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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Engineering Products - Trader,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1914

T. M. Mohamedally was established in 1914 to import and trade in quality Industrial Tools & Hardware Products.

About 4000 items are imported from various reputable manufacturers from India, Europe, Japan, Switzerland, Taiwan, China, U.K & U.S.A.

Currently sales market covers all major cities in India. We plan to extend to all other states and have a National Network.

With its motivated and dynamic team of sales, administrative, warehouse staff and the support of a fully computerized office and ware house system. T. M. Mohamedally had grown to become one of the largest stockist of quality tools in the region with a strong motto.

Products :

We are dealers in Handtools, aircraft tools, Refrigeration tools, Automobile tools, Electronic and Electrical toolkits, Cases and toolkits. Our Product Range :- 1) D.I.Y Tools : Toolkits, Tool Boxes / Cases, Power Tools, Cordless Tools, Tapes, Shears 2) A/C & Refrigeration Tools : * Flaring Tools, Flaring Toolset * Cutting Tools - Tube Cutter, PVC Pipecutter, Cable Cutter, Wire Cutter * Pinching/Swagging - Pliers, Swagging Kit * Multimeter/Clampmeter/Test Instruments Spanner/Wrench - Digital, Analogue, Anemometer, Thermometer, Sound Level Meter, Spanners, Pipe Wrench, Allenkeys, Pliers, Refrigeration Ratchet * Manifold Guage - Manifold Guage Set, Charging Line * Bending/Deburring - Deburring, Benders 3) Electronic Tools : * Precision Pliers - Pliers, Cutter - Nipper * Multimeter/Clampmeter/Soldering/Test Instruments * Desoldering - Stations, Pumps, Iron, Consumable * Antistatic Products - Plier, Antistatic Matt - Wrist Strap, Service Kit * Fibre optic tools * Electrical Pliers - 1000 Volts, Stripping, Combination, Cable Cutter, Nose, Cutter * Strippers/ Crimppers - Crimping Tools, Strippers * Hex Key Wrench - L Type, Ball Point, Handle Type * Augment Tools / Screwdriver - Augment Tool, Electric Screwdriver, Screwdriving Bit, Screwdrivers * Precision Tweezer * Magnification Lamp - Magnifying Glass Hard, Table Mounted * Production Tools * Tool Kits * Tool Cases / Box - Hard, Soft 4) Automobile Tools : * Wrenches - Torque Wrenches, Sockets Wrench, Allen Sockets, Torx Socket Wrench, Spline Socket Wrench, Ratchets, Extension, Universal Joint, Reducers, Crowfoot Wrench, Ratcheting Wrench, Impact Wrench * Spanners - Double End - Open End Spanner, Double Ring End Spanners, Combination Spanners, Adjustable Wrenches, Pipe Wrenches * Hexkeys - AllenKey, Ballpoint AllenKey, Fold Up AllenKey Set, T Type Allen Driver, Handle Type Allen Driver, Ballpoint AllenKey with screwholder * General Tools - Feeler Guages, Thread Restoring File, Screw Extractors, Hammers (Urethene hammer, Plastic Mallets, Copper Mallets, Brass Mallets, Wooden Mallets), Tin Snips, Pin Punches - Centre Punches - Drift Punch, Crowbar, Strap wrench, Oil Filter Chain Wrench, Oil Filter Plier, Pullers, Circlip - Snap Ring Pliers, Clamp Pliers, Piston Ring Compressor, Value Spring Compressor, Jacks (Bottletype, Trolley type), Tire Guages, Grease Gun, Pliers (Combination, Nose Plier, Cutting, Waterpump Plier), * Pneumatic Tool - Impact Wrench, Screwdrivers, Sanders, Angle Grinders, Polishers, Grease Gun * Cutting Tools - Drill Bits (Tin coated, Cobalt, Altin Coated, Solid Carbide, HSS), Holesaws (HSS bimetal, carbide), Taps & Dies (Carbon steel, HSS, Tincoated, Cobalt) * Screwdriving Bits - Screwdriving Bits, Fla Tip (-), Philips Tip (+), Torx, Pozidhive, Triwing, Torq set, Allenhead, Impact Wrench * Guages / Measuring Instruments - Tire Guage, Compression Guage, Timing Lights, Feeler Guage, Vernier Calliper, Micrometers, Multimeter, Tachometer, Pull-Push Gauge, Screw Pitch Gauge * Tool Box / Chest - Tool Box - Metal, Tool Box - Plastic, Chests - Metal, Chests - Stainless Steel * Tool Kits 5) Fibre Optic Tools * Stripping - Fibre Stripper, Buffer Stripper, Loose Strip Stripper, Pig Tail Stripper, Cable Sheath Stripper * Cutting - Side Cutters, Nippers, Cable Cutters, Kevlar Cutters, Carbide Scribe, Ceramic Scissors * Meters - Digital Multimeters, Analog Multimeters, Digital Clampmeter, Analog Clampmeters, GPS Locator, Optical Power Meters, LAN Cable Tester, Fibre Optic Viewing Scope * Fibre Optic Tool Kit * Consumables - Cable Ties, Solder Wire, Solder Paste, DE-Solder Wick, Optical Couplant Gel, Fine Polishing Paper, FC - PC Polishing Adaptor * Tool bag / Cases - Soft Bag, Aluminum Cases * Wrapping / Unwrapping - Hand, Manual, Electric 6) Glass & Masonary Tools * Cutting Tools - Tilesaw, Glass Cutter, Cutoff Wheel, DC Wheel * Drilling - Glass Drill, Tile Drill, Masonary Drill, Granite Drill, Coredrills, SDS Plus, SDS Max * Nippers - Tile Nipper, Glass Nipper * Measuring Tools - Trysquare, Tapes, Chalkline * Power Tools - Drilling Machine, Grinders, Circular Saw Blade, Flexible Shaft, Die Grinder, Grinding Machine Kits * Grinding Tool - Grinding Stone, Grinding Kit, Grinding Paste, Diamond File * Lifting Tool - Vaccum Suction Tool 7) Power Tools * Drill Machine * Hammer Drill Machine * Angle Grinder * Sanders * Jigsaws * Planars * Cordless Drill * Cordless Driver * Circular Saw 8) Industrial Blades & Cutters * Paper Cutting - Snap off Blade - Cutters, Trimming Knife Blade - Cutter, Design Knife Blade - Cutter * Cloth Cutting / Rexine Cutting -Rotary Cutter-Blades, Snap off Blade-Cutters, Trimming Knife-Blade * Fibre Cutting - Blades * Carbide Saw Blades - Circular Saws for Wood, Planar Blades * Shaver Blade - 3 Hole Blade, Shaver Blade - Surform, Glass Shaving Blade * Trimming Blade - Cutter, Blades * Plastic Cutting - Cutter - Blades * HSS Saws - HSS Circular Saw, HSS Bimetal Holesaws 9) Plumbing Tools : * Threading Tools - Pipe Dieset Threader Hand, Ratchets, Electric * Cutting Tools - Pipe Cutter, Tube Cutter * Wrenches - Pipe Wrench, Basin Wrench, Adjustable Wrench, Double - Open Ended Spanners * Power Tools - Drilling Machine * Clamping Tools - Pipe Vice, Bench Vice, Chain Vice 10) Telecom Tools : * Fibre Optic Tools - Test Instruments, Splicing, Cutting, Scribing * Wire wrap / Unwrapping tools - Electrical, Manual * Networking Tester - GPS Locator, LAN Cable Tester, Networking Tester * Networking Tools - Plier, Cutters, Screwdriver, Networking Tool Kits * Crimping / Stripping - Crimping - Stripping * Tool Cases / Bag - Hand Bag, Soft Bag, Pouches, Plastic Cases * Tool Kits - Tool Kits * Multimeter / Clampmeter - Multimeter - Clampmeter * Power Tools - Drilling Machine, Hot Air Gun, Electric Screwdriver 11) Tool Box/Cases/Chest : * Tool Boxes - Plastic, Metal * Tool Chest - Metal, Stainless Steel * Tool Cases - Aluminium 