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Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1990

"Industrial Auto" Company is Established in 1990. "Industrial Auto" Manufacture Spares parts of Circular Loom. "Industrial Auto" has its own workshop equipped with Modern Machineries and highly Qualified Staff. All Spares are manufactured in one Premises. All spares passes through Strict Quality Control by Precision Quality Checking Instruments. Recently the Company is Dealing with more then 150 Valuable Customers in INDIA and ABROAD.

Products :

Manufacturers of Circular Loom :- Compensator Assembly Old & New : Compensator Arm, Spacer, Spring Long, Spring Holder Arm (W), Spring Short, Sprint Holder, Compensator Eyelet, Compensator Wire, Spring Holder, Compensator Arm with Elips Eye, Spacer for Compensator Wire. Compensator Assembly Old & New : Holder Through, Compensator Ring, Intermidiate Plate, Contact Spring, Spacer, Holder Blind. Bearing Block & Lever : Ropple PUlley Cap, Ropple Pulley (P. U.), Haddle Shaft Driving Arm, Sinthread Bush, Belt Pulley, Axle 10 x 88, Spacer, Pintle / Adaptor, Bearing Block, Internal Circlip for Bearing Block, Internal Circlip for Ropple Pulley, CSK Washer, CSK Bolt 8 x 55, Square Nut 8 mm, Grease Nipple, Axle 10 x 50. Main Gear Box : Gear Box Cover, Bearing Cap, Bearing Cap, Pinion 11T, Bearing Cap, Threaded Plug, Hollow Shaft, Key, Main Gear 64T. Take up & Sporket : Main Shaft Sporket T-30, Transmission Shaft, Warm Gear, Drive Warm, Clutch Unit Sporket, Chain Tightner. Haddle Belt with Wire & Eyelet : Upper Haddle, Belt, Hield Wire, Connecting Strip, Connecting Rod, Lower Haddle Belt, Eyelet, Rivet, Haddle Belt Assemble with Eyelet, Haddle Belt Assemble with Wire, Pin - 5 x 30. Haddle Belt with Wire & Eyelet : Bearing Block, Top, Deflecting Pulley, Screw, Axle, M 8 Nut. Round Holder : Cloth Flattener, Flange, Caliper Cone. Let Off (Maxitrap Roller): Foam Roller, Guide Roller Alluminium, Bush for Guide Roller, Alluminium Roller, Bearing of Alluminium Roller. Centre Shaft : Main Shaft, Key, Circlip. Reel Ring with Rollers : Bearing Box Case, Washer Reed Roller, Reed Roller, Set Screw M 8x16 Grub Screw, Crease Nipple. Spreader : Flattner Wheel, Spreader, Flattner Arm, Moveable Retainer, Pressure Spring, Fixed Retainer, Threaded Rod, Spring Holder, Gusseting Rod, Extension. Shuttle Body with Guide Bracket : Cover, Guide Bracket (S.S. / Hardchrom), Guide Bracket Holder Upper & Lower, Support, Boom Holder Nylon, Boom Holder Alluminium, Insertion Finger, Cap for Shuttle Wheel, Shuttle Wheel (P.U.), Excentre Bolt, Spacer, Cap for Conchoid Roller, Conchoid Roller (Nylon), Conchoid Roller(Alluminium), Conchod Roller (Hard), Conchoid Roller (P.U.), Spacer, Bolt for Conchoid Roller Shuttle Body, Shuttle Skid (Pair), Brake Arm, pring Stretcher, Bobbin Holder (Front), Bobbin Holder Spring, Bobin Holder Axle, Sleeve Spacer, Bobbin Holder (Rear), Brake Sheek, Brake Bearing, Spring Loaded Arm, Tension Spring, Reflector Assembly, Leather Pad. Pusher Block : Drive Frame, Spacer Small, Fellow, Bandage (Nylon), Bandage (P. U.), Screw Ground, Spacer Big, Nut 4 mm, Screw L. N. 4x15, Dowel Pin. Creel & Bobbin Adopter Assembly : T Bracket Foot, Creel Cyelet Alluminium (Rear & Front), Creel Cyelet Nylon (Rear & Front), Ceramic Eyelet, U-bolt Thread Weight, Bobbin Adipter Assembly, Feather for 32 mm ID Cheese pipe, Feather for 35 mm ID cheese pipe, Creel Bush, Stem, Creel Disc, or 32 mm ID Cheese pipe, Creel Disc for 35 mm ID Cheese pipe, Creel Disc 200 mm ?. Torque Motor Gear Box : Gear Box Housing, Pinion Shaft Z 10, Gear Z 9 Hellical & Parallel, magnetic Disc, Gear 88T, Gear 53T. Cam Repairing by Eutetic Process by L & T Metal Sprey Jet Gun with 42 RC Harkness. Ring Stand & E Ring. Cheese Winder, Stitching Machine, Textile Machinery, Printing Machinery, Bell Press.

Contact Info


7, C. M. Shah Complex
Near Hanumanpura, Dudheshwar Road
Ahmedabad - 380004 (Gujarat) India

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