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New delhi, Delhi, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

ACCRO TECH, a well reputed name in the field of Highway Material Testing Equipments, Quality Control Instruments to be used by technicians, geologists, agronomists, educational institutions, civil contractors, public works department and other concerned engineers in research laboratory.

We place top priority in providing reliable after sale services to our customers, in other words we are at your service. Our Motto is to keep things simple by ensuring that the equipments are user- friendly and easy to maintain. Put us to the test, and you will appreciate being served by a modern, efficient, reliable and friendly company that puts you at the centre of attention. Discover how much better value we deliver upfront, and in the long term, our job is to help you save time and money.

We will feel privileged if you would please enlist our company ACCRO TECH Scientific Industries in your regular mailing list. However we would welcome your specific requirements not mentioned in our product list and would be glad to furnish any other technical, commercial information if so desired.

Products :

Manufacturers and Exporters of products are :- Auto Level :- -Dumpy level -Vernier Transit Theodolite. -Leveling Staff. -Ranging Rods. -Auto Level. -Total Station. -Prismatic Compass. -Tangent Clinometer. -Digital Theodolite. -Survey Measuring chain. Rapid Moisture Meter :- -Cone Penetrometer. -Shrinkage Limit. -Plastic Limit. -Sieve Shaker. -Core Cutter apparatus. -Sand Pouring Cylinder apparatus. -Pycnometer. -Proctor Compaction apparatus. -Universal Soil Automatic Compactor. -Proctor Needle. -Rapid Moisture Meter. -Permeability apparatus. -Direct Shear apparatus. -Constant Volume Mould. -Triaxial Cell. -Universal Triaxial Cell. -Bishop Pore Pressure apparatus. -Constant Pressure System. -Autolevel Consolidometer. -Laboratory CBR apparatus. -CBR Load Frame. -CBR Mould. -Penetration Piston. -Displacer Block. -Perforated Brass Plate. -Annular Weight. -Slotted Weight. -Rammer 2.6 Kg. -Rammer 4.89 Kg. -Dial Gauge. -Field CBR Test apparatus. -Plate Bearing Test apparatus. -Load Truss upto 500 Kn. -Dynamic Cone Penetrometer. -High Tensile Proving Ring upto -2000 Kn. -Tension Compression Proving Ring -upto 500 Kn. -Auger Head. -Split Spoon Sampler. -Drive Weight. -Guide Pipe Assembly. -Tripod Stand. -?A' Drill Rod. -Universal Extractor Frame. -Soil Trimmer. -Riffle Sample Divider. -Vane Shear Apparatus Compression Testing Machine :- -Cube/ Compression Testing Machine upto 3000 Kn. -Cube/ Comp Testing Machine Digitally Controlled. -Universal Testing Machine. -Flexural Testing Machine. -Cube Mould upto 30cm. -Beam Mould. -Cylindrical Mould. -Vibrating Table. -Slump Test apparatus. -Vee- Bee Consistometer. -Flow Table. -Compaction Factor apparatus. -Pocket Penetrometer. -Air Entrainment Meter. -Length Comprator. -Cement Autoclave. -Trowel. -Shrinkage Bar Mould. -Vibrating Machine. -Le- Chatelier Mould. -Cement Spatula. -Gauging Trowel. -Mixing apparatus. -Concrete Mixture. -Needle Vibrator. -Cement Tensile Testing Machine. -Blain Air Permeability apparatus. -Air Permeability Cell. -Vicat Needle apparatus. -Aggregate Impact Value Test apparatus. -Aggregate Cushing Value apparatus. -Deval Abrasion Testing Machine. -Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine. -Dorry Abrasion Testing Machine. -Tile Flexure Strength Testing Machine. -Tile Abrasion Testing Machine. -Impact Testing Machine. -Thickness/ Flakiness Gauge. -Length/ Elongation Gauge. -Density Basket. -Cylindrical Metal Measure. -Metal Measure. -Sand Absorption Cone and Temper. -Hydraulic Jack upto 2000 Kn. -Pendulum Impact Testing Machine. -Concrete Test Hammer. -Tensile Testing Machine upto 100 Kn. -Jaw Crusher. -Laboratory Pulverizer. Bitumen Pentrometer :- -Flow Cup Viscometer. -Film Stripping Device. -Bitumen Mixer. -Marshall Stability & Compaction. -Bitumen Extractor. -Core Cutting Machine. -Rock Cutting Machine. -Diamond Core Bit. -Automatic Bitumen compactor Laboratory Oven :- -Muffle Furnace. -Serogical Water Bath. -Humidity Cabinet. -Hot Plate. -Water Still apparatus. -Vaccum Pump. Electronic Balance :- -Triple Beam Balance. -Pan Balance. -Platform Balance. -Standard Test Sieves. -Stop Watch.

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1-DLF, Industrial Area,
Moti Nagar
New Delhi - 110 015 (Delhi) India

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