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Perugia, , Italy

Engineering Products - Services,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1969

The history of the company structure of RPA reflects the path it has followed under the banner of integrated engineering, organizing its capabilities and equipping itself with the necessary operative tools. Originating with the Professionisti Associati studio of Perugia, the company has been operating since 1969 in engineering applied to territorial planning, the environment, hydraulics, transport, and public and private construction. In these thirty years, RPA has grown from its original innovative makeup: planning based on cooperation and the integration of various fields, a multidisciplinary approach that in each sector translates into the ability to offer its clients comprehensive engineering services, a finished product from the initial analysis to the management of works.

Products :

We Provide engineering Services of Mobility and transport, environment and engineering, hydraulics and hydrology, and public services building construction are RPA s.R.L..'s main sectors. 1)Infrastructures and transport :- roads, railways, underground railways, mechanized transport systems (funiculars, elevators and escalators), parking lots, traffic plans, goods transportation plans, river transport, freight yards, railway stations and intermodal centers. 2)Public and private construction :- hospitals, universities, schools, research centers, theaters, congress centers, sports centers, trade fair centers, industrial buildings, rural buildings, thermal centers, building renovation and improvement. 3)Technological plants :- air conditioning, heating and civic and industrial cogeneration plants; electrical plants, telecommunications systems, data transmission systems and networks, plant remote control and management systems; security systems (burglar alarms, fire detection, presence monitoring, etc.). 4)Environmental engineering :- Planning study on protected areas (parks), studies on insertion and evaluation of environmental impact; plans for air, water, noise and soil improvement; environmental monitoring and surveying systems; water, soil and air analyses; regulation and management of purification plants. 5)Territorial and Urban Planning :- territorial planning, city planning, detailed plans, manufacturing plans and programs. 6)Hydraulic engineering :- dams, municipal water systems, irrigation systems, land reclamation, Mountain and river engineering, hydroelectric plants, hydrologic studies, basin plans, water resource utilization plans, improvement of water supply networks, reutilization of sewage. 7)Sanitary engineering :- urban, industrial, and livestock sewage treatment plants; S.U.W. Treatment plants and landfills; reclamation plans, planning and treatment of special and toxic-harmful wastes; water conditioning plants. 8)Economic geology :- Improvement and consolidation of slopes subject to landslides, geological, hydrogeological, geotechnical and geomorphological studies, geognostic research, geophsyical surveys, soil analysis, groundwater Exploration, well pumping tests. 9)Topography, cartography :- thematic and technical numerical maps, photointerpretation and Photorestitution, high-precision instrumental topography, architectural and monument diagnostics, satellite image processing. 10)Other sectors :- information science, engineering data banks, professional training, project management. Services :- Studies, research and surveys; Definite projects, final plans and construction plans; Building management and supervision; Safety coordination; Administrative technical assistance; Personnel training; Plant and systems startup and management.

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Localit? Fontana - Strada del Colle,
PERUGIA - 06074 () Italy

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