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Auspace Limited


Auspace Limited

Auspace Limited

Mitchell, , Australia

Engineering Products - Services,
Public. Ltd. Firm Since 0

Auspace Limited is an Australian engineering company serving the needs of the science, commercial and defence communities in space engineering and associated technologies and systems. As a lead contractor in most of the recent major Australian space engineering projects, Auspace has developed a unique range of capabilities applicable not only to space projects but to other related fields as well.

Auspace has flight experience in space-system design and implementation, ranging from small satellites to instruments on larger satellites.

Satellite Communications is an area where Auspace has extensive capabilities. From strategic reviews of requirements to implementation options and economic benefits studies, through to supply and implementation of ground stations, VSAT networks for both civilian and military customers. Auspace has an advanced technology group that implements specialist modem technologies for a number of major clients.

Auspace is a wholly owned subsidiary of EADS Astrium, Europe?s leading satellite manufacturer serving the needs of the global market with extensive international experience as prime contractor in both space and ground segments for satellite communications, earth observation and science programs. EADS Astrium is also a major supplier of space transportation and manned space systems. Auspace is supported by the technology and strength of EADS Astrium.

As a core participant in the Cooperative Research Centre for Satellite Systems (CRCSS), Auspace worked collaboratively to launch the micro-satellite, FedSat-1, in 2002.

Auspace operates under an AS/NZS ISO 9001-2000 accredited Business System.

Auspace Limited is compliant with the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000.

Areas Of Demonstrated Capability:
-Electro-optics system (Vis, IR, UV) design and construction
-High reliability electronic equipment design
-Engineering Services Consultancies
-Synthetic Aperture Radar analysis
-Satellite systems analysis and their applications
-Aerospace Thermal/Mechanical/Structural Design
-Assembly, Integration and Test in Class 100 clean environments
-Satellite Ground Support Equipment design and construction
-Instrumentation Design and Development
-Launch Systems Analysis
-Communications Systems Evaluation
-Satellite Communications System Design and Implementation
-Satellite Modem Development
-Satellite Earth Station Design and Integration
-Complex Multidisciplinary Project Management

Specialised facilities in Canberra include a Class 100 clean-room with laminar flow work benches, thermal vacuum chambers, a Stirling cycle cryo-cooler, design software tools and a wide range of electronic and optical test equipment and fittings.

To support satellite communication services our VSAT hub is located at Canberra. Canberra also has a 3D CAD/solid modelling facility and a mechanical workshop to support prototype construction.

The Adelaide office houses our advanced technologies group where DSP design and implementation is conducted.

The Auspace approach to systems development has a heavy emphasis on the use of integrated computing facilities.

Auspace maintains a facility clearance to the Secret level under the Defence Industrial Security Program.

Our Mission:
To be the leading Australian company for space engineering and associated technologies and systems.

Products :

With contemporary experience in the design, evaluation and analysis of satellite and terrestrial communications systems, Auspace can provide the customer with optimum specification and/or design solutions for a range of commercial and Defence requirements. Our services are -Military Satellite Communications: Relevant Auspace projects include- Milsatcom -A Satellite System Feasibility Study for the Department of Defence. Smallsat Study -Assessment on the LEO communications satellite constellations. DMCN -Network modelling and user requirement analysis for DMCN system. Defence Studies -Terminal specification and system costing analysis for Department of Defence. -Civilian Satellite Communications -Earth Observation: Relevant Auspace projects include Spaceborne SAR Internal R&D study on advanced SAR waveform techniques. Geocoding Project Provision of geocoding software to DSTO for airborne SAR. SAR Image Feature Extraction Supply of a system enabling rapid access to SAR satellite images. -Space Systems: Electro-Optic / Optical Systems Design and Assembly Small Satellite Systems and Launch Systems Satellite Earth Stations Satellite Ground Support Equipment -Multidisciplinary Project Management Relevant Auspace projects include: GPS Design, development and commercially manufacture of an innovative GPS receiver. AMS Development and manufacture of an Airborne Multispectral Scanner for mining applications. -Quality Systems -Prototypes Instrumentation Design and Development Relevant Auspace projects include: FAID A specialist Modem System for Australian Defence Department Wide field imager Astronomy instrument for Mount Stromlo and Siding Spring Observatory AATSR Space instrument to fly on European Satellite ENVISAT Endeavour Australian space telescope instrument flown on NASA space shuttle GPS receiver Auspace developed high dynamic receiver Precision Assembly, Integration and Test Relevant Auspace projects involving assembly, integration and test include: AATSR Infrared and visible focal plane assemblies and foreoptics AATSR2 Infrared focal plane assembly Endeavour UltraViolet photon counting array telescope High Reliability Electronic Equipment Relevant Auspace projects include: GPS Design, development and manufacture to prototype stage of an innovative GPS receiver Endeavour Design and construction of on-board computer, wiring harness design and integration. AATSR Focal plane assembly wiring harness design and integration Real-time Software Relevant Auspace projects include: GPS Design, development and manufacture to prototype stage of an innovative GPS receiver AMS Development and manufacture of an Airborne Multispectral Scanner for mining applications -Training Courses -Hi-Rel Systems Engineering Relevant Auspace projects include: FedSat Microsatellite being built for the CRCSS. AMS Development and manufacture of an Airborne Multispectral Scanner for mining applications. Glidebomb Use of GPS for guidance of a Defence gliding munition I3L Computer controlled test equipment for use with the Inmarsat III satellite Endeavour Australian space telescope flown on NASA space shuttle -Consulting Mechanical/Structural/Thermal Engineering -Service Provision Design and development Applied research and development Consultancies Feasibility Studies Engineering Services Project Teaming and Collaboration Contracting Out Experienced Personnel

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Auspace Limited

Auspace Ltd,
PO Box 17,
Mitchell - ACT 2911 () Australia

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