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Verbundplan GmbH


Verbundplan GmbH

Verbundplan GmbH

Vienna, , Austria

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Services,
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Verbundplan GmbH, a member of the international Jaakko P?yry Group, was originally founded as the engineering subsidiary of Verbund, Austria?s leading electricity company. Our core competencies are in the fields of energy, environment, infrastructure and management.
The experience and know-how of our 280 employees constitute a solid basis for the planning and implementation of projects and help us develop solutions specifically tailored to our customers? requirements. Since we offer comprehensive solutions as a single provider we can assure maximum reliability and a fair price/performance ratio.
Operating in the market as an engineering company that is independent of construction firms and suppliers, we assure neutral, customer-oriented consultancy in all fields in which we offer our services. Our customers include public and private investors, governments, banks and international organisations, as well as companies in the energy sector and the construction and plant engineering industries.
Beside the domestic market, we intensify our operations in key markets in Europe, East and South Eastern Asia, Africa and Central America.
We use a certified process-oriented quality management system in accordance with the current regulations.

Products :

We provider Manufacturer and services of Engineering and consulting services to energy sectors world-wide. (1)Energy Division :- Design of power plants of all types, electro-mechanical plants, electrical plants and related fields, e.G. River and waterway engineering :- In the planning phase of a hydro power plant, we seek to achieve a harmonious integration of the plant into the natural environment, In the field of thermal power plants, we offer planning services for the entire range of plant types, from conventional steam-turbine-operated plants to combined-cycle systems, including all auxiliary units and equipment, In the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering, we focus on an interdisciplinary approach in the the planning and provision of electrical plant and machinery as well as hydro-engineering steel structures for power generation and industrial manufacturing operations. Energy Top Projects :- Ermenek Dam and HPP, Birecik Dam and HPP, Flue Gas Desulphurisation Plant Sostanj 5. Energy Division - Our Services :- (1)All planning services in the phases of :- studies, preliminary planning, submission of architects? plans, tendering execution, including detailed engineering, operation, including operational management of all plant types. (2)Provisions of experts. (3)Drawing up of expert opinions. Energy Hydro Power Plants - Our Services :- Design, engineering, consulting, rehabilitation and expansion of existing plants, operation, maintenance and training for projects in the fields of :- (1)Hydro Power Plants :- Run-of-river power plants, Storage power plants, Pumped-storage power plants, Small hydro power plants. (2)Structures :- Navigation engineering, Weirs, Large dams and reservoirs, Flood control structures, Penstocks and penstock water ducks, Bypass systems, Pumping stations, Surge chambers, Pressurised wells, Pressure pipes. (3)Flood protection in the backpressure section. (4)Simultaneous river catchment engineering. Energy Thermal Power Plants - Our Services :- Our services cover the whole life-cycle of a thermal plant :- Feasibility studies, Design, Tendering, Contracting, Overall coordination, Construction management, Commissioning. Energy Mechanical and Electrical Engineering :-Interdisciplinary planning of electrical engineering and hydro-engineering steel structures, Revitalisation of plant sections, Testing and measuring, Alternative energy projects: hydro power, biomass, wind energy, Assignment of experts to realise and/or optimise conservation potentials, Efficiency measurement, Plant assessment. Energy Electrical Plants :- Our services comprise :- consulting, planning, designing, delivery, site management, assembling, cabling, commissioning, maintenance. Energy Installation :- High, medium and low voltage switchgear, open-air and indoor switching plants, provisional construction site equipment, grounding and cabling devices, High and low voltage installation of telephone, fire alarm and data grids, emergency power supply, rectifiers and batteries, Special tasks: turnkey projects for GSM and UMTS. Energy River and Waterway Engineering :- In their planning, our engineers seek to achieve a harmonious integration of hydro-electric power plants into their natural environment. We design :- backpressure areas in