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Nessler Electronics and Scientific Instruments


Nessler Electronics and Scientific Instruments

Nessler Electronics and Scientific Instruments

Ambala cantt, Haryana, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1992

Nessler Electronics and Scientific Instruments is a progressive and professionally managed company engaged in the manufacture and export of various laboratory instruments. These laboratory instruments are in great demand by various schools, colleges, universities and other research institutes. We started our operations in the year 1992, and since then we have been catering to the various needs of the customers across the globe.

NESSLER stands for a scientist name. He invented many chemical reagents. Following his path in serving Science and Education, we are developing equipments as per demand or the subject.

We strongly believe that sustained growth can be achieved only through continuous pursuit of innovation. Using state-of-the-art techniques and machines we are able to bring consistent innovation in our productions. Besides, a well equipped production unit, we have a comprehensive research laboratory with facilities for advanced testing. Our research professionals, who head the research lab are very efficient and toil round the clock to improve the efficacy of our products

Products :

Manufacture and Export of various laboratory instruments. Analytical Instruments - Water and Soil Analysis Kit, Ph-Meter, Digital Conductivity Meter, TDS Meter, Filter Photo Calorimeter, Digital Tele Thermometer, Digital Colony Counter, Digital Lux Meter Electronics Instruments - Signal Generator, Audio Oscillator, Decade Resistance Box, Decade Capacitance Box, EHT Power Supply, SMPS Power Supply, LV Power Supply, Battery Eliminators, Autotransformers/Variac, Components mounted on Base (Jn. Diode, Transistor, UJT, Switches etc.), Vacuum Tubes, Flexible Leads, Oscillators, Modulators, PCB Inspection Lens Training Kits - Laboratory Trainer Kit, Electronic Trainer Kit, Power Supply Trainer, Basic Electrical Trainer Kit, Demountable Transformer, Characteristics Curve Apparatus (Diode, FET, UJT etc.), Clamping Circuits, Discrete Component Trainer Kit, Digital Logic Trainer Kit, I.C. Trainer Kit, Op-Amp (741) Trainer Kit, A-D-C Trainer Kits Physical Equipments - Cells, Keys, Wheatstone Bridge, Post Office Box, Resistance Box, Electric Field Apparatus, Millikan's Oil Drop Apparatus, Van De Graff Generator, Hydrometer, Ball and Ring Apparatus, Charle's Law Apparatus, Calorimeter, Magnets and Compass, Slotted Masses, Weight Box, Pulleys, Levers, Ripple Tankm, Kinetic Theory Model Solar Energy Kits - Solar Cell with L.E.D, Solar Cell with Fan, Solar Cell with Pulley, Solar Energy Kits (various types), Solar Modules, Solar Cell mounted, Solar Chargers Laboratory Glasswares - Test Tubes, Burette, Pipette, Measuring Cylinders/Flasks, Beaker, Charle's Law Apparatus, Clamps, Stands, Cork Borers, Water Distillation Assembly, Test Tube Stand Medical Instruments - Ovens, Incubators, Water Stills, Dissecting Equipments, Rock and Mineral Collection, Slide Box, Biological Models, Stirrers, Hot Plate, Tablet Making Machine, Cooke's Pole Climbing Apparatus, Medicine Trolley, Basins Optical Instruments - Student Microscope, Medical Microscope, Binocular Research Microscope, Stereo Microscope, Traveling Microscope, Spectrometer, Mirrors, Lenses, Magnifiers, Prisms, Glass Slabs, Telescope, Optical Bench

Contact Info

Nessler Electronics and Scientific Instruments

#635, H. B. Colony
Ambala Cantt - 133 001 (Haryana) India

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