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Sharp Engineers


Sharp Engineers

Sharp Engineers

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 1990

Transport of people along a vertical, narrow, and predefined course restricts freedom of movement for a brief spell. Since frequent elevator use occurs daily in every modern city or town, concerns about personal safety, ventilation, lighting, and comfort etc. Come to the fore. These become points of reference for those engaged in the manufacture of elevators.

Corporate Ascent

Vertical ascent or descent, especially of people, becomes a major concern and responsibility of the company manufacturing elevators. Sharp Engineers brings nine years? experience of manufacturing lifts and accessories to urban development. As a leader in the industry the Company is dedicated to excellence in products and customer services.

Sharp was formed in 1994 to manufacture Traction Geared Machine for Lifts. Year after year major, sustained investments have increased production capacity, improved quality standards to give better service and performance to the Company?s customers in more than 25 cities of India.

R & D

Engineering updates, new materials, technological advances, and ingenious devices & innovations govern the priorities at Sharp. These priorities are fulfilled after Sharp?s Technical Team arrives at the best alternatives to obsolete, faulty systems. To usher improvements, Sharp initiates and incorporates innovations and advanced features of technological update into existing configurations?even when the choice of elevator is the open-ended type with collapsible gate.

Design Priorities

Design accounts for personal safety, ventilation, and even effective insulation. These are complemented by improving on smooth movement of the cabin to eliminate jerks and add to comfort. Fans, vents, and, in automatic lifts?air vents and ducts for conditioned air, concealed vents, emergency air inlets, manual door operation options are all of major considerations in the designing process.

Every elevator is made with complementary accessories. All accessories go through the same rigid QC inspections that specify the whole elevator. Indicators and control panels must be user-friendly, access for repair must be smooth and easy and safe, emergency halting mechanism must be fail-safe and ensure conversion to safe default settings.

All of these operations and functions can never be effective unless there is a combination of superior engineering expertise and a solemn commitment to the customer who reposes trust in the elevator company.

Company Aim

The Company?s main theme of operations is

To concentrate on fail-safe systems and improve on technology to arrive at the best solutions for optimum elevator performance.

Sharp Engineers, a reputable Company with a track record of nine eventful years and a worthy clientele, has pledged to give its customers product value and deliver genuine customer care service. This will ensure that they meet any and all of the Company?s customer's needs?
? smooth and quiet operation
? easy installation
? minimum maintenance and
? long working life

Sharp?s employees are committed to the policy of "Customer Care" during all the production and assembling phases, so that the product gives the customer the quality warranty that he wishes and expects.

Products :

Manufacture and exporter of lift equipment, heavy duty reduction gear box, electric motors, traction machine unit, elevator machine, cauldron - 125 machine unit, dumb waiter machine unit, auto door operator, microprocessor controller system, cop, lop, doors, car rail , cwt rail, rail clips, suspension rod, G.P. Bracket, car shoe, safety block, door lock, roller guide shoe.

Product Catalog

  • Motive power is generated from flange-mounted motor attached to the gear box.
  • Fins are provided on gearbox for heat dispersion.
  • Easy assembly of the unit.
  • Sharp Dumb Waiter Elevator Units are designed and manufactured for goods transportation from one floor to another. Effective for repetitive service at decreased cost ....

    ELEVATOR MACHINE: The machine mounted on a steel frame is supported by heavy concrete beams with extensive vibration dumping properties. Between the machine frame and the....

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    Contact Info

    Sharp Engineers

    4/B, Max Industrial Estate,
    Opp. Gujarat Bottling, Rakhial,
    Ahmedabad - 380023 (Gujarat) India

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