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Space Island Group


Space Island Group

Space Island Group

California, , United States

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Space Island Group's vision is to develop a stand-alone, commercial space infrastructure supporting the broadest possible range of manned business activities in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) for the 21st century. The Space Island Project is bringing together the most talented people in the world of engineering, science, finance, marketing, promotions and manufacturing and by using existing and new technologies, vehicles and procedures developed by NASA, Russia and other commercial aerospace companies over the last (25) years, The create will create safe and economical space transportation and orbiting space stations for commercial companies, schools and industry.

The Space Island Project will create one of the most advanced transportation systems with varied destinations in Earth orbit drawing heavily on existing technologies and designs.
We plan to become a clearinghouse for existing aerospace and NASA designs, new ideas, technologies and equipment all brought together to make the Space Island Project a reality. By using the knowledge and the advances in new materials, computers and the information gained by 20 years of flying the current Space Shuttles the Space Island Project will become one the greatest advances of the 21st century.

This collaborative effort provides a higher level of new manufacturing techniques, cost efficiency, safety and advanced technology by utilizing the resources of specialized individuals, universities and top technology companies.

Creating A City In Space
Next Generation Space Shuttle
Dual Launch Vehicles
Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle
Project Development Costs

Products :

Space Island Group's vision Vehicles & Launch Systems: Their early Space Stations designs centered on the shuttle's hollow, orange external fuel tank, known in the industry as the ET. While the 2 white rocket boosters under the shuttle's wings drop off 2 minutes after launch and parachute into the sea, the 70, 000 pound, aluminum ET stays attached to the shuttle, feeding its liquid fuel to the shuttle's engines during the rest of its 8-1/2 minute flight to orbit. ET STATION HISTORY: The idea of using the large external fuel tanks of the shuttle as platforms in space has been around since the conception of the shuttle and possibly the most researched single space aerospace concept ever. 1/3 the Earth's Gravity and Twice the Fun: In the near future, there will be a need for large volume facilitates to house the large numbers of people needed to support tourism and commercial space ventures such as orbiting universities, communication satellites repair/upgrade companies, moon and asteroid mining, deep space telescope and satellite assembly, and micro-gravity manufacturing for a wide variety of products and medicines that can only be created in the weightlessness of space. Shuttle II - Commercial Launch Vehicle: Although Space Island Group will only need two shuttle flights to create the first large volume Geode Station. The creation of a fleet of next generation Space Shuttle IIs will be needed to create a viable and dependable space commerce Program. Geode stations: Single Geode stations will be the first step of Space Island Group's first Low earth orbit launch. It's primary mission is to test operations for future use of shuttle external tanks for commercial space stations. It will test guidance systems, operations and the efficiency of the use of these ET Modules. Programs: Space Island Group is currently working with corporations, schools such at R.I.T. (Rochester Institute of Technology), and experts in their fields to improve aerospace designs and concepts for ground operations, communications and the design of a new shuttle and micro-gravity space stations that will one day orbit the earth. By helping schools with media and information, Space Island Group inspires the many students that would be needed in the new fields of service and hospitality for space tourism. Services: The Space Island Project will incorporate technologies, vehicles and procedures developed by NASA and Aerospace Companies over the last 25 years to create a stand-alone, commercial space infrastructure supporting the broadest possible range of manned business activities in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) 400 to 500 miles above Earth. Research Geodes & Stations: Research in space will create thousands of high tech jobs and opportunities for many companies and universities wishing to take advantage of low cost micro-gravity. They will be able to experiment with new types of materials and manufacturing processes at a much lower costs then before. On board space telescopes can be upgraded much more efficiently while existing satellites that have malfunctioned or that are now outdated, can be converted with upgrades on board the station. Space Island believes the commercial cost of space on these stations will range between $10.00 - $20.00 per square foot/day.

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Space Island Group

P.O. Box 814
West Covina,

California - 91793 () United States

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