - 110 008 (Delhi) India

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