12) Woodworking Tools : * Pneumatic Tools - Brad Nailers - Brads, Staplers - Pins, Drills, Screwdrivers, Spring Balancer, Sanders * Power Tools - Staplers - Pins, Drill Machine, Screwdrivers, Sanders, Chainsaws, Glue Gun * Saws - Carbide Tipped Circular Saw, Hand Saws, Handy Saws, Hole Saws * Router Bits - Router Bits for Wood, Router Bits for Corian, Hinge Boring Bit * Boring Bits - Flat - Power Bits - Extensions, Hinge Boring Bit, Dowel Bits, Wood Bits & Brad Point, Auger Bits, Mortice Bits, Expansive Bits, Plug Cutters, Countersinks, Masonary Drills, Granite Drills, Marble Drills, HSS Drills, Tin coated HSS drills, Cobalt Drills, SDS Plus Drills - SDS Max, Glass Drills, Solid Carbide Drills * Planar Blades - HSS, Carbide, Power Planar Blades * Surform Tools - Surform handles - Blades * Clamps / Vices - Floor Clamps, Frame Clamps, C Clamps, Speed Clamps, F Clamps, T Bar Clamps, Spring Clamps, Nylon Spring Clamps, 3 Way Edge Clamps, 7 inch Deep Throat Clamps, Multi Corner Clamps, Angle Wood Clamp, Pipe Clamp, Gluing Clamp, Ratchet Hand Clamp, Press Clamps, Deep Reach C Clamps, Vise Bar Clamps, Bench Vise, Wood Working Vise, Table Vise, Toggle Clamps * Carpentry Tools - Wood Chiesel, Planars, Hand Saws, Marking Guage, Pincers, Try Square, Mortice Chiesel, Hand Drill, Screw Drivers, File * Meters - Accutape, Moisture, Stud Finder, Thermo Hygro * Adjustable Cutters - Circular Cutter, Expansive Cutter, Adjustable Hinge Boring * Seacants - Seacants - Chaulking Gun 13) Cutting Tools : * Drills - HSS Drill, Tin Coated, Cobalt Drill, Solid Carbide, Masonary, Granite, SDS Plus, SDS Max, Glass Drill, Wood Drill, End Mill, Slot Drill, Reamers, Rotary Burns - Files Carbide, Diamond Coated * Tap & Die - Carbon, HSS, Tin Coated, Cobalt, Tap Handle, Die Handle, Tap & Die Set * Hole Saws - Bimetal HSS, Carbon, Carbide Tipped, Diamond Tipped, Countersink * Adjustable Cutter - Circular, Hinge Boring, Expansive, Paper Cutter, Plug Cutter * Cutting Blades - HSS Blades, Carbide Blades, Sabersaw Blades, Jigsaw Blades, Planar Blades, Industrial Blades, Surform Blades * Circular Blades - Carbide, HSS Cutting Blades, Carbon Steel * Industrial Blade - Packaging, Trimmy Blades 14) Measuring Instruments : * Precision Tools - Vernier Calliper, Micrometer, Dial Calliper, Digital Calliper, Precision Levels, Straight Edge * Multimeter / Clampmeter / Test Instruments - Analogue, Digital, Meggar, Earth Tester, Logic Probe, Thermohygrometer, Lan Cable, Lux Meter, Compass, Roadmeter, Sound Level Meter, Anemometer, Rubber Hardness Tester, Coat Meter * Tapes - Digital Tapes, Steel Tapes, Fibre Tapes, Oil Tapes, Accutapes, Diameter Tape * Gauges - Height Gauge, Marking Gauge, Taper Gauge, Thread Gauge, Dial Gauge, Feeler Gauge, Radius Gauge, Wire Gauge * Stands - Dial Gauge Stand, Micrometer Stand, Comparator Stand

Product Catalog

- Fibre Stripper - Buffer Stripper - Loose Strip Stripper - Pig Tail Stripper - Cable Sheath - Stripper ....

- Fibre Stripper - Buffer Stripper - Loose Strip Stripper - Pig Tail Stripper - Cable Sheath - Stripper ....

Fibre Optic Tool Kit
- Fibre Stripper - Buffer Stripper - Loose Strip - Stripper - Pig Tail Stripper - Cable Sheath - Stripper....

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112, Lohar Chawl
Mumbai - 400002 (Maharashtra) India

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