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Garrad Hassan and Partners Limited


Garrad Hassan and Partners Limited

Garrad Hassan and Partners Limited

England, , United Kingdom

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Services,
Public. Ltd. Firm Since 1984

Garrad Hassan and Partners Limited (GH) was established in 1984 to answer the growing need for independent expert advice on wind energy matters. The founding partners, Dr Andrew Garrad and Dr Unsal Hassan, both remain directors and major shareholders in the Company. GH?s one operational rule is, and always has been, that it has no equity stake in any wind turbine or wind energy development. This distinction sets GH apart from many other wind energy consulting companies which are sometimes commercially involved in the development of wind turbines or wind farms. GH believes that it is vital that its advice should be truly impartial and guards this independence carefully.
Garrad Hassan Pacific Ltd. (GH Pacific) was established in 1995 to provide clients in Australasia and the South Pacific with independent expert advice on all aspects of wind energy through local offices and staff backed by Garrad Hassan?s international expertise.
In 1996 GH released the GH Bladed which is becoming the industry standard simulation package for wind turbine design and analysis. Also since 1996, GH has been supplying GH T-MON, an integrated hardware and software system for the measurement of structural loading and response of wind turbines. In 1998, GH released GH WindFarmer, a computer package for the design and analysis of wind farms using the techniques and validation which the Company been developing over the past two decades.

Products :

GH has provided technical advice to the developers of some 30 wind farms in the UK and many more overseas. Product :- 1)GH Bladed :- The Garrad Hassan approach to the calculation of wind turbine performance and loading has been developed over the last fifteen years. The main aim of this development has been to produce reliable tools for use in the design and certification of wind turbines. GH Bladed is an integrated package which allows the user to carry out the full range of performance and loading calculations required for the design and certification of wind turbines, both in the onshore and offshore environment. The programs have been extensively validated against monitored data from a wide range of turbines of many different sizes and configurations. 2)GH WindFarmer :- GH WindFarmer is a fully integrated wind farm design and optimisation package from Garrad Hassan (GH). It is fully validated, offering unrivalled design and optimisation tools in a modular format to meet the specific requirements of each client. GH WindFarmer allows developers to maximise the energy yield of their wind farm while keeping the environmental impact at a minimum. GH WindFarmer modules :- Base & Optimiser, Visualisation, Turbulence Intensity, Financial, Electrical, Shadow Flicke. 3)GH SCADA :- Garrad Hassan has designed and developed a Generic Wind Farm Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. Key features include:- Designed to meet requirements of wind farm manufacturers, operators, developers and owners, Compatible with all major turbine manufacturers, Web based remote access, Open Database, Data processing and back-up storage at turbines for improved data quality and reliability, Comprehensive and flexible reporting. 4)GH Forecaster. 5)T-MON :- Development of ever larger wind turbines is progressing at a rapid pace ? very often with very little performance data from previous models. It has long been recognised that measured fatigue loads and performance data allows refinement of existing designs or development of new wind turbines to be accomplished with confidence. T-MON is a commercially available data acquisition system specifically designed for use on wind turbines for practical engineering applications. It offers significant advantages over other general measurement systems:- Minimal time from installation to data collection, Minimal cabling and simple installation, Modular distributed data acquisition units, Synchronised data recordings, Easy to use, Remote access by modem, Data as required by wind energy engineers, Cost effective solution. (1)DAU?s :- DAU?s are of compact design, measuring only 250 x 110 x 45 mm, for installation in confined spaces. Each DAU can accept eight analogue channels with individual energising supplies for the sensors, signal conditioning and anti-aliasing filter. -8 differential analogue channels per DAU, with up to 8 DAU?s giving 64 channels. -5 or 10 V user selectable transducer excitation. --10 to +10 V signal input range. -1 to 8000 amplifier gain, user selectable. -5-pole Butterworth anti-aliasing filter, user selectable cut-off frequency from 1 to 50 Hz. -1 to 75 Hz per channel sampling rate, user selectable. -All selectable options are made by the user from software. -Follow the link for a detailed T-MON specification. (2)Software :- The system includes both set-up and data collection facilities. The software is menu driven and very easy to use. Four methods of data collection are provided:- Summary data, Campaign data, On-line rainflow cycle counting, Time at level. Services :- Bank?s and Owner?s Engineer, Electrical Engineering, Garrad Hassan Standards Activities, Strategic studies, wind farms, wind resource, wind turbines, Offshore, GH forecaster.

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Garrad Hassan and Partners Limited

St Vincent's Works
Silverthorne Lane
England - BS2 0QD () United Kingdom

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