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Fitness Equipments And Machines Private Limited


Fitness Equipments And Machines Private Limited

Fitness Equipments And Machines Private Limited

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Trader, Export / Import,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 1994

LFE made a flying start in 1994 in the field of manufacturing fitness equipments in India. All the exercise equipments that it manufactures are recommended by fitness experts, athletes and body builders all over the world. The company excels in manufacturing world class health club gymnasium and exercise equipment from single station machines to multi-gym.We possess all sorts of modern and sophisticated machinery to manufacture the health related equipments. We apply the latest biomechanics and cam technology in creating all LFE body fitness equipments.All the spade work is done by the highly skilled manpower in order to ensure that our clients have a healthy body.All the gym machines and equipment we manufacture speak volumes of the care we take to manufacture our products. All our equipments have easy adjustment facility, effective tool for strengthening and heavy duty welded frames. The instruments are user friendly with minimum maintenance.As has already been stated, LFE equipments are the most sought-after products all over the world. The brand itself has become a household name. Therefore, we have been able to establish a close bond with the clients all over the world.

Products :

Manufacturer & Suppliers & Exporter of ARM MUSCLES : Arms pulley, Biceps Machine, Biceps machine, Triceps curl (180 degree), Triceps Press down, Biceps bench Plate loaded, Fore arm curl, Biceps & Triceps curl (180 degree) plate loaded. SHOULDER MUSCLES : Military press, Shoulder press bench, Side lateral raise. BACK MUSCLES : Lat pulley, Lat row, Lat pulley with Lat row, 'T' bar with chest pad Plate loaded, Mid lat row, Back machine, Hyper extension, Assisted chin up dipping. CHEST MUSCLES : Vertical bench press, Lying bench press / shoulder press, Incline bench with bar holder, Flat bench with bar holder, Decline bench with bar holder, Lying bench press, Incline bench press, Decline bench press, Cable cross over, Peck-Deck/Reverse Fly, Peck-Deck with Elbow pad, Counter balanced Smith m/c with Linear Plate Loaded bearing. LEGS & HIPS : Leg extension, Leg curl, Leg extension /Leg curl, 45 degree leg press Plate loaded, 45 degree leg press/hack squat Plate loaded, Hack Squat Plate loaded, Horizontal leg press, Seated leg curl, Standing leg curl, Inner thigh and Outer thigh, Multi -Hip, Standing Calf, Plate loaded Seated calf, Squat M/c with Standing calf. ABDOMINAL MUSCLES : Abdominal board with stand, 'Z' shaped abdominal board, Abdominal machine, Standing leg raise with parallel bar. FREE WEIGHTS : Wide range of dumb bells including rubberized dumb bells, Wide range of plates including rubberized & Olympic, Olympic & regular barbells in various sizes, Various types of dumbbells stands.

Contact Info

Fitness Equipments And Machines Private Limited

27, Bharat Udyog Nagar,
Kotkar Road, Goregaon (E)

Mumbai - 400 063 (Maharashtra) India

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