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Electronic Engineering Industries


Electronic Engineering Industries

Electronic Engineering Industries

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

'EEI'- An institution in the field of Metallurgical Testing Equipment - takes you through a journey, one that begins with innovation and ends in perfection, has for the past 25 years pioneered in the indigenous development of:
1. Semi-Automatic Carbon & Sulphur Determinator for Iron, Steel & Alloy Steels.
2. Rapid Phosphorous Determinator for Steels, Alloy steels & Non-Ferrous Metals.

'EEI' also manufacturers other allied laboratory equipment such as Muffle Furnaces, Hot air Ovens, Hot Plates, Thermocouple, Water distilling Plants etc. All available from a single source.All the equipment are manufactured under strict quality control and are tested against relevant ASTM, NML, BCRA standards. The equipment are in constant development mode taking advantages of various innovations and improved raw materials. The constant endeavour to upgrade the equipment to the best international standards. In fact many organisations have obtained ISO-9002 and ISI standards and other certificates on the basis of 'EEI' testing equipment.

Products :

Manufacturers and Exporters of premium quality Metallurgical Testing Equipment for Ferrous Analysis :- -Semi-Automatic? Carbon and Sulphur Determinator :- A Very sophisticated equipment for quick and accurate determination of Carbon and Sulphur. It consists of modified attachments, which eliminate conventional procedures of standard model. Developed for the Fist time in India. -Rapid Phosphorous Determinator :- Developed indigenously. An import substitution item. For rapid determination of Phosphorous in iron, steel and Alloys Steels. -?Zircon? combustion Boats and Tubes :- Highly refractory, impervious. Combustion Tubes in all size. -Zircon Crucibles :- For LECO and LEYBOULD Hereaus Apparatus. -Heating Elements :- SILIT, EKL, Silicon Carbide heating elements, Globar, Crusilite make in various dimensions. -Consumables for Carbon and Sulphur Apparatus :- Carbon burette, Absorption Vessel, Dust Trap, 2-way stopcock, leveling Bottle, Muffle Tubes, Thermocouple and Clamps, strips etc. -Muffle Furnaces :- 5? X 5? X 10?, 6? X 6? X 12? with individual elements in enclosed grooves, ideal for industrial laboratory. -Hot Air ovens :- 14? X 14? X 14?, 18? X 18? X 18?, ideal for Industrial Laboratory. -Automatic Digital Temperature Controller :-solid-state, suitable for precision indication and control of temperature. -Thermocouple :- Iron Thermocouple/ constantian, Chromel / Alumel Thermocouple and Platinum Rhodium Thermocouple, Straight Thermocouple, Duplex and Angle type Thermocouple in various dimensions. Spares : Bare elements, Refractory Thermocouple sheaths, silica sheaths, Ceramic insulators, Cast Aluminium head. Compensating Cable for above thermocouples. -Hot Plates :- M.S. Or S.S. Top for Industrial use with 3 heat switch as well as Energy Regulator Controlled available in 18? X 12? and 24? X 18?. -Water Distillation Plants :-Available in various capacities.

Contact Info

Electronic Engineering Industries

B-32, Nand Jyot Ind. Estate,
Andheri Kurla Road, Safed Pool
Mumbai - 400072 (Maharashtra) India

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