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Carleton Technologies Pneumatic


Carleton Technologies Pneumatic

Carleton Technologies Pneumatic

Orchard park, , United States

Engineering Products - Services, Export / Import,
Public. Ltd. Firm Since 1955

Carleton was founded in 1955 in a private home in Western New York as Carleton Aviation. Since then the company has progressed to become Carleton Technologies Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cobham plc, located in Wimborne, Dorset, England. Cobham plc is a consortium of companies supplying products and services to the aerospace and defense industries.

From its inception, Carleton has made strong contributions to key initiatives in the U.S. Aerospace and defense industries. In the first year of our existence, we were selected to supply oxygen regulators for the Boeing 707 aircraft. Soon after, we provided oxygen equipment for Project Mercury.

During the 1960s, we applied our expertise to the development of full pressure suit controllers for the Air Force and Navy and extended our activities into the undersea realm by designing oxygen valves for nuclear submarines.

In the 1970s, Carleton was selected to supply the complete atmosphere revitalization and pressure control system for the Space Shuttle fleet. In 1978 we became a supplier of the pneumatic power supply for the Hellfire missile.

Our work on Hellfire led to work in the 1980s on other guided weapons, such as Paveway, MX, Small ICBM, Maverick, AGM-130, and Javelin. Carleton has also become one of the world's foremost suppliers of Joule-Thomson cryostats. In 1989, we won a contract to supply the U.S. Navy with mixed gas rebreather diving systems and are now a world leader in this technology.

In 1993, to complement our already significant presence in the military, commercial, diving, and space life support markets, we purchased the Life Support Products Division of the ARO Corporation. Through that acquisition, we added products supporting the U-2, SR-71, C-130, C-17, P-3, F-18, and F-15 aircraft, among others. In 1997, we acquired Fullerton-Sherwood Engineering in Mississauga, Ontario, to expand our capabilities in the diving rebreather marketplace. To extend our systems capability and to complement the products designed and manufactured in Orchard Park, Carleton acquired Pressure Technology Inc., located near Baltimore, in 1998. From this acquisition, we can now offer composite-wrapped pressure vessels and can combine those with our valve and regulator technology to offer complete lightweight gas storage systems.

As we enter the 21st century, Carleton continues to be involved in the exploration of one of the last great frontiers - space. We are providing life support equipment for the International Space Station just as we have provided life support equipment for all manned U.S. Missions since the Mercury Program.

Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Space Shuttle, F-14, F-15, F-16, F-18, U-2, SR-71, 707, 747, 777, Seawolf, MK-16 are names and programs that are milestones in our nation's and the world's aerospace and defense histories. Our intimate involvement with these and many other world-class programs conveys our commitment to the aerospace and defense industries

Products :

Space: Carleton has earned an international reputation in the application of pneumatic technologies to space systems. As space life support system requirements have become more demanding, our capabilities have evolved from providing oxygen regulators for Project Mercury to supplying complete atmosphere control systems for Space Shuttle and Space Station. We also supply components for other environmental control and life support applications, including thermal control and waste management systems. In addition, our expertise in fluid control has been applied to propulsion and attitude control systems for launch vehicles, satellites, and theater and national missile defense systems GUIDED WEAPONS: Cryogenic Subsystems - Javelin Cryostat, Javelin Gimbal Gasline, LEAP Gas Vessel. Fin Actuation Systems - Paveway Pneumatic Power Supply, Paveway Solenoid Valve, Hellfire Pneumatic Power Supply. Wing / Pin Deployment Systems Composite Pressure Vessels: Cylinder Safety Bulletins and Updates Carleton PTD Paintball products include TEST-A-PACK: Seal Strength Tester and Fixtures -Seal Strength Tester -Closed Package Test Fixture -Open Package Test Fixture Integrity Tester Marine: Pneumatic Systems -Surface Ships -Submarines Aircraft: Military Pneumatic Components -Waveguide Pressurization System -Landing Gear Blowdown System -Environmental Control Valve System (ECVS) Military Life Support -Oxygen Regulation and Distribution -Chest-Mounted Oxygen Regulator -Liquid Oxygen Fill, Buildup, Vent Valve -Oxygen Manifold and Check Valve Assembly -Emergency Oxygen Systems (EOS) -Backup Oxygen System (BOS) -HALO/HAHO Parachutist Oxygen Equipment -Portable Oxygen Console -Console Oxygen Hose -Personal Oxygen System -Parachutist Oxygen Regulator Commercial -Emergency Inflation Systems -Among the products Carleton manufactures for commercial emergency inflation systems is: -Escape Slide Inflation System -Oxygen Systems -Oxygen Pressure Reducer -Oxygen Remote Fill Valve Diving: SIVA Series -SIVA Rebreathers -SIVA S-10 Closed Circuit Apparatus for Shallow Water Operations -SIVA S-24 Multi-Role Shallow Water/MCM Diving Apparatus -SIVA-55 Underwater Mine Countermeasures (MCM) Diving Apparatus -SIVA + Underwater Mine Countermeasures Diving Apparatus CCBA Series 2000 -CCBA 2000 -CCBA 2001 VIPER Series -VIPER Rebreathers -VIPER-SC Underwater Mine Countermeasures (MCM) Diving Apparatus -VIPER-E Mixed Gas Underwater Breathing Apparatus Accessories -Options / Accessories Some of the existing options and accessories include: -Buoyancy Compensator -Rigid Transit Case -Padded Nylon Transit Bag -Calibration and Test Accessories -Facemask Options. -Dual Mode Mask (DMM). -Open Circuit Secondary Breathing System (SBS). -Underwater Gas Quick Connection (UWQC). -Semi-Closed Circuit Independent Gas Supply (IGS). -External Breathing System (XBS). -Low Magnetic Tools.

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Carleton Technologies Pneumatic

10 Cobham Dr.

Orchard Park - NY 14127 () United States

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