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Wilhelm Schumacher GmbH


Wilhelm Schumacher GmbH

Wilhelm Schumacher GmbH

Hilchenbach, , Germany

Engineering Products - Manufacturer,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

The First World War interrupted the development of the new company, which already had a workforce of 40 in 1914.
WSH developed positively even under the difficult conditions of inflationary recession. After 1923, this progress was favoured by monetary stability.
The monetary reform of the 20th June, 1948 meant liberation from governmental control and the development into an era of free spirit and enterprise in a market economy. That market economy released unexpected forces that were unified in a permanent process of economic increase which enabled a broad social class to participate in growing prosperity.
WSH invested in multistation cold heading machines, in automatic machines for post-processed cutting, in a computerised electroplating unit for small parts, and in a modern hardening shop. This created the technical infrastructure to meet the requirements of demanding customers. By this time, exact methods concerning process procedures and quality assurance had been developed in order to fulfil the customers' needs.

Products :

The WSH ESLOK - an abrasion-resistant coating of polyamide on an exactly defined area of the thread guarantees an efficient and practically approved clamping protection against loosening. WSH L-serrated flange screws protect highly strained, pre-stressed screwed joints against stripping and loosening by a radial profile at the bottom of the screw head. WSH IN-STAR is the name for a screw with an internal hexalobular driving feature and EX-STAR with an external hexalobular driving feature. In contrast to cross recess and hexagon (socket) heads the hexalobular driving feature offers higher assembly safety. WSH COMPOUND is the name for compound parts made out of plastic and steel which combine the advantages and features of both materials. WSH KVS thread geometry enables a safe, unproblematic and economic solution concerning screwing into thermoplastics. WSH Customised parts offer - with their wide range of shapes - practical and economic solutions that are adapted to the specific customers' needs. WSH Flange head screws / washer head screws have an increased bearing surface due to their attached flange or collar. WSH SEMS (screw and washer assemblies) are a combination of screws and captive washers which are free-spinning, but still linked together.

Contact Info

Wilhelm Schumacher GmbH

Am Preist 5
Hilchenbach - D-57271 () Germany

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