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Ceelc Amalgamated Pvt Ltd


Ceelc Amalgamated Pvt Ltd

Ceelc Amalgamated Pvt Ltd

Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 1955

We would like to introduce ourselves as a leading manufacturer of mechanical spares and fabricator of various machine structures and components required for the Steel Plants, Chemical Plants and Tata Motors Ltd.

We are in this business since 1955 and have successfully executed number of orders for our esteemed customers such as the orders of Roof Panels, Side Panels for Furnace, Tube Bundles for Heat Exchanger Unit for Chemical Plants, Drum Assly. For Sand Cooling, Shell of Press Pour Furnace for Foundry, CMERI Hammer Unit Base for Forge. We have also executed an order of fabricated Impeller of 1500 mm. Dia. Complete with dishend & dynamic balancing at 3000 RPM. At our Works.

On the basis of various experiences in this line, we are confident enough to give you the entire satisfaction with our price and quality. We look forward for your kind co-operation to establish us in U.K.

Products :

We are leading manufacturer of mechanical spares and fabricator of various machine structures and components required for the Steel Plants, Chemical Plants. EQUIPMENT DIVISION : CROP & COBBLER SHEAR BASE & TOUGH ASSLY, CHOPPED SCRAP CONVEYOR SYSTEM, SCRAP CAR, LOOPING PIT AND THREADDING TABLE, STRIP DRIER, ENTRY OUT BOARD BEARING HOUSING, STRIP PRINTER, ENTRY EDGE GUIDE CONTROL, DRIVE COIL CAR, SCRAP CONVEYOR SYSTEM, CARRY OVER CONVEYOR ETC . CONTRACT DIVISION : SHAFT AND ROLLER : We have manufactured various types of Rollers e.G. Straight and Taper Roller , Cam Roller, Idler Roller for 750 mm Rubber Belting Conveyor , Rubberised Roller , Hard Chrome Plated Roller for Belt Conveyor. COUPLING : Flange Type, Bibby Type, Muff Coupling, Split Type and Straight Type, Flexible Coupling, Torque Limiting Coupling, Friction Coupling, Slip Coupling etc. GEARS : Spur, Helical, Bevel, Crown, Herringbone Gear, Worm Shaft and Worm Wheel made from Alloy Steel or Non Ferrous Casting . PULLEYS : Snub Pulley, Tail Pulley, Tapper Pulley and Timing Pulley. GEAR BOX THREADED SHAFT : Butter Accme and Square Threads. MISCELLANEOUS : BUSH, CAM, CRANKSHAFT, NON RETURN VALVE, HOLLOW SHAFT, RUBBER LAGGED DRUM, PINCH ROLL, CHAIN, SPROCKET, PINION, PISTON, PISTON HEAD, C.S.BEARINGHOUSING complete with BABBITING, CHALK TOP ROLL. C.I. - CASTING : All types of C.I. Graded Casting with minimum blow holes, chilled casting, S.G. Iron Casting , Heat Resisting Casting etc. STEEL CASTING All types of Steel Castings such as IS-1030 Gr 1 , IS-1030 Gr 2 , IS-2707 and Alloy Casting with Special properties as per requirements of our esteemed customer. STAINLESS STEEL CASTING : All types of Stainless Steel Casting such as AISI-316 , AISI-304 and we can develop Stainless Steel Casting as per customers specification . NON FERROUS CASTING : All grades of P.B. Castings, Gunmetal Castings, Aluminium and Bronze Castings with pressure and Chemical testing facilities. IMPELLERS FABRICATION : Fabricated 30 machined structure complete with Stress Relieving, 23 Fabricated Heating Zone complete with pressure testing and Die-penetration test, fabricated Gurder, Column, Buck Stay, Pipe Coiling, Rack, M.S. Tank, I.R.C. MachineGuards, Tray and Medium Type Machine Structure as per Customers Design. S.S. Crimper, Hot Melt Applicator, Bell Mouth, Sulphanator, Coal Chutes, Fabricated Bracket. SUB ASSEMBLY We undertake complete Sub-Assembly equipments as per specification. The following Sub-assemblies have been executed by us. PUSHER CYLINDER ASSEMBLY SHOE CYLINDER ASSEMBLY ROLLER ENTRY GUIDE ASSEMBLY SULPHONATOR ASSEMBLY SAPONIFICATION JET ASSEMBLY VALVE REGULATOR ASSEMBLY FEED CYLINDER ASSEMBLY VALVE BOX ASSEMBLY DRIVING WHEEL ASSEMBLY WATER COOLED FLANGE ASSEMBLY HYDRAULIC TILTING FURNANCE FITTING CYLINDER ASSEMBLY LIFTER SHAFT ASSEMBLY MODIFIED POWER UNIT ASSEMBLYAGITATOR SLIGHT FLOW BOX ASSEMBLY (CASTING SURFACE WITH ENAMELLING) OTHER FACILITIES : HARD CHROME PLATING, GALVANIZING, RUBBERISING, SAND BLASTING, ENAMELLING, HEAT TREATMENT INCLUDING CURBURISING, FLAME HARDENING, NITREADING, STRESS RELIVING, CHEMICAL AND PHYSICAL TESTING, ULTRASONIC TESTING, HYDRAULIC TESTING, HARDNESS TESTING, BABBIT LINING ETC.

Contact Info

Ceelc Amalgamated Pvt Ltd

2V,Gurudas Dutta Garden Lane
Kolkata - 700 067 (West Bengal) India

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