navigable rivers, fish ladders, regulation of rivers. (2)Environment Division :- Environmental business will play a crucial role in meeting the sustainability challenges of the 21st century. How firms operate - all will have profound implications for global futures. To grasp this sustainability imperative is our goal and our ambition. Environment Division - Top Projects :- River Water Quality and Pollution Management Project, Phase I, Technical Design of Hydrological Monitoring System B2.2.2., Hydrological Information System B2.2.4., Central Waste Water Treatment Plant Zagreb. Environment Division - Our Services :- Investigation of basic data and elaboration of basic design concepts, Preliminary and conceptual design, Feasibility studies, Detailed engineering, construction planning, submission of architect?s plans, Economic efficiency studies, cost estimates and cost control, Tendering, preparation of lists of specifications, evaluation of bids, advice on contract awards, Interaction with authorities, obtaining authorisations and advising clients on available subsidies, Initial start-up / acceptance procedures and warranty handling, General contractor, Technical consultancy services for international development authorities, Basic and advanced training. Environment River Basin Management :- Water resources information systems, Hydrological monitoring systems, Flood prevention / forecast models, Comprehensive development planning, Water resources management, Optimisation of water use. Environmental Engineering :- Sewerage systems, Surface water drinking systems, Seepage water systems, Pumping stations, Waste water treatment plants, Drinking water supply, Water treatment. Environment Waste Management :- Waste treatment, Waste disposal, Reconnaissance of suspected areas, Rehabilitation of redundant landfills, Power generation from landfill gases. Environmental Management Systems :- Consultancy services, Certification in accordance with ISO 14001, Environmental expertise in accordance with EMAS. Environment Infrastructure and Transport Division :- Our competence rests on four decades of experience in the planning, design and construction of reservoirs, dams and tunnels as well as the full range of engineering services in connection with specialised underground construction and statics. (3)Infrastructure and Transport Division - Top Projects :- S7 Vienna Airport Express Railway Line, Selzthal Highway Tunnel, HPP Birecik ? Gravity Dam. Infrastructure and Transport Division - Our Services :- Basic design, revitalisation concepts, conceptual design studies, Studies: Feasibility studies, routing studies, profitability studies and audits, alternative proposals and risk analyses, Assessment of the condition and safety of plants, Proposals for revitalisation, drawing up of refurbishment and rehabilitation plans, Planning: Pre-feasibility studies, detail engineering, submission of architects?s plans, tendering procedures, construction planning, documentation of plants and structures as built, Static and dynamic calculation, finite-elements calculation, Interactions with authorities: Obtaining authorisations, acceptance testing, Site supervision of construction, Monitoring of construction, Construction and project management, Quality assurance and environmental management, Cost assessment: drawing up of contracts, description of specifications, evaluation of bids, performance of risk analyses, submission of award proposals, claims management, Co-ordination of construction work, safety measures, Consulting. Civil Engineering, Building of Transport Routes and Bridges :- Special construction engineering, Road construction, Railway construction, Pre-stressed concrete and bridge construction, Foundations, piles, deep foundations, Retaining construction, slope stabilisation, Timber, steel and concrete construction, Statics. Dams and Reservoirs :- Multiple-arch dams, Gravity walls, Rockfill dams, Dam drainage systems, Impervious blankets, Revitalisation. Tunneling and Underground Structures :- Road tunnels, Railway tunnels, Escape and ventilator tunnels, Pressurised tunnels and pressurised wells, Free flow tunnels, Tunnels in open design, Caverns. Construction and Project Management :- Site supervision of construction, Monitoring consultancy services, Construction management, Project monitoring and management, Quality management. Construction Work Co-ordination, Safety Engineering :- Co-ordination of planning work, Site co-ordination, Safety centre. Industrial Construction :- Residential and office buildings, Operations buildings and hangars, Switchyards, Industrial plants.

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Verbundplan GmbH

Laaer-Berg-Strasse 43
Vienna - A-1100 () Austria

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