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Jain Scientific Suppliers


Jain Scientific Suppliers

Jain Scientific Suppliers

Ambala cantt, Haryana, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1980

Based at Ambala, the Scientific City of India, we are pioneers in manufacturing & Supplies of Educational Scientific Instruments.

A professionally managed comapnym we are here to cater to the demands of laboratories, schools and other institutions where quality and performance are the only things that matter.

Products :

Manufacturer & exporters of Educational Scientific Instruments, Laboratory Glasswares, laboratory equipments. Our products includes Mathematics : Geometrical Models, shapes, statistics frame etc. Mechanics : Force acting app, balance, pulley, slotted masses etc. Fluid Mechanics : Pascal's apparatus, Boyle's law apparatus, Smoke Cell etc. Heat : Bar & Gauge, Ring and Ball apparatus Smoke Cell etc. Energy Conversion : Switch Unit, Model of Steam Engine, Petrol Engine, Diesel Engine etc. Light : Optical bench, Spectrometer, Lamps, Power Supply, Ray Box etc. Wager & Oscillation : Ripple Tank, Sonometer, Organ Pipe, Tuning Forks etc. Magnetism : Magnets (Bar, Cylindrical, Ring, Horse Shoe, U Shape), Needle, Solenoid, Compass, Dip Needle etc. Electrostatics : Van de Graff Generator, Conductors, Electric Fields, Electroscope etc. Electricity : Accumulators, Cell Holder, Demountable Transformer, Galvanometer, Resistance Boxes, Rheostat, Meter Bridge, Decade Capacitance Box. Electrical Meter : Ammeter, Voltmeter, Multimeter etc. Electrical Accessories : Wires, Leads, Sockets, terminals, Keys, Lamp Holders etc. Chemistry : Autoclaves, Wooden Stands, Racks Burners, Balances, Ovens, Centrifuges, Incubators, Wire Gauzes etc Electronics : Signal Generator, Amplifiers, Logic Gates, Power Supply etc. Biological : Microscopes, Clinostats, Potometer etc. Models : Human Physiology, Botanicals, Zoological made of fibre glass, on stand models, on board & 3D Models, Skeletons etc. Specimen Jars : Preserved specimens of Animals, Plants etc Slides : Prepared microscope slides and projection slides of botany, zoology and chemistry from school to university levels. Charts, Maps : Rexin, PVC or Paper Charts, Maps covering topics of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Botany, Zoology, Geography, Astronomy, Human Body, Medical etc. Glassware : All type of Laboratory glassware of Neutral glass, Soda Glass, Borosil Glass etc.

Contact Info

Jain Scientific Suppliers

2475-84, Hargolal Road,

Ambala Cantt - 133001 (Haryana) India

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