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Peaceful Valley Farm Supply


Peaceful Valley Farm Supply

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply

Grass valley, , United States

Engineering Products - Manufacturer,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1976

Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply originated in 1976 in a small valley called Peaceful Valley at the end of Peaceful Valley Road in Nevada City, California. The business started in a small garage and sent out a 4-page newsletter to growers. A few years later as the business expanded, Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply moved down Peaceful Valley Road onto a neighbor's property where we leased a few acres and a shed. The shed was only about 12' x 20' and our employees had to use an outhouse! However, since the business existed in a rural area, we were able to have a greenhouse and grow nursery plants to sell to local customers.

In 1985, the first year a complete catalog was published, PVFGS burned down and many of the records, information and inventory were lost. A bigger building was then rebuilt, mainly through the help of its dedicated customers. When the business started to really gain in popularity, the tiny, private Peaceful Valley Road got so congested that Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply employees had to meet customers at the end of the road, 1/4 mile away, to help alleviate the volume of traffic. In 1989, the founder of PVFGS sold the business, which was soon relocated to a business district near downtown Grass Valley. The business moved another 2 times, within the same area, because of its increase in popularity. Eric and Patricia acquired the business in July of 1996. PVFGS now enjoys ever-increasing recognition as one of the leaders in the field of organic supplies. Today, we have 10's of 1, 000's of customers and almost 40 employees!

Products :

We Manufacturer of Browse Category : Building Soils For Better Crops, Compost Tea Brewing Manual, Cover Cropping In Vineyards Handbook, Eco Farm, Farming With The Wild, Farms of Tomorrow Revisited, From The Good Earth, Green Winters Walk-In Coldframe Plans, Greenhouse & Other Garden Fixture Plans, Growing Annual Vegetables CD, How To Grow More Vegetables, Knotts Vegetable Growers Handbook, Managing Cover Crops Profitably, Metrofarm, Micro Eco-Farming, PVFS Cover Crops Technical Bulletin, Seeds Of Deception, Sell What You Sow, Soil Biology Primer, Specialty & Minor Crops Handbook, Successful Small Scale Farming, Sustainable Vegetable Production from Start-up to Market, The New Organic Grower, Traditional American Farming Techniques Books : Farming, Gardening, Irrigation, Pest Management, Rural Lifestyle. Growing, Erosion Control Materials, Monitoring Tools, Pocket Field Meters, Soil Testing & Monitoring Tools, Weather Monitoring Tools, Plant Protection for Season Extending, Greenhouse Supplies, Cold Frames & Plant Protection, Row Covers, Shade Fabric, Plant Starting and Propagating, Grafting Supplies, Hand Seeders, Heating Coils & Mats, Indoor Growing Lights, Plant Labeling Supplies, Planting Containers, Plant Supports, Potting Mixes, Rooting Compounds, Soil Blockers. Fertilizers, Compost , Composting, Granulated & Powdered Fertilizers, Lawn Fertilizers, Liquid, Foliar & Fertigation, Pelleted Fertilizers, Trace Minerals , Soil Inoculants, Vermiculture. Seeds and Nursery Stock, Organic Seed Packs, Peaceful Valley Farm Supply Organic Seeds, Seeds of Change Organic Seeds, Horizon Medicinal Herb Seeds, Turtle Tree Biodynamic Seeds, Tomato Fest, Organic Bulk Seeds, Peaceful Valley Farm Supply Organic Seeds, Organic Cover Crop Seeds, Seed Packs, Horizon Medicinal Herb Seeds, Renee's Garden Seeds , Bulk Seeds, Cover Crop Seeds, Annual, Cover Crop Seeds, Perennial, Cover Crop Seed Inoculants, Erosion Control Seeds, Lawn Seeds, Native Grass Seeds, Pasture Seed Mixes, Wildflower Seeds, Bareroot Stock, Artichokes, Asparagus, Berries, Fruit & Nut Trees, Grape Vines, Strawberries, Conifer Seedlings, Ornamental Trees, Container Stock, Citrus Trees, Olive Trees, Native Plants, Flower Bulbs, Mushroom Growing Kits, Root Crop Stock, Garlic & Shallots , Onions & Leeks, Potatoes, Horseradish. Tools, Gardening Accessories, Gardening Equipment, BCS Tillers, Garden Carts, Garden Seeders, Garden Spreaders, Mowers , Gardening Hand Tools, Cutting Tools, Digging Tools, Hoes , Pruning Tools, Rakes , Weeding Tools, Orchard Harvesting Supplies, Ladders, Picking Equipment, Spraying & Dusting Equipment, Dusters, Goggles & Respirators , Solo Sprayers. Watering, Drip Irrigation, Poly Tubing Supplies , In-Line Emitter Tape Supplies , Micro-Sprayers & Emitters , Soaker Hose Supplies , Liquid Fertilizer Injecting Equipment, Watering Supplies, Hoses & Connectors, Spray Nozzles & Hose End Sprayers, Sprinklers, Watering Cans, Water Supply Hook-up & Timers. Weed & Pest Control, Animal and Bird Control, Bird Control, Deer & Varmint Control, Humane Live Traps, Natural Pest Control, Beneficial Insects, Bird & Bat Houses, Fly & Mosquito Control, Fungicides & Disease Control , Household Pest Control, Insect Traps, Pheromone Lures, & Barriers, Insecticides, Oils , Pest Monitoring Tools, Natural Weed Control, Flamers, Herbicides, Mulch Materials, Pond Management.

Contact Info

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply

P.O. Box 2209, 125 Clydesdale Court,
Grass Valley - CA 95945 () United States

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