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Millennium Engineering and Integration Company


Millennium Engineering and Integration Company

Millennium Engineering and Integration Company

Arlington, , United States

Engineering Products - Services,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 0

Millennium Engineering and Integration (MEI) Company is a privately held small business with demonstrated capability to meet a broad range of customer requirements, such as systems engineering and technical analysis, integration and testing, test facility development, test and evaluation, sensor systems, software development and program engineering management. By responding to our customer needs with the best talent operating in the right locations, MEI has formed strong alliances to deliver our products.

Mission Statement:
-Engineering Services Company with Strong System Engineering, Hardware Testing, Software Development, Data Communications, and Advanced Program Management Tasks

MEI Strengths:
-Program Engineering and Management
-System Engineering and Analysis
-Model Development and Visualization
-Battle Management, Command, Control, Communications
-Data Fusion Algorithm Design
-Software and Communications Engineering
-System Integration and Testing
-Test Equipment and Test Facility Development
-Missile, Satellite, Propulsion, and Sensor Systems

Products :

MEI possesses a wide breadth of engineering and technical capabilities spanning six Core Competencies and demonstrated in many advanced aerospace Technology Development areas. MEI leverages our expertise in each of these areas to fulfill customer requirements. SYSTEM ENGINEERING: MEI?s approach to Systems Engineering embodies the best from Industrial and Department of Defense Practices. Our internal Systems Engineering business practices specifically incorporate the Electronic Industry Association?s Interim Standard (EIA/IS-632) with DoD Acquisition Systems Engineering Standards. The disciplined, structured process we apply systematically integrates all aspects of the Systems Engineering Process. Core Competencies: -Requirements Analyses -Functional Analysis and Allocation -Design Synthesis -Systems Analyses and Control -Risk Management -Mission Assurance Tools & Processes: -3-DOF and 6-DOF models of multiple interceptor concepts -MATLAB, MATRIX-X, SIMULINK, Satellite Tool Kit -RDD-100 & DOORS Requirements Verification Software -Visualization & Video Production HARDWARE INTEGRATION AND TEST ACTIVITIES: MEI has an expert staff of highly experienced engineers involved in the integration and testing of complex spacecraft, missile systems, communications systems, and launch vehicle systems. With a combined experience eclipsing 20 years, our I&T experience is comprehensive and diverse, ranging from documentation to in-the-field integration and testing of components, subsystems, and complete systems. Our integration and test expertise includes: -Kinetic Warheads -Propulsion Systems -Infrared Seekers -Satellite Spacecraft -Communications -Hover Testing -Test Facility Operations -Live-Fire Missile Testing -Data Fusion SENSOR DEVELOPMENT: MEI?s sensor expertise encompasses the complete spectrum of sensor design, development, and test. We?ve designed, built, and tested a hand-held patented technological breakthrough camera that accurately measures temperature and emissivity features independently. MEI engineers have integrated sensor technologies onto a multitude of aircraft platforms and successfully characterized sensor technology at state-of-art National facilities. Core Competencies: -Design and Development -Radiometric Calibration -Open and Closed Loop Hardware in the Loop Testing -Captive Carry Integration and Flight Testing -Simulation and Data Analyses -Technology TEST AND EVALUATION: One of MEI?s greatest strengths is our Test and Evaluation capability. We offer test and evaluation services to the aerospace, missile defense, and satellite communities. Our experience in this area is comprehensive and diverse, enabling us to offer the government and commercial aerospace community with experts in kinetic warheads, propulsion systems, flight testing, IR seeker testing, satellite integration and testing, launch services, hover testing, test facility operations, live-fire missile testing, tactical communications, battle management, and data fusion. Our T&E Team, with a combined 20 years experience, offers T&E services in all phases of the test cycle from pre-mission testing to post-test reporting and analysis, including: -Test Planning -Test Documentation -Performance Analysis -Data Management and Analysis -Test Execution -Test Procedures Development -Test Facility Layout and Development -Test Facility Operations -Test Equipment Operations MEI is currently supporting the Navy, MDA and other agencies in several test and evaluation activities, including leading all AEGIS Ballistic Missile Defense Program System Testbed activities, supporting the STANDARD Missile Test Program and conducting test planning for MDA?s Advanced Systems. Expertise & Skills: -Test Planning, Requirements Development, Execution, and Reporting -Facility Development and Operations -Hardware and System Integration & Test -Launch Support Operations -Modeling & Simulation -Advanced Technology (IR seekers, kinetic warhead, propulsion) -Satellite Integration & Testing -Communications, Battle Management, Link 16, SATCOM -Documentation (Test Plans, ORD, MRD, ICD, TEMP, CARD, DMAP, etc.) Tools & Processes: -Flight Test Planning Tools (SNR predictions, line-of-site predictions, intercept point, sensor coverage analysis, battlespace coverage, footprint analysis) -3-DOF and 6-DOF models -MATLAB, MATRIX-X, SIMULINK, and Satellite Tool Kit -RDD-100 & DOORS Requirements Verification Software -Visualization & Video Production -SM-3, AWS, THAAD, SBIRS, Patriot Models SOFTWARE ENGINEERING AND SIMULATION: MEI?s Software approach incorporates guidelines provided via ISO 9000-3 and follows the Key Process Areas (KPA) defined by the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) Level 2. The CMM KPAs provide a broader reach into the specifics of software development while still meeting the primary areas identified ISO standard. Our software expertise embodies the complete spectrum for multiple customers, including software requirements, development, independent verification and validation (IV&V), and metrics. Core Competencies: -Requirements Management -Project Planning -Development -Project Tracking -Configuration Management -Quality Assurance -Delivery PROGRAM ENGINEERING & MANAGEMENT: MEI specializes in aerospace engineering management. We have a long and proud history of managing and executing complex projects throughout the aerospace and defense industries. Our engineering management team specializes in delivering Program Mangers with skills, tools, and products necessary to effectively manage and execute complex programs, including: -Strategic Planning -Program Definition -Budget and Cost Analysis -Integrated Scheduling -Earned Value Management -Program Documentation -Program Reviews MEI has a long-standing record of directly supporting Program Managers in the development and execution of the Nation's largest and most complex aerospace engineering endeavors. Our people, our tools, and our engineering processes are among the industry?s best. Core Competencies: -Integrated Scheduling -Earned Value Management -Web Based Collaborative Program Integration -Resource Allocations -Financial Management

Contact Info

Millennium Engineering and Integration Company

2231 Crystal Drive
Suite 711
Arlington - VA 22202 () United States

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