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Aeroaids Corporation


Aeroaids Corporation

Aeroaids Corporation

New delhi, Delhi, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Trader,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

At Aeroaids, we offer unique, innovative and specially formulated Com-Paint aerosol colors that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Our formulation expertise, convenient packaging and flexible manufacturing systems allow us to build custom products. These are the reasons why Com-Paint's are recognized as a true sign of excellence by the automotive industry.

Aeroaids custom filling capabilities ensure that you get original equipment colors & component finishes manufactured with today's technology. Most importantly, it's delivered when you need it. Order after order, the color you expect is the one you get. Count on Com-Paint to consistently come through with the best solutions for those little pieces that can make a big difference. Especially when those little pieces don't have the right factory color or they're scratched, rusted or faded- Com-Paint's complete line of efficient aerosols will fill just about any refinishing need. Rely on us as your single source for a spectrum of colors and services.

All of us have a shared responsibility to take care of the air we breathe. That's why products of Aeroaids meet strict air quality standards - do yourself and the earth a favor by using these products. They're free of ozone - depleting CFC's. We've also taken the extra step to produce Eco Formulated products, develop state-of-the-art technology, and meet environmental and regulatory requirements.

Since quality is our priority, it is our ultimate goal to provide best products and customer service. We have a dedicated client base across the domestic market. Our clients also comprise satisfied customers in the vast and demanding international markets where our zeal for perfection has been noticed and appreciated.

Products :

Manufacturers and Suppliers of products are :- Spray Paint / Touch-up Spray Paint :- Com-Paint (Consumer) :- -The First Indian Original Touch- up Spray Paint. -Specially formulated to touch- up Cars, Motorcycles, Refrigerators, Washing machines & components. -Unique easy-to-spray paint, dries in minutes. -No more trips to the painter. Saves money & time. -Available in original shades for Maruti, Cielo, Santro & Indica cars. Com-Paint (Industrial) :- Today's competitive market demands an outstanding final finish of your product. The price war and after Sales Service Costs put your profit margins in a tight squeeze. Only way out is reducing in expenses that are wasteful. Primarily, the trick is in controlling. -Inplant rejection / wastage. -Managing after sales service costs effectively. -Ideally suited for In plant & Out door touch up needs at Dealer Service Stations and dispatch centers for new vehicle & equipment sales. -Available in 300 gms. -Available in 160 gms & 300 gms. Car and Glass Cleaner / Washer for Automotives and Glass :- Com-Raid :- -Spray to clean & shine dirty plastic dashboards. -Contains dispersant, solvents and colorless polishing agents to clean, add brilliance and provide UV protection. -Spray directly on dry surface, gently wipe off any excess with a soft clean cloth. -Also suitable for use on laminates, shammy leather and painted surfaces. -Available in 300 gms. Com-Tuff :- -Super Foaming Upholstery Cleaner. -Specially formulated to clean and brighten car upholstery, carpets, soft toys, vinyls. -Utilizes advance cleaning surfactants that penetrate deep into the fibers / fabric . -Deep cleaning foaming action lifts up dirt, gently removes stubborn soil, grease, oil etc. From dry-cleanable fabrics and vinyls and restores true color and appearance. -Available in 300 gms. Sparklo :- -Premium Foaming Glass Cleaner. -Special blend of cleaning agents in a complex aqueous base with anti-mist formula. -Produces foam to easily remove grease, oil & dirt from glass, sunmica, plastic & painted metal. -Anti mist formula keeps away moisture from condensing onto the glass, especially in winters and rainy season. -Available in 300 gms. Screen Wash :- -Concentrated liquid blend, to be added to the car's wind shield washer bottle. -Provides effective wind screen cleaning by cutting through dirt, oil film and insect smear. -Gives a streak free surface for a clear vision. -Protects windshield from wiper scratches. -Available in 200 ml. Come-Tune :- -Powerful spray cleaner for clogged carburetors. -Clean dirt, gums and fuel resides by burning it inside the engine & flushing it out through exhaust. -Ensures easy starting, smooth idling & running and restores power. -Reduces fuel waste & lowers emission levels. -Available in 200 gms. Grease Wash :- -Foaming Engines Degrease spray neutralizes grease & oil of its stickiness and removes dirt. -Cleans quickly and thoroughly even from the areas difficult to reach. -Available in 300 gms. Com-Rinse :- -Car Shampoo for cars & other painted surfaces. -A multitude of rich bubbles that gently foam away road dirt, grease and road grime. -Does not harm protective wax and enhances natural paint gloss. Use as often as you like. -Available in 100 and 200 ml. Polish for automotives :- Com-X-rain :- -Exclusive formulation gives a thin polymer layer on your windshield, side & rear windows. -Makes glass surface so slippery that rain water actually beads up and disperses on contact, making you see clearly even without wipers! -When you see better ? You drive better. -Available in 200 ml. Auto Wax :- -Special liquid blend of finest quality waxes and high-tech silicones. -Micro thin film of the product gives a unique deep gloss & holds up under the intense sun. -Waterproof the painted surface, shields it from tar and repels contamination. . -Easy to use. No rubbing & buffing required. -Available in 200 ml. Tyre Glaze :- -Tyre shine spray gives a dramatic wet and glossy look. -Water resistant and durable black shine keeps looking great for days. -Available in 260 gms. T- Cut :- -A fine cutting cream to carefully remove hairline scratches, dead oxidized paint & hard water spots. -Special formula suspended in rich polishing oils. -Restores original colour and shine even if the car has not been cleaned for years. -Available in 200 ml.

Contact Info

Aeroaids Corporation

A-6, G. T. Karnal Road,
Industrial Area
New Delhi - 110033 (Delhi) India

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