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Oldham, , United Kingdom

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Trader, Export / Import,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 0

Williamsons have been trading from the same premises in Mumps Bridge Oldham since 1920. This private family business is still run by members of the Williamson family. The business has grown considerably since the outset and now covers over two acres of warehouse space. Since 1969 we have become a major supplier of Fire Fighting and Rescue Equipment much of this equipment is to Home Office Specification and is available in both new and refurbished condition. Since 1975 we have also been suppliers of all variant types of new and refurbished conveyor systems. We hold considerable stocks of equipment, and manufacture bespoke items to customers specification. So if you cannot find what you want - or have any queries please give us a call.

Products :

We MAnufacture, Trade & Exports Conveyors:- BULK Spanner Supplies. Fire Equipment:- Adaptors Delivery, Delivery Couplings, Delivery Equipment, Delivery Hose Hydrant Equipment, Blanking Caps and Plugs, Branch Pipes and Nozzles, Monitors, Extinguishers Fire Protection, Hose Reels, Boxes and Cabinets, Pumps, Suction, Rescue Tools, Ropes and Bags, Road & Site Safety, Training aids, Audio Warnings, PPE Clothing, First Aid & Decontamination, BA Equipment, Foam Equipment, Rural Firefighting, Airfield Fire Protection, Torches and Lighting, Marine, Ladders & Escapes, Manual Handling, Pipe Fitting, Miscellaneous. Surplus Industrial Equipment:- Conveyors Telescopic, Conveyor Trough Belts, Conveyor Cooling, Order Picking Systems, Tank Water Inflatable Rubber, Air Conditioning Unit, Water Heater, Shrink Wrap Tunnel, Compressor 400 CFM, Air Dryer Deltech, Turntables, Stacking Bins Galvanised, Tractor Factory, Boxes Steel, Fork Trucks Pedestrian, Chain Blocks, Milling Machines, Railway Lines, Weighing Scales, Degreasing Unit, Electric Pallet Truck, Wood Working Machines, Winches. Tools:- Aerosols (all fillings), Abrasives, Adhesives (various), Adzes (carpenters), Adjustable Spanners (all sizes), Air Tools, All metal digging tools, Aluminium Scoops Ammo boxes, Angle Iron (Dexion), Asbestos Gloves, Asbestos Rope (packing), Asphaslt Tamper, Axes Felling Hand, Axes Fireman's, Alarms Various Fire & Blast Warning, Augers Earth, Augers Wood Boring, Bags (Poly HD), Bag Ties and Twisters, Barbed and Razor Wire, Barrel Pumps and Taps, Barrier Fencing Orange Plastic, Batteries Road Lamp, Batteries Torch Battery Chargers, Battery Jump Leads, Belting Conveyor, Cable Reels, Cable Wire Rope, Cable Drum Jacks, Canteen Equipment, Canvas Goods, Cable Tools, Catering Boilers, Chain Chain Roller and Sprockets, Chain Lifting Blocks ? ton - 8 ton, Chairs, Chalk Lines, Decorators Equipment, Detergents, Digging Tools, Door Mats, Drain Cleaning Equipment, Drain Dye, Drain Equipment, Ear Defenders, Ear Muffs, Ear Plugs, Easyline Marking Paint, Electricians Bolster, Engineers Files, Eye wash Solutions, Fans, Felt Roofing, Fencing Chain Link, Fencing Barbed Wire, Fencing Mauls, Fencing Posts, Fencing Pins, Files (Engineer), Fire Blankets, Garden Hose, Gardening Tools, Generators (Engine Driven), Gear & Sprocket Pullers, Geotextiles, Gin Wheels, Girder Trollies ? - 8 ton, Gloves (Industrial), Goggles Graffiti Remover, Grease, Hacksaws, Hammer, Handles & all tools, Hammer Wedges, Hammers (all types), Hammers (Sledge), Hand Cleanser, Hand Tools (every type), Hand Towels (Paper), Hand Saws Harness (Safety & Fireman's), Ironmongery (Builders), Industrial Wipes, Inspection Lamp, Insulation Tape, Intumescent Strip for use with Fire Doors, Jacks (All types 1-100 ton), Jackets, Jackets (Hi Visibility), Jerry Cans (Fuel & Water), Kettles, Kettle (electric), Kettle (Paint), Keys (Manhole), Knee Pads, Knives (All types), Ladders Up to 50ft, Lamps, Lawn Edging Knife, Lawn Rake, Life Buoys, Lightbulbs, Lighting (Site), Mallet & Mauls, Manhole Keys, Manhole Lifters, Marking Crayons, Marking Out Stakes, Meters (Coin or Account), Masons Tools, Mats (Door), Nails, Newcastle Draining Tools, Netting Wire, Nets (Cargo), 'O' Rings, Office Site Furniture, Oil Can, Oil Measure, Oil Pumps Overalls, Padlocks, Paint Brushes, Paint Kettles, Paint Rollers, Paint (Line Marking), Paint (Various), Paint Spray Guns, Pallet Trucks, Rags, Rakes (Tarmac & Garden), Ranging Poles, Rechargeable Batteries, Refuse Sacks, Respirators (Various), Riddles and Sieves, Riveter, Rivets, Sacks (Refuse), Sacktrucks, Safety Cabinets, Safety Footwear, Safety Helmets, Safety Lamps, Safety Lockers, Safety Signs, Sand Bags, Sanitary Fluid, Tanks (Water Galvanised), Tanks (Portable Rubber), Tamper (Asphalt), Tape Measures, Tapes (Hazard Warning), Tar Brush, Tar Buckets, Tarmac Cutter, Tarpaulins, Teapots, Terram, Underground Tape Marker, U Gauges, Valves & Taps All Types & Sizes, Valves (Double Check for Site Water Supply), Vices (Engineers, Joiners, Pipe, Drill), Visors, Waistcoats (Hi Visibility), Washing Up Bowls, Water Butts, Water Container, Water Containers (Garden), Water Pressure Washers, Watering Cans, Wedges Timber Splitting, Welding Equipment All Types, Wellington Boots, Wheels & Castors, Wheelbarrows, Winches. 4x4 Equipment:- Ground Anchors, Hi-Lift Jacks Gloves, Torches, Knives, Jerry Cans, Water Containers, Life Hammers, Ratchet Straps, Folding Shovels, Sledge Hammers, Tirfors, Ropes, PPE Work Lights, Light Sticks, Axes, Tarpaulins, Ammunition/Tool boxes.

Contact Info


8-18 Brook Street,
Mumps Bridge
Oldham - GB OL1 3HG () United Kingdom

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