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Lab Magnet


Lab Magnet

Lab Magnet

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1989

Lab Magnet, pioneer manufacturer, supplier and exporter of magnetic instruments, magnetic testing equipment in India was established in the year 1989 with a vision of making quality & reliable instruments for magnetic measurements. Our high quality products are used for testing and grading of steels, tungsten carbide cutting tools, permanent magnet quality control, lifting magnets, electric motors, brakes, magnetic separators etc.

We have designed customise products. The organization is committed to the principles of sustainable development, with economic growth, ecological integrity and social responsibility accorded equal priority in its corporate activities throughout the world.

We believe in quality & service. We exercise total control over the Production and Quality of our range of products and ensure best service and value for your investment at every stage.

We are well known for our reliable Lab Magnet Equipments and have acknowledge from our worldwide clients.

Products :

Manufacturers and Exporters of magnetic instruments, magnetic testing equipment at fair market prices are :- -Gaussmeter -Fluxmeter -Hysteresis Graph -Permeability Check -Dipole Magnet -Coerci Meter -Fluxmeter Accessories -Gaussmeter : Model D20/D20B/D20AC Is a low cost digital instrument for measurement of d.C.Magnetic fields using Hall probes. It has two ranges, 2K & 20K gauss. A built in calibration facility ensures quick check of calibration, Hand held battery operated gaussmeter. -Fluxmeter : Model FM-110/FM-201/FM110-C Is widely used for general magnetic measurements such as magnetising force of permanent magnets, flux of magnetic circuits in various types of electrical equipment, stray flux detection and voltage integration. -Hysteresis Graph Model BH-8000 : Is a high precision system for plotting hysteresis curves on both hard and soft magnetic materials. It is simple to operate and does not need any special skills or knowledge of electronics. -Permeability Check PC-10 : Is designed to measure the permeability of feebly magnetic materials such as austenitic stainless steel. It can also be used to measure the permeability of soft magnetic materials such as relay cores and silicon steel. -Dipole Magnet Type EM30 Is suitable for magnetising pot magnets of Alnico upto 70mm dia and 70mm long and ferrites of 70mm dia and 15mm thick. The vertical mounting of the magnetiser is suitable for production of small permanent magnet assemblies etc. -Coerci Meter : Model 50/500 Is useful for grading of steels, measuring coercive force of relay armature, Hardness of cemented carbides and steels. Determining properties of hard and soft magnetic material. -Fluxmeter Accessories : Search coils /Potential coils /Helmholtz coils Useful for open circuit magnetisation of magnets of high coercive force such as Ferrite, Rare earth cobalt and Nd-Fe-Bo magnets.

Contact Info

Lab Magnet

Mittal Industrial Estate,
Sanjay Building No.6, Gala No.131
1st Floor, Andheri-Kurla Road, Marol
Mumbai - 400 059 (Maharashtra) India

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