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Tecmes Instrumentos Especiales SRL


Tecmes Instrumentos Especiales SRL

Tecmes Instrumentos Especiales SRL

Buenos aires, , Argentina

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Services,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

TECMES is a company specialized in the development of cutting edge, field-proven equipment and quality-assured integrated systems that collect, transmit, store, and receive real-time hydrological & meteorological data.
Our technical staff is permanently trained to collaborate with you to find the best solution for your company based on quality and reliability with the best cost-price equation in the market.
The Research and Development Department of TECMES is focused in the improvement of the quality of the measurement process to obtain more accurate data in a more reliable way, while maintaining low costs. The resulting designs are entirely manufactured and assembled in the industrial plant. Once the equipments are finished, they are carefully calibrated and tested to ensure optimal quality.
In order to give our customers a complete service, the Mathematical Models Department of TECMES is continuously developing tools that help the user in the storage, processing and post-processing of the collected data. The most remarkable characteristic of this department is its capability to provide custom solutions for any measurement-related need the users may have. In this way TECMES contributes to the proper handling of the natural water resources, the prevention of floods, prevention and control of forest fires, the optimization of hydroelectric power plants, and the measurement of air and water quality.

Products :

TECMES, designs, develops and produces a broad range of equipment and systems including data acquisition units, control units, telemetry and transmission units, sensors, and software for measuring -both in-situ and at the processes levels- hydrometeorological, physical-chemical and industrial parameters. All the data can be stored, processed and sent to long distances automatically or manually. The great variety of equipments and instruments are classified in three areas of application :- Products and Services :- 1)Control and Automatization :- (1)Sensors :- LVDT Displacement, Flow Meter, Conductivity, Water Quality. (2)Transmitters :- Pressure Transducer, Pressure Transducer. (3)Recorders :- Controllers, Dataloggers, Remote Terminal Unit (RTU). (4)SCADA :- SCADA systems control and monitor relevant information it the plant. In this sense, engineers, supervisors, managers and operators can visualize and interact with the processes through graphic representations. 2)Hydrometeorology :- (1)Sensors :- Level Gauges, Pressure Level, Pressure Level (Low Diameter), Wind Sensor, Humidity Sensor, Pressure Atmospheric Sensor, Rain Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Water Quality Conductivity, PH Measurement Sensor, Sun Radiation Sensor, Snow Sensor Meteorological, Turbidity Sensor, Dissolved Oxtigen, Evaporation Station. (2)Recorders :- Rain Recorder, Level Recorder, Wind Sensor, Digital Velocity Sensor, Ground Water Level, Dataloggers, Remote Terminal Unit (RTU). (3)Systems :- Weather and Hydrometeorological Station, Automatic Agro Meteorological Station AGROTEC. (4)Software :- Direct by cable, Telephone, Radio, Satellite. 3)Agrometeorology :- (1)STATIONS :- Automatic Agro Meteorological Station AGROTEC. (2)Software :- Agriculture Software.

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Tecmes Instrumentos Especiales SRL

Neuqu?n 1123
Buenos Aires - C1405 CKM () Argentina

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