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ECONAR Energy Systems


ECONAR Energy Systems

ECONAR Energy Systems

Elk river, , United States

Engineering Products - Services,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1999

ECONAR has been producing geothermal heat pumps in Minnesota for over two decades. Minnesota?s cold winter climate has driven the design of ECONAR?s heating and cooling equipment to what is known as a ?ColdClimate? geothermal heat pump. This cold climate technology focuses on maximizing the energy savings available in heating dominated regions without sacrificing comfort, thus making ECONAR the leader in cold climate heat pump technology and North America?s only ColdClimate heat pump manufacturer. Extremely efficient cooling, dehumidification and optional domestic hot water heating are also provided in one neatly packaged system.

Common geothermal applications include: homes, churches, banks, schools, car washes, fish farms, ice rinks, swimming pools, restaurants, and anywhere heating, cooling and hot water is required.

Safety and comfort are both inherent to, and designed into ECONAR?s geothermal heat pumps. Since the system runs completely on electrical energy, your entire home will have the safety of being gas free. ECONAR, through installation of its heat pumps, has contributed significantly to the reduction of global warming through the elimination of fossil fuels in many homes and businesses.

All of ECONAR?s products are safety certified and its heat pumps are performance certified by internationally recognized third party testing laboratories. ECONAR?s personnel hold numerous certifications in the geothermal industry, and provide training throughout North America. ECONAR is a member of the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA); the Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA) Energy Star products program, the Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium (GHPC) plus a member and charter member in numerous heat pump associations throughout North America. ECONAR?s products hold numerous energy awards, such as 1999 National Home Builders award for Energy Efficiency.

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Geothermal can be used to providing heating or cooling services. In each instance the process is similar. Geothermal Heating In the heating mode, the water circulating in the earth loop is colder than the surrounding ground. This causes the water to absorb energy, in the form of heat, from the earth. The water carries this energy to the heat exchanger in the pump. In the heat exchanger, refrigerant absorbs the heat energy from the water. The water now leaves the heat exchanger at a colder temperature, and circulates through the earth loop to pick up more energy. Geothermal Cooling In the cooling mode, the water circulating in the earth loop is warmer than the surrounding ground. This causes the water to release energy, in the form of heat, into the earth. The water, now cooler from traveling through the ground now flows to the heat exchanger in the heat pump. In the heat exchanger, hot refrigerant gas from the compressor releases its heat into the water. This causes the water to increase temperature, which it releases to the ground. Forced Air Systems, Hydronic or Radiant Systems, Water Heater Systems, Combination Forced Air & Hydronic Systems, Combination Forced Air and Domestic Water Heater Systems. ECONAR? GeoSource? Geothermal Heat Pumps Dealer Network Mouse over a region to find a local dealer. GeoSource Product Solutions: Check out the GeoSource Solutions page to help you learn about the best choices for your heating and cooling needs. Find Dealer Near You: ECONAR products are sold and serviced by certified ECONAR dealers. Locate a dealer near you online or complete our contact form and have the dealer in your area contact you. Manuals and Instructions: ECONAR has the following technical support documents to help you better understand and work with your ECONAR product.

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ECONAR Energy Systems

19230 Evans Street
Elk River - MN 55330 () United States

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