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Xuchang, Outside India, China

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 1986

Xuchang Yaan Insulating material Factory is a professional enterprise for producing electric insulating materials.Our factory set up in 1986.After development of more than ten years , it has become a diversified enterprise.We specialize in the production of Varnish and Resin,Composite Product,Impregnated Fabric Product,Lacquer tube,Banding Tape Product,Insulating paper/cardboard,Mica Product,and so on.

We got the certificate of ISO9001 Quality System in 2000, build TQMC quality managing system in 2002.The quality control system and good aftersales service enable us to be competitive and aminative.

In pursuit of sincerity, customer foremost, high quality product, reasonable price, good service, we have been keeping a long-term relationship with customers all over the world.

Products :

Manufacturers and Exporters of Insulating Materials. Our wide product range includes 1) Compound Sheet Products : -Polyester film insulating paper flexible composite material (Class E) -Polyester film polyester non-woven fabric flexible composite material (Class B) -Class F DMD (Class F) -Polyester film aromatic polyamide paper flexible composite material (Class F) -Polyimide film aromatic polyamide paper flexible composite material (Class H) -GHG compound Sheet (Class H) -DMD epoxy pre-impregnated Material (Class F) 2) Cable Paper Products : -Cable paper -Diamond insulating paper -Rivelling paper -Red steeling paper 3) Electrical Insulating Paper Board : -Transformer board -Thin electrical insulating paper board -The soldier work uses the carton 4) Fiberglass Sleeve Products : -PVC-coated glassfiber sleeving -SG-Silicone glassfiber sleeving -FSG-Flexible silicone glassfiber sleeving -SRGS-Silicone rubber glassfiber sleeving -HTGS-Heat treated glassfiber sleeving -HST-Heat shrinkable tubing 5) Impregnated Fabric Products : -Oil varnished silk -Alkyd varnished glass fabric -Polyester varnished glass fabric -Silicone varnished glass fabric -Polydipheyl ether glass grey fabric 6) Mica Products : -Epoxy mica paper/glass fabric tape -Tung oil-BMI-epoxy mica paper/glass fabric tape -Silicone glass fabric tape with more resin -Alkyd mica paper flexible sheet -Silicone mica paper/glass fabric flexible sheet 7) Banding Tape Products : -Unsatureted polyester resin treated fiberglass web unidirectional banding tape -Heat shrinkage tape -Fiberglass tape -Cotton tape 8) Film Products : -Polyimide film -Polyimide thermosetting adhesive film -HFG compound film -Mylar adhesive tape

Product Catalog

Cotton Tape Of Electrician
Cotton tape of electrician is made from pure cotton fiber and can be used for electric motor, appliance, etc. As binding materials because of good mechanical strength a....

Non-alkal Fiberglass Tape
Non-alkal fiberglass tape is made of the non-alkali glass fiber yarns. The main component is E-glass,oxidation potassium,oxidation sodium,fo which the content of oxidatio....

The Insulating Tape Of Thermal Contraction
The Insulating tape of thermal contraction is made from a special compound fiber of thermal contraction. After binding and dried at 105℃ for 10 minutes, it will be ....

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Laodong Road,
Weidu District,
Henan Province
XUCHANG - 461000 (Outside India) China

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