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Shandong Province Zhangqiu Blower Works


Shandong Province Zhangqiu Blower Works

Shandong Province Zhangqiu Blower Works

Shandong, , China

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 0

It was built in September 1968.
Began producing Type LGA40 Roots blower in April 1969.
Designed and manufactured Type L20 Roots blower in December 1980.
Becoming the major enterprise designated by Ministry of Machinery Industry in October 1985 and was a member of National United Design Team of Roots blower.
Produced series L Roots blowers firstly in China in December 1988.
Joined National Blower Industry Association in November 1988.
Huifeng Machinery Group Corporation, Shandong Province was built on the basis of Zhangqiu Blower Works in May 1993.
Producing cement equipment in December 1994.
Zhangqiu Blower Works, Shandong Province signed joint venture agreement with Taiko Kikai Industries Co., Ltd. And Secoh Industries Co., Ltd. In May 1995.
Shandong Zhanghuang Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. ( Sino -Japanese joint venture) put into production and began to produce Series SSR Roots blower.
Began manufacturing Series RR blowers according to design and manufacturing technology introduced from Japan.
Introducing Resin sand fast-loop moulding system from Italy in 1996.
Obtaining the international registration certificate of ISO9001 in 1996.
Obtaining imports and exports self-supporting right in March 1998.
Sino-Japanese Joint-venture SHANDONG FENGHUANG FOUNDRY CO., LTD started business in 2000.
In June, 2000, we began to develop multistage centrifugal blower in cooperation with Xi'an Communications University.
On April 13, 2001, the second Session of congress of workers and staff of Huifeng Group approved "the Tenth Five-year Development Plan for Shandong Huifeng Machinery Group Corp.". It decided the development goal of establishing the largest production base of blowers in China and establishing a "kingdom of the blower".
In May 16, 2002, Shandong Dahuang Machinery Co. Ltd.---a Japanese single-investor enterprise---was put into operation formally.
On November 7, 2002, ERP information network integrated administrative system was accepted by the provincial-level authority.
In November, 2002, Huifeng Industrial Park was under construction.

Products :

We are manufacturer and exporter of following types of industial products:- 1)Pneumatic coveying system:-GR Standard Type, Type AGR (Abrasion-resistant type), MGR Hanging Type, GRL perforation Type, GRV Hanging Type, The big type rotary feeder with the declutch, ROD Powder Type, RVB Granule Type, Shunt Valve. 2)Regenerative blower:-Multistage Centrifugal Blower for sewage Treatment, Series ZXF regenerative blower. 3)Roots blower:-LSERIES ROOTS BLOWER 3H SERIES ROOTS BLOWER, RR SERIES ROOTS BLOWER RR-W WET VACUUM PUMP, RR-V DRY VACUUM PUMP ZLB VACUUM PUMP, TRR HIGH PRESSURE TWO-STAGE BLOWER TRR-W TWO-STAGE VACUUM PUMP, SSR SERIES ROOTS BLOWER, SSR DIRECT COUPLING ROOTS BLOWER, SSR-V VACUUM PUMP SERIES ZXF REGENERATIVE BLOWER, MULTISTAGE CENTRIFUGAL BLOWER. 4)Equipment for cement industry:-Tray granulator, cement mill, Rotary dryer, tower mechanized shaft kiln. 5)Vacuum pump 6)Centrifugal blower 7)High quallty cast iron:-Resin Sand Fast-loop Molding System, High Quality Casting.

Contact Info

Shandong Province Zhangqiu Blower Works

141 Mingshui Street Zhangqiu City
Shandong - 250200 () China

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