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Paraflat Machines Manufacturers


Paraflat Machines Manufacturers

Paraflat Machines Manufacturers

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Trader, Services,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1992

Established in late October 1992, as a very Small Scale Industry, by R. Ramamurthy Iyer, Mechanical Engineer with a background of almost 25 years of experience in various Industries in India and abroad. We are manufacturer and supplier of flat lapping machines, miniature lapping machines, polishing machines, lapping consumables and lapping accessories.

Paraflat is the result of constant urging by Industrialists and End Users in the Medium and Small Scale Industry to provide them with the necessary knowledge in the Basics and Fundamentals of Lapping and Polishing, Application Engineering and the right machine and equipment to process different materials and achieve desired parameters.

Today PARAFLAT has an incredible 100% satisfied customers on their list. This is justified by the fact that Paraflat have never been called even once in the last 10 years for breakdowns or problems. We design & ensure Trouble-free performance.

Products :

Manufacturers, Suppliers and Services of products are :- - Flat Lapping / Polishing Machines SSM Series These machines are selected based on the application and process is decided based on the incoming parameters and final requirments. Selection of lap plates, speed of lap plate, selection of abrasives, lapping vehicles and stages of lapping / polishing to achieve design and output parameters are parts of application engineering. Rigid spindle design and assembly of these machines ensures virtually maintenance free running of lapping machines. - Universal Parallel Lapping Machines :- Universal Lapping Machine can be converted from a flat lapping machine to precision parallel machine and cylindrical lapping machine. These machines are custom built and need proper study for recommendation. Size of these machines range from 6 inches plate diameter and onwards. - Precision Parallel Lapping Machines :- No plate correction required, it is automatic during process with high degree of parallelism and flatness. No downtime for correction, consumption of carriers drastically reduced. Replacement Carriers inexpensive, can be made in-house economically priced, and easily affordable. - Lapping Accessories & Spares :- Lapping accessories and spares incldes lap plates, optical flats, plate flatness checking accessories, slurry pumps, tanks with recirculating system and knife edges in all sizes. - Diamond Tools and Consumables :- We offer all types of diamond cutting tools, dressing tools, diamond pellets, slicing saws, diamond bandsaws, diamond wires, diamond polishing sheets, diamond wheels, diamond pastes and diamond powder. - Parallel Lapping Both Side Machine BSM Series - Polishing Both Side Machine BSM Series - Flat Universal Lapping Machine ULM Series - Parallel Universal Lapping Machine ULM Series - Cylindrical Universal Lapping Machine ULM Series - Miniature Lapping Machine - Lapping sum's - Electronic Flatness measuring Instruments range - Lapping accessories and spares - Valve plate assembly for transport refrigeration compressor - Precision spacers (roller washers) for power steerings - Test Benches & Equipments custom built for testing parts & assemblies Services :- - Process Consultancy - Training Package for various training institutes, colleges and customer interactive programs.

Contact Info

Paraflat Machines Manufacturers

# 10, Bagiyathiammal Nagar,
Chennai - 600 050 (Tamil Nadu) India

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